Service Wali Bahu 11th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 11th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with panditji calling groom/Dev’s bhabhi for tilak. Dev asks his friend to check where bhaiya bhabhi are. Panditji says even mother can perform tilak. Overacting aunty performs tilak and starts usual overacting. She asks natru to take the baarat while she stays at home for some important work. Once they leave, she prays god to keep Gulkan away from marriage.

Gulkan gets worried for Ayodhya and asks Mithilesh to call him. Mithilesh takes inspector’s permission and calls Ayodhya, but his phone is switched off. Gullkan says he does not keep his phone off at all and gets more worried. Mithilesh says maybe he is in out of reach area and asks not to worry.

Bhuvaneshwar and family get busy attending guests. Dev’s baraat starts. A lady starts

dancing around Natru. He gets irked. She takes off her pallu and reveals that she is his wife santoshi. He asks why did she come here to dance instead of guarding home. She says how can she miss dancing in her son’s marriage. He starts dancing with her.

Baarath reaches marriage hall. Guddan and Bhuvaneshwar greet Jogeshwar with garland and shawl. Natru asks jogeshwar to dance with him and he joins natru. Guddan asks Dev’s friends to come in. Friends say they want to dance well first. Guddan says they can dance till they are tired. Rajesh says they will not enter hall until Alka and Neelu dance. Rajesh fumes hearing that and says they will never dance. Jogeshwar thinks his secret is out and intervenes. Rajesh says he was just asking Alka and Neelu to dance. Dev sees tension and asks Santoshi what is the issue. Santoshi tells rajesh is creating problem.

Dev angrily walks towards Rajesh and asks what kind of weird demand he is having, he cannot insult his relatives, Indu and Neelu are his sisters and how can he insult his sisters. Rajesh says he was just being casual. Dev says he does not like this kind of jokes and says he can go from here. Guddan interferes and asks Dev to not stretch the issue. Bhuvaneshwar also backs Guddan. Dev says he will not tolerate this kind of weird demand in his marriage. Rajesh says he is his childhood friend, then how can he think he will think bad about his in-laws. Guddan asks Rajesh to bring Alka and Neelu. Rajesh angrily goes to bring them. He goes and tells Alka don’t know what happeend to mamaji when Dev is taking their side and even scolded Rajesh, but mama is adamant to call Alka and Neelu out. Payal says Dev is on our side as we are on the right path. Indu asks her not to worry about these small issues and tells Rajesh that if Guddan is calling, then he must have tought well and asks Alka and Neelu to come with her. Payal gets tensed.

Precap: Payal tells Rajesh that Dev is very successful and is helping others succeed. Rajesh gets confused. Neelu says jiju has a big coaching center and he teaches children.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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