Service Wali Bahu 18th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 18th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Gulkan telling Payal that Natru/Jogeshwar this time planned big and instead of taking one time dowry, he selected service wali bahu. Payal says natru did not take even 1 paise as dowry. Gulkan says natru wants a service wali bahu who can give him every month dowry as a salary and the biggest secret is Dev is unemployed. Natru knows if Payal’s family knows about it, they will break this alliance, so he hid this fact.

Pandit asks to bring Payal for the marriage rituals. Indu asks Neelu and Alka to bring her. Dad asks to stop. Natru and santoshi get tensed that someone must have informed him about their plan. He says Payal is very competent and he is very proud of her, so he wants himself to go and bring her. Pandit says it is a good idea.


asks Payal why she wants to be so dumb even after being so educated and continues that Dev studies in coaching center and does not own it, what will she gain if she tells truth and saves her, it is her wish now to continue the marriage or stop it. Payal says she does not know what to believe. Gulkan says if she thinks she is lying and taking her children’s fake truth, then she has one more proof. She shows a clip in which natru is confessing he needs service wali bahu who can earn for him whole life. He further continues that Bhuvaneshwar and family even after being educated are so dumb that did not catch his lies and dev being unemployed and easily agreed to get their PWD engineer daughter married to Dev, now he will reap the benefits hi whole life. Payal starts crying. Gulkan says it is up to her to stop this marriage and leaves.

Bhuvaneshwar enters Payal’s room to take her to mantap and sees her sad. He thinks she is sad about leaving him and says he never hid anything from her and neither she, so he wants to say that he got a retirement letter and will be retiring in 3 months. He wanted her marriage to happen before retirement and is peaceful now. He never liked bribe, side busines, dowry and hated them his whole life. He is happy that she is going to a well-educated, culture family who respects her values. If her marriage would not have happened, he would have shatter. After her marriage, he will leave peaceful life with Indu as Neelu is still young and Rajath has stargted working. Payal starts crying vigorously and he tries to console her.

Gulkan gets out of marriage hall, calls inspector and asks him to give phone to her brother. He asks when will she come back. She says just in a few hours. He asks constable to bring Mithilesh out and gives phone to him. Payal tells Mithilesh that she has done her work and now natru and his family’s problem will start. He asks her to come back soon. She says she will and thinks this was the trailer, the real film is yet to start. Now, marriage will not happen.

Precap: Payal’s bad soul provokes her to break the marriage and save her family while good soul asks her not to break it and humiliate her family.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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