Serendipity-Chapter 28- By Diyaa

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Chapter 28

Om went downstairs at tea-time to find Shivaay, Dadi, and Anika sitting as normally as possible while Pinky talked incessantly not noticing anything amiss. Jhanvi was not there as yet and that had given others more time to get back to normal. Shivaay nodded to Om signalling everything to be under control and Om nodded back.

Dadi had made up excuses for Soumya and Ranjana so they did not have to show up. Finding Rudra absent from the living area, Om decided to go and check on him. As he stepped in Rud found him sitting on his bed tensed. His eyes were red and he looked like he was going to bust a nerve in his forehead. Om went and sat next to him quietly.

“I didn’t want to be so rude to her.” He said after a while. “Soumya and I talked a few days ago, we sorted out things, and she was really happy that she was going to continue studying here. It just seemed unfair to force her like that. So I had to use such harsh words.”

“Would you have carried out the threat?” Om asked extremely curious.

“If I had felt that Soumya really wanted to stay here then yes. If she would have convinced me that going with her mom was more important to her, then no. I was bluffing in a way and it worked. But Soumya’s mom hates me probably and I feel terrible that I hurt her.”

Om patted his back. “This seems to be my counseling week. I’ll tell you what I told Anika, the evening of the party. It’s not possible to do the right thing while pleasing everyone. That’s life. We sometimes have to take hard decisions and hurt some feelings. But as long as your conscience is clear about your intentions, everything will work out in the end. Now please normalize yourself if you don’t want the two greats of our family to find out about this.”

Rudra chuckled at that. He felt much better. “I’ll come downstairs with my happy face on.”

Om nodded and started to leave. Just as he reached the door Rudra said, “I know I should have shared this with Bhaiya and you. But I want to tell you that today I had so much confidence to say such big things because I had Bhaiya and you there. I know that both of you will always be there. Just like how you made me feel better now. By the way, I am acting grown because I need to. But I still need a hug; I am not that grown!”

Om smiled at him. “Come on. Let’s have a partial O-bro moment.”

Rudra went up to Om and gave him a tight hug. It made Om realize just how scared and shaken he had been. He still couldn’t stand confrontations and fights.

Ranjana winced every time she saw Soumya’s still pink cheek. Never had she imagined that one day she would have raised her hand on her daughter. She regretted it deeply now. “They were right.” she thought. “I shouldn’t have hit her. That was wrong.” Swallowing back her pain and remorse she said in a still cold voice, ” I’ll tell them you have a headache and will ask Priyanka or Anika to bring your dinner here. If you go downstairs now, there will be questions.”

Soumya understood what she meant and nodded in agreement. She wasn’t too hungry anyway. She just wanted this day to end.

Dinner was managed without making Tej, Shakti, and Pinky suspicious. Jhanvi on the other hand felt that something was not right but was distracted by Dadi , Anika, Om or Shivaay every time she tried to find out what was going on. Priyanka had taken her dinner upstairs to eat with Soumya. “At least she is not alone.” Rudra thought.

By the time Ranjana went back upstairs, Soumya had already fallen asleep. She looked completely exhausted. Her face looked better than a few hours before although it still had a tinge of pink. Ranjana switched off the lights and turned on the soft night light. Then she went and sat by Soumya’s side and gently caressed her bruised cheek with one hand and wiped her non-stop tears with the other.

In his room, Om breathed a sigh of relief that it was finally time for bed. He had no more energy left to work in his studio. He thought back about the events of the day and felt like any moment he might wake up from his dream. It felt unreal. But it was real and he had to hold his family together through these tough times.He breathed deeply to clear his thoughts, closed his eyes, and tried to focus on something else. Automatically, his mind went to the statement, “Who told you it’s a guy thing…my cravings are pretty strong too. But to explain, I would have to cross certain limits.”

He opened his eyes again. “I guess it’s time to cross limits then!” he said to himself.

Anika lay on her side next to Shivaay, her head on his shoulder and his arm around hers. Soft moonlight shone on them providing a little bit of extra light besides the night-lamp , so that they could still see each other’s face.

“Thank God the day is over and I can finally think about what happened in privacy. I still can’t believe all that has happened. Rudra.Soumya. What are we going to do? Will they be able to stay in one house knowing that most of us know and be able to ignore that. You know, I completely saw Ranjana aunty’s point. But I had to support Rudra and Soumya at that time. Rudra will get really busy in the office as he has a lot to learn. But Soumya? Will she able to study?”

“Yes Shivaay. She is a strong girl. In fact I think she is going to immerse herself in her studies even more to prove herself to her mother. You know Shivaay, in life, sometimes the events that seem most unfortunate to us at the time they happen, actually land up being the best things that happen to us. They might motivate us to excel, explore new opportunities, or realize our true feelings. But they only become apparent in hindsight. I am sure one day we will look at this event in the same light.”

” My God!! How did you get to be so wise? Are you following bhakti channels too and listening to sermons?”

Anika pinched him for pulling her leg when she was trying to help him by being philosophical.

“Oww! Okay. I was just teasing. By the way, what made you decide to send Dadi.” Shivaay asked curiously.

Anika was quiet for a few seconds and Shivaay could hear her heartbeat in the silence of the night. Finally she spoke.
“First, she was not going to be stopped by Priyanka and me. But more importantly, she has only given us reasons to trust her judgement. After Saahil’s party, I have new respect for her opinions and decisions. Youth should not be so arrogant as to discredit the wisdom of the elderly. She has much more experience and has seen much more life. Besides, I thought she was one person who might have gotten Ranjana aunty to calm down, whatever the situation.”

