Service Wali Bahu 13th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 13th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with fake baba telling Santoshi that she is a big trouble for her family. He says Natru that his drama of getting beaten by his debtors will come true. Santoshi asks him to show her a way. He says she has to perform maha pooja with gold, silver, cash, etc., to protect her family. Santoshi agrees. Baba asks his assistant to give list to Santoshi and asks her to get all the items ready.

Payal comes home. Natru thinks she will stop this pooja, so he should divert her attention. He says baba is a very pious man and she should touch his feet. Santoshi tells about pooja, but Natru stops her and says Payal is tired now and she can tell her after she freshens up. Payal leaves. Natru asks fake baba to tell about pooja. He says tomorrow morning, he will perform small

pooja and maha pooja with all the items in the afternoon.

Rajath comes out of house and his debtors catch him. they asks why is he not picking their calls since 2 months. He says he was bus with his work. Debtors say they will not give him credit diesel until he clears earlier bills. Rajath calls his assistant and asks to get more credit from market.

Payal while cooking tells Santoshi that there is nothing like previous life mistake, etc., and this baba must be fraud. Santoshi says she believes in all this and will break her FD to get all the jewelry and cash. Payal repeats baba must be fraud. Santoshi says her friend knows baba well and she will perform this pooja at any cost, so she should take leave from office tomorrow to sit in pooja. Payal thinks how to get rid of Santoshi’s superstition.

Natru goes to baba’s den and tells that Santoshi told everything to Payal and she may try to interrupt pooja. He would have warned Santoshi not to tell anyone about pooja. Baba says if he would have told that, Santoshi would have definitely told and doubted them. He continues that superstition is a powerful weapon and nobody can be saved from it.

Payal brings water for Dev at night and apologizes for not picking his call in the morning. He says it is okay. They both continue talking. She thinks if she should tell him about fake baba or not, but keeps silent.

Bhuvaneshwar enjoy tea and snacks with Guddan and family. Credit card seller comes to meet Rajath and says he can get 1.5 Rs credit limit and can pay in 45 days and if not he can pay in EMI. Bhuvaneshwar asks why he wants credit card when he pays bills with his earnings. Rajath says it will be easy for him to clear pending bills and says nothing to worry. He thinks he will clear all his debt with this credit calls.

In the morning, Payal and Santoshi sit for pooja. Dev informs that he got a interview call and leaves. Santoshi says with baba’s help, Dev already got interview calls. Baba comes with his puppets and sits for pooja. He asks Santoshi to keep 11000 rs, then 500, then 1000, then 500, then 1000 rs. Payal is shocked to see all the drama. He starts pooja. Payal hears wrong mantras and tells baba that he is changing wrong mantras. Baba shouts how dare she is to interrupt his pooja and asks what does he know about pooja. Payal chants true mantras. Natru and baba are shocked. Payal says her mom taught these mantras since childhood and even now chants them. Baba shouts that he was chanting right mantras and says if they feel he is wrong, he will stop this pooja. Santoshi and natru plead not to stop pooja. Baba says he will do maha pooja in the afternoon and Payal will perform all the rituals next time.

Payal thinks baba is fake and she has do something. She calls commissioner, but he cuts call saying he is busy in the meeting. Payal then starts arrange pooja flowers. Baba’s puppets ask her to arrange properly. Payal sees natru and Santoshi going out, stops them and tells Natru that baba is fake and was chanting wrong mantras. Natru says it is her imagination and there is nothing to worry. He leaves with Santoshi. Puppets call her back and ask to get back to work and leave towards baba’s room. Payal thinks she commisioner did not call her yet and it may be too late.

Baba gets a call from his associate that the people whom he had conned have complained against him and police is searching them. His puppets ask what to do now. He says they will loot Santoshi’s family tonight and escape. Payal hears that and thinks her doubt was right, this baba is fake. She calls Dev and informs his everything. He asks her to inform parents. She says she tried, but they are not believing him. She tells him her plan and asks him to bring Mishraji from nearby town, who complained against fake baba.

Baba starts pooja and asks santoshi to give all the jewelry and cash he asked. She shows a bag to him. Natru thinks he will be rich tonight with all the loot. Dev reaches village and asks for Mishraji. He gets house, but finds house locked. He tries to call Payal, but his battery is dead. Payal call in return, but to no avail. Baba continues pooja and says he will be performing last part of the pooja now. Payal asks Sanothi not to give jewelry to baba as baba is fake. Baba says he will curse her. She says he is a fraud and conman. Santoshi asks what is he doing. Dev comes on time with Mishraji and says Payal is telling truth. Santoshi asks what is he telling. He says as Payal said, baba is conman and thugs tensed people. He thugged mishra before coming here. Payal says she heard it from baba himself. Baba shouts that she is telling lie. Mishraji says Payal is right, baba looted him in lieu of clearing his problem. Payal says when she enquired about baba in her department, she came to know that his name is Mahajan and loots people. Baba gets afraid. Police comes and arrest baba. Santoshi thanks Payal for saving her life saving and hugs her.

Dev promotes DID super moms grand finale episode tonight.

Precap: Gulkan’s children insist to go to school. Natru says Payal is going to office and will drop them school on the way. He calls his henchmen and asks to kidnap children. Henchmen stop Payal’s car in secluded road and kidnaps children.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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