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Service Wali Bahu 15th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Santoshi praising Payal and telling Natru that she with Dev saved her on time. Natru sits silently. She asks him to speak. He says she insisted to call baba and got trapped herself. She says she believed Kamla behen and if she finds her, she will slap her. Natru thinks Kamla will tell the truth, so he should Santoshi right away. He starts yelling at her. Santoshi tells him I love you. He asks what did he do this time. She says he gave her a bahu like Payal who is helping her in each step. Natru thinks he should do something to Payal now.

Payal works till late night on her office files thinking she should submit it in the morning to commissioner. She sees Dev going to terrace at this time and follows him.

Payal asks why he is looking tensed? Dev says

everyone is worried here in the house, that’s why doing the puja paath. I am unable to do anything in this situation. He feels helpless. Payal gives the example of the jugnu and tells light is making its place in the darkness and asks him not to feel bad. Dev thanks her and says you know how to inspire me. Your talks inspire me. Payal promises to support him whenever he is needed.

Rajath’s assitant takes him to meet some goon. The goon asks him to take thing from one hand and give another thing from another hand. Rajath asks what do you mean? Alka tells Bhuvaneshwar that Rajath is not at home. She says he didn’t tell her anything. Bhuvaneshwar says he will talk to him. The goon asks him to smuggle country side liquor and offers to pay him three times the amount. Rajath looks on. Bhuvaneshwar calls Rajath, he tells that he is coming home and asks him to sleep. Rajath tells the goon (Thakur ji) that he can’t do his work and walks out. His assistant will follow him.

Rajath’s assistant Jatin tells him that they will get three times money and their problems will be solved. Rajath slaps him and reminds him that Payal’s reputation will be spoiled and his father will get shock. Jatin looks on.

Natru asks Payal, aren’t you going to office. Payal tells that she will go after breakfast. Sonu hide from Gulkan, to skip classes. Payal says you shall go. Natru makes him sit on his lap, and asks the kid to hide somewhere. He tells that he will lie to his mum. Ayodhya smiles at his plan. Gulkan comes with Bunty and asks where is Sonu. Natru says he didn’t see. Gulkan asks Payal about Sonu. She tells he was with Natru. Gulkan sees him hiding beneath the chair and scolds him. Payal says she will get Sonu ready for school. Gulkan says no need. Santoshi interferes. Gulkan insults her and tries to slap Sonu, but Natru stops her and takes Sonu to his side. Ayodhya tells Sonu will go to school from tomorrow. Payal thinks Gulkan’s way of speaking is wrong, but she said right, Babuji should not influence Sonu to bunk his school. Sonu is sitting with Natru. Gulkan scolds him. Sonu says he wants to go to school. Natru says Payal will drop him. Payal says she will leave for office in 15 mins and asks her to get Sonu ready. Gulkan gets angry and asks her not to interfere between her and kids. Dev comes and questions Gulkan on her behavior. Natru thinks now Payal will be defeated and my ego will win.

The goons kidnap Sonu and pushes Payal on the road. Payal shouts his name. The goon calls Natru and informs him that they did kidnap Sonu on his orders. Natru gets happy and thinks worst would happen to Payal.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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