Service Wali Bahu 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev and Payal’s marriage starting. They both walk from opposite direction to the mantap. Tose naina….song plays in the background. They smile looking at each other. They take a bride and groom’s chair and everyone start greeting and clicking pics with them. Rajesh reminisces Neelu and Indu telling that Dev is a successful businessman and runs a coaching center. He thinks if he will not inform about this misunderstanding to Dev, he will not forgive him, but he cannot at this time seeing Dev’s happiness.

Dev calls Rajesh on stage. He hesitantly goes. After clicking pics, Dev asks why is he looking tensed. He says he has something important to say and says something wrong is happening. Dev asks what wrong. Just then, overacting aunty

Santoshi comes with Guddi to click pics and interrupts Rajesh. After pic clicking, Guddi asks what he wants to says. Rajesh tells Payal’s family thinks Dev runs coaching center. Guddi gets tensed thinking Rajesh knows everything now and will inform Dev. Rajesh asks if she knows about it. She says no.

Guddan says Jogeshwar/Natru that Dev told Ayodhya coming with family, when will they reach. Natru gets tensed and thinks Dev will spoil his plan and says he has called them, but don’t know when they will come.

Guddi asks Rajesh if he told about this to anyone. He says not yet, but since she asked, he informed her. She asks him not to tell anyone until she comes back. She calls natru and overacting aunty to the corner and informs that Rajesh knows everything now and is going to inform Dev. Aunty starts her usual overacting. Natru asks her to keep silent while he thinks something. Dev calls Rajesh again. Guddi sees that and shows natru. Natru asks santoshi to keep people busy here and asks Guddi to send Rajesh out of venue while he does something. He calls someone. Just when Rajesh is about to tell Dev, Guddi takes him from stage telling Payal wants to meet him and takes him out of marriage venue. Indu on the other side takes Payal out for tree pooja. Santoshi joins them. Guddi takes Rajesh out where Ayodhya hits him and asks his goons to beat him till he forgets everything.

Precap: Payal while performing pooja hears Rajesh’s plea for help while being beaten by Ayodhya’s goons.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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