Service Wali Bahu 17th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 17th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev while marriage rituals insisting Gulkan to call Gulkan. She informs natru/Jogeshwar who asks her to tell it to Ayodhya. Ayodhya is busy with his goons who say they have finished Rajesh and what to do next. He asks them to guard outside. Guddi informs him that Dev is insisting to meet Gulkan. He says instead of solving problem himself, he has left it on him now. He asks her to tell Dev that he is waiting outside for Gulkan and once she comes, he will bring her. She informs Dev who says he himself will go and receive Gulkan, but Guddi controls him somehow. Natru asks Santoshi if she had thought she would see this day. She says they had to do a lot of drama for this day. He asks her to go home to greet new bahu once pheras start. Ayodhya comes in and signals

natru that he will set the things right.

Power goes off. Dev asks to start generator or bring petromax at least. Indu yells that another abshagun started now. A person wearing colorful clothes is seen entering marriage hall with petromax. Natru asks to restart the mantras.

Payal insists Neelu and Alka to go and see the marriage rituals. They go out. Clourful clothes person enters her room and locks door from insists. Payal asks who is she. Person removes her cap and it is Gulkan. She says she is Gulkan. Payal reminisces Dev telling his bhabhi’s name as Gulkan and tells she knows her. Gulkan says she does not know her well and says natru and his family would have boasted them as too good and she as a villian, but the reality is natru and his family are greedy and con people and will ruin her life. Payal thinks she is lying and asks her to go from here. She says she knows she does not like natru and bhaktan billi, but they are against divorce. Gulkan says she came under natru’s trap and says they are too greedy and would do anything for dowry, they took 1 crore cash and truck full of goods from her brother, so she started troubling them and when she slapped Guddi, natru made drama and sent her and Ayodhya out.

Dev sees Ayodhya standing silently behind pillar and asks children to call papa. They go and bring Ayodhya to the mantap who sits next to Dev. Natru gets tensed and tells santoshi he wants marriage finish soon before his true colors are out.

Gulkan tells Payal if she does not believe her, she takes her children’s oath and says in world, no mother would take her children’s wrong oath. Payal asks not to take fake oath of her children to prove her words. Gulkan says she has gone blind and says she came to alert her, but she is hell bent to be blind. She further says that all car, house, etc are given by her brother. Payal says Dev told her already that Ayodhya wanted dowry and not her parents.

Precap: Gulkan tells Payal that Dev is jobless and just studies in coaching center, not its owner. Bhuvaneshwar overhears that and asks to stop the marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Power to gulkan, thats my kinda girl, let her and Payal stop Her inlaws greedy conniving way,i hope payal see through their evil ways.

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