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Service Wali Bahu 12th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Natru looking at astrology thinking why his plans are not working. Santoshi comes from market with her friend. Natru greets her in and asks if they met in market. They both say yes. Santoshi asks Basanti to bring cold water from fridge as it is too hot outside. Friend says she got habituated to heat outside and tells her husband was a gambler and trouble maker (just like Natru) and used to sit at home and yell at her and because of him even her beta/bahu used to fight, but now it is all well. Santoshi asks what did she do. Friend says her babaji fixed everything with 3 poojas. Santoshi asks where is he found. friend says in a nearby temple. Once friend leaves, Santoshi insists Natru that even she wants to perform this pooja via babaji.

Payal reaches a construction

site and sees workers sitting idle. She asks the reason and they say it is none of her business. Satish introduces her as PWD engineer Payal. Workers complain that contractor did not pay them. Contract comes running seeing her. Payal orders him to repay workers soon, else she will cancel her contract and give it to others.

Jaiswal takes Natru to fake baba and introduces him. Baba says he dupes innocent ladies with his pooja, etc., and loots money.

Dev reaches new coaching center and clears interview successfully. Owner hires him and says he was waiting for a candidate like him. Dev asks if he can get advance. Owner says of course he can. Dev happily walks out and informs Rajesh that he got this job. He calls Payal to inform good news, but she is busy at site work. He realizes that he forgot his file inside owner’s cabin and goes back. He is shocked to see owner misbehaving with a woman. He gets Payal’s call, but he picks call by mistake instead of cutting it. He then enters owner’s cabin and asks what is he doing. OWner says he is taking interview. Dev asks if he takes interview by misbehaving with woman Owner asks why did he enter his cabin without his permission. Dev says after seeing his heinous act, he did not feel seeking any permission. He scolds girl for be too leniant with rogues for a job and suggests her to slap tightly.

Owner says he will suspend him. He says even he does not want to work under him. Owner says he will police and get him arrested. Woman slaps owner and asks him to call police, she will complain against him instead. She thanks Dev for giving her courage to face rogues like this owner and hopes all woman get courageous on time like her.

Natru brings fake baba and his puppets and introduces him to Santoshi as phool baba whom her friend was talking about. Santoshi greets baba in happily. Baba starts acting and says her house has a witch/chudail here. Sanotshi asks who is it. He says her badi bahu is a chudail who is proud of her money. He continues that Guddi is aslo is in trouble, so is Ayodhya and Dev/Payal. He suggests her perform maha pooja. Natru thinks he just showed just his family member’s pic, but baba identified each of their nature well. Santoshi touches his feet. Baba’s beard glue loosens. Jaiswal fixes it on time. Santoshi wakes up and asks why is this happening. He says it is because of her as she is having maha dosh/trouble in her kundali and should perform maha pooja to remove it. He gives a big list of jewelry and cash. Payal enters home and hears that.

Precap: During pooja, Payal realizes that baba is chanting wrong mantras and informs him. He shouts that she is adharmi and does not believe in all this, so she is alleging him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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