Serenity in your love (Meri Aashiqui tumse hi) – Part 1


Hello diehard ISHVEER fans I’m going to merge all sequences which happened in the show in an interesting way hope u like it
here all characters till now are positive which may change their shades as time come
The episode starts with one side nervous bride and one side excited groom. Today it was their Sangeet. She had worn a green off shoulder blouse and long ethinic green skirt. Rv had worn golden golden sherwani and green dhoti. She got ready n was staring herself in the mirror very confused about what’s going on. She recalls how she was dating Chris and her family didn’t like him but for her happiness her family allowed her but if the relationship didn’t workout then she has to marry the one of her family’s choice . She got cheated by him she was completely broken and her trust in love completely faded off. But being the eldest kid of her family as per custom she has to marry first . So heavy heartedly she agrees for marriage. Before rv she met 4 boys but she rejected them. Then day comes when she met him. He himself placed proposal they were childhood friends who got seperated because his family shifted to some other city . In their first meet in a cafe rv confesses that he always had crush on her n proposed jer . She says she needs time. He asks her to take her own time. But their friendship continued. They started hanging out . She felt so secured and complete with him and she finally agreed for marriage saying she doesn’t love him madly the way he does but she can promise him commitment and reciprocation in their relationship also that she feels so complete and secure when he is around. The fb ends

Her sister calls her saying function is about to begin and her fiancé n her inlaws has arrived she says I’ll be there within five minutes . Children in the function were running here n there and accidentally spill juice on Rv’s clothes . He asks where’s the washroom. Ishani’s brother purposely send him to Ishani’s room
He hurriedly enters there and he sees her and couldn’t take off his eyes from her. They share an eyelock. He approached towards her grabbed her waist and kissed her . Ishani snaps her fingers he was dreaming she asks what happened he replies someone spilled juice on my clothes and ur brother send me here she says no issues come I’ll clean it

Precap:— they share romantic moments in washroom followed by their romantic dance and wedding

Guys initially u might not find it interesting but after 2/3 episode I assure when the real story proceeds u surely will enjoy keep supporting

I also have a condition I want u guys to comment so I know how I’m going and how many readers I have so initially plz support me:)?

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    superb update. Eagerly waiting for next

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  4. Superb update dear. I really loved it. I’m so happy to see this new ff here after soo long. Eagerly waiting for next part. Update soon. Bye..take care

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