Service Wali Bahu 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on


The episode starts with Guddi going back to marriage hall after leaving Rajesh under Ayodhya and his goons’s clutch. She sees Payal missing from stage and asks guddan where is bhabhi. He says she and other ladies have gone for tree pooja outside. She gets tensed that Payal will see Rajesh and rushes out saying she will call her. Payal hears Rajesh’s pleas and walks towards him. Natru asks Ayodhya to stuff Rajesh’s mouth and beat. Payal walks nearby, but Guddi stops them till Ayodhya and his goons hide Rajesh. When Payal’s sees the place, there won’t be anyone. Guddi and Santoshi force her and take from there. Once they leave, Ayaodhya and Natru come out and natru thanks Ayodhya for handling the situation on time and asks him to take Rajesh

from here until the marriage finishes peacefully.

Dev feels uneasy not finding anyone and takes Bhuvaneshwar, Rajath, and Guddan to check outside. He sees natru sending someone in car and asks who was it. Natru says Rajesh drank heavily and was badmouthing about Payal and Neelu, so he sent him out from here. Dev says he cannot believe Rajesh can do this. Natru asks if he thinks he is lying. Dev says no and takes everyone in.

Indu takes Payal to her room and asks her to relax until the rituals start. Bhuvaneshwar comes in and praises natru/Jogeshwar that he handled situation well and is very strong in his values. Indu asks what happened. He says Rajesh got inebriated and was badmouthing about Payal and Neelu, so he sent him out from there. Payal says she canot believe Rajesh can do this after apologizing her. Dev on the other side tells Guddi, junior vamp, he cannot believe Rajesh can do this as he is his childhood friend. Guddi says everyone cannot be good like him.

Dev thinks Natru is handling whole situation alone, so he should call Ayodhya and Gulkan soon. He calls Gulkan and asks when will she come. She asks where is he. He asks her not to joke and says he is in Chaibasa in his marriage. She is shocked to hear that and asks with whom. He asks to stop joking and says with Payal rai, PWD engineer, and asks where is she. Just then, he sees Ayodhya and children and asks if she is giving him surprise and asks her to come out.

Precap: Mithilesh tells Gulkan that Ayodhya and children are not in hotel. She says she knows where they are now. During marriage rituals, water mug falls as a bad sign. Everyone get tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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