Service Wali Bahu 10th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Service Wali Bahu 10th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Payal seeing many missed calls from home and calls thinking it must be Santoshni. Basanti picks call instead and says Santoshi has gone out to market. Payal thinks she is going home anyways and will speak to Santoshi later.

Dev searches Chintu’s house in slums and finds a boy teaching a lot slum children. An old man says chintu could go study only till 4th as his parents did not have money and now he teaches many slum children. Once class finishes, Chintu gets happy seeing Dev. Dev returns his book and gifts him pilot pen. Chintu asks how can he accept gift. Dev says he deserves. Dev then comes out of slum and tells Rajesh that Chintu is very famous in his locality and teaches underprivileged children. Once his coachin center goes well, even

he will teach underprivileged children.

Alka while serving good asks Bhuvaneshwar if he invited Dev. He says not yet, calls Dev and invites him to chaibasa for Payal’s birthday. Dev says he will definitely attend with Payal. He says Rajesh that he almost forgot Payal’s birthday.

Natru discusses with Jaiswal he will get back control of house in his hands from Santoshi for sure today. Santoshi comes home and says she has decided to buy fridge. Natru sees Payal coming home and starts yelling at Santoshi. Payal asks what happened. He says fridge broke down and mechanic told it cannot be repaired, but instead of taking another mechanic’s opinion, Santoshi wants to buy new fridge. she does not have any sense to run house and is adamant to rule it. He walks out with Jaiswal yelling. Santoshi asks Payal not to worry as she will handle the issue.

Basanti serves dinner to Payal’s family. Dev sees warm water and asks cold water. Natru yells that fridge is not working due to Santoshi’s mistake and starts yelling at her. Dev says machines break down, so it is not Sanotshi’s mistake and says he is proud of his mom/Santoshi that she has moved foward to take care of home. Natru leaves angrily. Santoshi tells Payal that she will cut down expenses a bit more to save for new fridge. Payal sees news paper ad of mobiles on EMI and explains about it to Guddi so that Santoshi can hear it and get an idea of buying fridge on EMI.

Dev practices how to ask Payal which color sari she likes as her birthday gift. Payal comes and asks what is he murmuring. He says he has meeting tomorrow and thinking which color shirt to wear. She suggests to wear blue, then white, then brown. He asks repeatedly what is her favorite color. She says red. He thanks her. She says no sorry and thank you in friendship.

Precap: Santoshi thanks Payal for giving an idea of buying fridge on EMI. Natru hears that and thinks he will stop Payal from giving ideas.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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