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Service Wali Bahu 16th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajath reaching back home and apologizing family for being out till midnight without informing them. He says he had some important work, so had to go. Bbuvaneshwar says he would have informed them or at least bahu/Alka. He says ok.

Payal takes Gulkan’s son Sonu to drop him school and asks Gulkan to inform school people that she is dropping him. Natru calls his goons and informs that Payal has left. He murumurs that Payal’s ghungroo will be broken today forever. While traveling in car, Payal asks Sonu to respect his mother as she does everything for his best. Just then, Natru’s kidnapper goons stop Payal’s car and kidnap Sonu. Payal tries to resist, but they push her to the tree and beat her driver. She then gets up and starts beating

goons with stick, but goons overpower her again, stab her hand with knife and flee in their maruthi van. She shouts sonu’s name, but in vain.

Natru calls his goon and tells to get something, he has to sacrifice some other thing. Goon says kid is crying a lot, he will hit and console him. Natru asks him dare not to touch his grandson as he is his legal heir. He thinks Payal is finished now.

Gulkan gets principal’s call who informs that Sonu did not reach school yet. She yells at Payal and calls her number, but it is switched off. Payal on the other side drops driver to hospital and searches phone to inform Dev, but sees her phone broken.

Payal reaches home injured. Dev and Santoshi get tensed seeing her injuries. Gulkan and Ayodhya ask where is their son Sonu. Payal describes them the whole incident of kidnap. Ayodhya shouts who dared to kidnap his son, he will not spare him. Gulkan slaps Payal and asks how can she let anybody take her son from there. Ayodhya stops Gulkan but shouts at Payal. Santoshi takes Payal’s side and says Payal must have struggled a lot to save Sonu. Gulkan calls her bhaktin billi and asks her to stop taking Payal’s side. Natru takes Gulkan’s side and says it is because of her job as she may have denied someone’s contract and he must have kidnapped Sonu in rage, so she is responsible for kidnap. Dev asks Natru it is not Payal’s mistake. Gulkan says Natru is right this time. Guddi takes Gulkan’s side and says if gulkan would have been there, she would have Sonu. Dev asks if they cannot see Payal’s injuries and instead of finding Sonu they are blaming Payal. Gulkan continues yelling. Ayodhya consoles her that he will search Sonu soon.

Goons feed Sonu and ask him to stop crying in exchange of chocs. Sonu agrees and starts eating. Goons discuss that a grandpa got his grandson kidnapped, they are seeing it for the first time.

Natru informs Ayodhya that he got Sonu kidnapped. Ayodhya shouts at him. Natru says he had to do it to stop Payal from continuing her support to Santoshi.

Precap: Goon calls landline and demands 10 lakhs. Natru says he will arrange 10 lakhs somehow. Payal says sonu got kidnapped because of her, so she will bring Sonu somehow.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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