Serial Or War


Hello friends, this is RSR with serial as well as fan’s analysis. Don’t go for my party, like I’m a Teju/Rag fan or Helly/Swa fan.

Analysing the serial, it is totally out of track. How?

The title: “SWARAGINI: Jodein rishton ke sur”.

It’s a musical, family drama show at first stage, where 2 totally different girls crossed each others path n the destiny played a role of a cupid, they turned out to be half sisters. N then their mission of joining their family, I don’t know where they left the ‘musical’ part in the serial. Then love triangle, blunder, protagonist to antagonist, another love triangle, bigger blunder, addition of too much spices________N then serial become a_______ spoiled ‘Khichdi’_______ which we r enjoying with our taste, many fans like it n many didn’t but they can’t able to leave it in the middle.

In the serial, Ragini is using as a ‘masala’ n Swara as a ‘dish’, u can understand, what I mean.

N one more thing, the actresses r really cute, beautiful n capable to do anything but, I don’t know y, they r dragging for the nonsense script. The serial makers can use their potential to make serial beautiful n interesting but as we all know, every serial starts with a great concept n turned out to be same at the end.


So guys stop fighting, n analyse, criticize if u r not happy with the ongoing track. But don’t make a battle field in the comment section. Ragini fans r not happy with the ongoing track, they have full right to express their feelings but they should only need to write about how she lost her importance, without touching other than the needed elements.

Swara fans also need to respect the other party because whatever be the analysis, at least they can enjoy their show with their fab’s strong appearance, yeah if there is anything u get like discrimination something then u can also use ur part of right.


I’m not discriminating any actors but criticizing the serial, n criticizing any entertainment source is not a bad thing. If u got something wrong in my analysis then u can also criticise me but please guys, don’t get personal.

Thank u so much.


Credit to: RSR

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  1. RSR…love u for this… This is what I want why can’t the fans become friends and respect bothe actresses instead of bashing them….if they don’t like any of them fair enough it’s thei choice…but there no need of having a battle…after all its a series which will eventually end one day….plus the actresses don’t even know that their fans are having world war 4 or 5…..I personally like both swara and ragini…both r doing amazing job to impress their fans and we should respect their work equally… I don’t see the point of the fans arguing on who’s better ….plzzz Guys become friends and end the world war here…???

  2. Yaa I agree every one have their view if we dont like others just keep quite nd leave them noo fightingss

  3. Nah!! The way I saw yesterday when a girl posted bad things about Swara this only made me realize that we all very stupid to fight over Swaragini. Have u seen Helly and Teju fighting? They are friends so why cant we be?

    1. Totally agreeing with u. Hell and Teju are like best friends and we as fans should be Swaragini fans.

  4. True RSR i totally agree with you ?

  5. Well said…

  6. I think its better to watch swaragini as a mode of entertainment like music with which we don’t compromise. We shouldn’t bash Swara or Ragini as both now have a great sister bonding. And those who are bashing either one of them are wasting their precious time bcoz they are fictional characters and have no connection with us in our lives except entertainment. SPREAD POSITIVITY..

  7. I think u have a pure heart………”because to post this type of analysis……

    1. Thank u so much fira.

  8. Ya because even helly had posted that she is really upset about the war going on between fans and that they are friends in real life as well as on the set…most of the people who write episodical analisysis mostly write in the favour of their favourite actresses and this leads to a big debate…so hats of to you…❤️❤️❤️

  9. I Love U Sissy.

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