Shivaay had been listening to her very carefully. He felt overwhelmed by her thoughts. “You truly are my better half.” Then feeling that she had become very somber he tried to distract her. “Imagine, your intelligence and my good looks! What a deadly product would that be. Want to manufacture one now?”

That completely burst the philosophical bubble she was in. “You mean you are more good looking than me?”

“Well pick one. Either you are more intelligent or more good looking. You can’t have both.”

” I can have whatever I want.” she said as she closed the remaining space between them.

“Yes dear. Whatever you want.” Shivaay said softly as his arms tightened around her.

Thanks for reading Everyone. This was a shorter chapter to give closure to the eventful day before we move on with the story. A few more important milestone left to cover. I have some apprehensions about the storyline in my mind. What I have in my mind sort of expresses complete submission to love without expectations. However, it may clash with traditional outlooks. I am between two minds. If this were an actual novel, I would have gone with my first choice. But this is an FF that I write for my readers so I am thinking of going with the alternative. I end my confused Hamlet soliloquy here? Please comment if you can.

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  1. Samm

    the first, please. and sweet episode. the omru conversation was sweet, saumya-ranjana part was sweet, and the extra-sweet icing on the cake was the shivika part. 🙂 i loved it. 🙂 although, i missed om-aashi and prinku-shikhar today, i guess i’ll survive till the next 🙂 post next soon 🙂

    1. Diyaa

      Thanks Samm?Yeah, I thought of putting some sweet moments to make up for all that tension. Next one coming up soon.?

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  4. Diyaa..
    Nice update dear….
    i want to comment on each segment of this chapter..but today it is hectic…sorry for that…
    just wanna say that om once again proved that he is a “pacifier”…overall it was an amazing episode..
    Thank you…

    1. Diyaa

      Thanks so much Eva for taking the time despite being busy. Really appreciate it.

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    Omru then Ranjana’s POV and at last our cute Shivika…Awesome…
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      Thanks Shivika. So glad you liked the POVs.

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      Thanks Anu. Glad you liked the update. And thanks for the support. ?

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    Truly fascinating.. Loved it

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      Thanks so much Khushi. Really appreciate it. Yeah, it does kind of hint at what their future is going to be like.☺

  11. Nita D

    Oh God Diyaaaa… do to me what om n aashi do to each other. Sorry for not commenting on the previous episode. Actually,I generally do not open Telly updates in the morning but on Tuesday I don’t know why I open it and the first thing that I saw on the page was chapter 27 of serendipity. Then how could I resist myself? Already I had woken up late on that day and then I sat reading chapter 27 and then I was rushing for my college like anything. That is what u do to me.
    Then I had a test today afternoon so I do not open tellyupdates before that. And now when I finally open to comment on episode 27 I see episode 28 already uploaded. Well enough of my

    1. Nita D

      Sorry the comment got posted while I was typing it.

      So I was telling enough of my bakwas. God know what u must be thinking about me after this.
      So I’ll give my comments for both the episodes together.
      Both the episodes were just awesome…….
      The whole confrontation scene is written beautifully……Rudra’s reaction was unexpected. Om n shivaay handled the situation very well. Poor Soumya when she had taken right decisions for hrrrself and then her whole truth came out. Feeling bad for her. Dadi such a darling.
      U correctly said that elders have more experience n can handle situations better.
      Today’s OmRu moment was short but touching.
      Even shivika moment was very sweet.
      N without Om n Aashi meeting, u very intelligently included them too.

      Your author’s note confused me as well. Both the choices r very good. But as you are the writer I leave it to you whichever you choose.

      N since u mentioned, I was going to tell you someday, to write a novel. It will be a big hit. You dazzle me with your writing. I will be the first one to buy a copy whenever it is published. But for now, eagerly awaiting the next chapter.
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      N happy reading! (My extra large comment)

    2. Diyaa

      Thanks Nita!! I really enjoyed reading your comment. I already appreciate people taking the time to read this story which is kinda low on interesting drama. And I assume that everyone is busy with exams and work so they sometimes are unable to comment. But glad that you could find the time for it today? I tried to give a peek into what was going on in the minds of the main characters and am happy that my readers liked it. Hmm…A long way from the expertise of writing a novel but with such support I might really explore the idea. Thanks again.☺

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      Thanks so much Masha☺

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    Amazing chapter di…. Omru convo is very sweet! Sowmya and her Aai’s silent feelings speaks a lot…. Shivika scenes are really cute… And Anika’s opinion about Dadi is very correct.. Without Aashi’s appearance u make me feel Aashi’s presence in this chapter from Om’s thought…..

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      Thanks Gayathri. Really glad you liked the update. ☺

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      Thanks Katz. Glad you liked this update. Yes, looking at all the support, I will go with what feels most natural to me. ?

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    Shivika- they are very understanding couples..having respect for each other….and liked the way he think how much he is proud of anika as his wife…..
    let Ranjana take some more time to deal with current situation and accept rudra from heart..

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    1. Diyaa

      Hey Eva, That was so nice of you to come back and write a detailed comment. Can’t express how much I appreciate it. I know, Om has turned out to be rather perfect.?No scope left of creating a flaw in him. Maybe in a sequel ? Glad you were able to see the struggle I wanted to show in Rudra. It’s not as if he is finding all this maturity business easy. But we all go through growing pains and have events when we realize that life can’t go on as before and some things need to change. But we still crave the same pampering from those who pampered us before. Thanks again dear. You are very kind indeed ?

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      Thanks so much Kavya. Really glad you liked this update and the FF. I will update soon ☺

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