Off the topic, I think this show has awaken lots of sleepy conscience this time that weren’t even in the time of demonetisation or surgical strike (LOL).
*Conclusion: We’re more interested in gossiping nonsense about a pathbreaking serial than actual social issues. Kindly stop pretending like a social worker.

#Once there were shows like Satyamev Jayate, Everest, POV Bandi Yudh Ke and some more, how many of you have watched it, then shared your views on those, in words, in any social medium? Did you even watch it or give it a thought of watching? How many of you have raise your voice against child labourer and bondage labourer after watching udaan, against child marriage after watching balika badhu, ganga and many more like those?
Moral: Backlashing seems much easier than apraising.

##Specially for people want actuality, have you ever pick any news paper or click to the news channels searching for what’s happening around you? There are a lot more distressing and harsh issues society has been dealing with, its the high time to give your priceless opinions on those guys and contribute a little for the society, why are wasting your time on this petty issues.
PS. Avoid reading or watching creations like Malgudi Days (by R K Narayan), The God Of Small Things(by Arundhati Roy), Twilight series(by Stephnie Mayor) and more because its highly fictional, your mind would feel burdensome. And there is no tellyupdate to provide you extra space to include your highly remarks on such commendable pieces. The Crush(2010) short movie, don’t even think of watching it, your already worried head could get burst.

###On a high note, I’m not supporting any taboos here, I’m just observing what the show is like. Yeah, contents are offbeat (every serial has it) but it’s not too much to produce such controversies. I find it really intriguing to give it time to see what it has to unfold. For the sanity of senses, I didn’t find any cliche that the two scenes have accused of producing, for, in the first scene where the main leads have met, it was shown in a way where the little boy was relating the fairytale he had heard several times from his aunt and about other scene what’s the big deal in asking help from a little boy. He looks at the pretty girl because she was looking pretty and he thinks she is a fairy, like in the fairytale he heard. It doesn’t have any cliche unless viewers have already planted it with the show’s concept. I don’t know how and why the controversies are creating a buzz more than needed when show wasn’t even disclosed merely. If you really feel disgusting to watch the show then simply turn the channel, you’re free to choose. You should familiarize yourself with other liberties too that fundamental rights includes.

Yeah serial has it’s flaws but if it really have such negativity then it wouldn’t have made it’s way. There is the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to decide what is acceptable to be watched by it’s viewers.

So Fellows, peace. We have much more than this to deal with.

PSS, No fights.


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  1. Lovely7

    Thank you for this article yar, missing your stories ?

  2. Shrilatha

    Thank u so much for this RSR.I haven’t read most of your ff I was not able to get them but this analysis is very true.when it comes to praising people don’t care but when it comes to bashing everyone is on their heels…I am really grateful for this.

  3. Good dear this is an eye opening message for many but what about those ppl who do not want to open their eyes it’s just a fictional show why about the shows and films showing rape and othet immoral scenes by the way when are you going to update someone somewhere waiting for your ff

  4. Riana

    Exactly ur points are totally correct…hats off to ur thinking…In my opinion its just a show (and more its like a fairytale for us) so why so much controversy is going regarding ppk….i mean its true that the storyline is a bit weird…but most of the weird storylines only makes us to stay glued with it…There are so many tamillian …Bengali…Marathi…n sooo on movies…short movies…which arent having the social issue matter but more than black magic n ghosts n all but still people watches it…Most of the people love watch movies some of them not ot doesnt mean that its a bad movie…Without judging the movie how someone can say its worst or illegal offence…Exactly now coming to the show ppk…Balika vadhu…ganga r the show based on social issues but did the makers said a single time that its based on social issue…so i know we r judge but if really judges then cant we judge properly a single show…we r judging it by its promo…So this line should be applied here…


    Honestly if peeps hate fairytales stop watching the immediately thats my advice !

    @RSR Amazing dear ???

  5. Follybraverl

    Thanks yaar RSR for this beautiful article
    True message to everyone….

  6. Aditi.Ayansh

    Thank u for this Rsr di.. 🙂

  7. yes i agree that concept is new and diffrent but they should make a 9 year child behave like a child not like a adult who is stakling a girl and cliking its photos its the main problem in serial

  8. Asw

    Nice analysis keep going Dr ?

  9. Jayanti

    I totally agree with you Rsr…..Thanks a lot…will surely keep this in mind….thanks once again for this article

  10. Astra

    wonderful article..! thanks for writing this..

  11. Aasthu

    Good work….I liked your points….they are so true….

  12. IQRA222

    thanks a lot for writing this beautiful article it was really needed
    totally agree with you!!!

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