Serendipity-Chapter 22- By Diyaa

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Chapter 22

Saturday morning was relatively quiet on the surface since the basic decorations were done and the menu was set and preparations for it were ongoing. When Shivaay came back to his room after a shower, Anika stood in front of the mirror almost ready. His heart beat a little faster as he saw her standing there dressed in a floral lavender , airy churidaar kurtaa. He walked up to her and wrapped his arms tightly around her soft form. “It’s a good day. All my dreams have come true. Thanks to you, my family and my life is complete.”

Anika smiled at him and turned around hugging him back. ” Well, actually thanks to a lot of people. But yes, it’s a good day. And I promise I won’t let any doubt spoil it.” she tiptoed to give him a lingering kiss and pulled back. “I am going downstairs. Get dressed .” she said as she walked towards the door.

“Starting something and not finishing it is a bad, bad habit.” shouted Shivaay after her.

“Who said I won’t finish what I started. I am just setting it to simmer nicely.” she said laughing and left the room to get Saahil ready and take him downstairs.

Shivaay stared at the door for a couple of seconds then walked towards his closet to get dressed. “Yeah! Simmer indeed!” he said rummaging through his clothes.

Downstairs, Anika found Soumya, Rudra, and Priyanka sitting in a corner deep into some conversation while Saahil looked at them curiously. She asked Saahil to go get breakfast and walked up to them. “Very nice. It doesn’t look at all as if you all are planning something.” she said sarcastically.

All three jumped. “Thanks bhabhi.” said Rudra, “When Rudra leads, plan succeeds.”

“She is being sarcastic you duffer.” Soumya said rolling her eyes. Then she realized what she had said. “Sorry…I mean, we will be careful Bhabhi.”

Rudra smiled slightly looking at Soumya’s embarassed face. Then he tried to cover up the situation. “Oh!! Don’t worry bhabhi. We were just figuring out what time to have the kids special menu delivered. It will come in by the same back entrance as the entertainment stuff. Discussion done. Now we have no more things to discuss.”

“Good” Anika said looking at them suspiciously as they got up to leave. “Wait.” she called out and they turned around again. “Soumya, since when do you say “sorry” to Rudra for calling him duffer?”

Soumya looked at Anika nervously and then at Rudra. “Bhabhi, uhh…wo change is the second name of life and Rudra has become so responsible now so it doesn’t look nice to call him such names and my Aai is also here so what will she think of me.”

“That’s enough reasons Sumo.” Rudra said faking a smile at her. ” It was a simple question and not an eight page long answer philosophy question. Calm down.”

Soumya glared at him as Anika laughed.”Haan! Now you two look normal.” she said as she left for the dining area. Priyanka followed her hastily.

“Ab samajh aaya? When someone suddenly asks a tricky question how all sorts of nonsense starts coming out of the mouth?” Rudra asked her smugly.

“Yes.” Soumya sat down on the nearby couch, completely exhausted. “I get it now. And this is getting messy. Hope everything will move fast.”

“What do you mean everything will move fast?” Rudra asked sitting next to her.

Soumya looked down at the floor. “I have sent my application for transfer and I am expecting a response any day now.” she said anxiously.

Rudra’s heart sank and jaw dropped open. He stared at her wordlessly for a few seconds, then got up and left.

As Anika reached the dining area, Priyanka caught up with her and helped her bring breakfast from the kitchen. “Bhabhi, I was thinking, in the evening, I will also help you out besides helping Soumya and Rudra bhaiya with you know what.” she said looking at Saahil who was sitting oblivious at the dining table.
“I really like talking to Aashi di.”

Anika looked affectionately at Priyanka and smiled knowingly.” Yes Priyanka, that sounds good. You help me as well as them.”

Priyanka smiled brightly as they got to the table and went to Saahil to serve him his breakfast. Anika looked at both of them thoughtfully her forehead creasing a little with an unknown worry.

By the time it was quarter to five, Om was besides himself. It was just him and Shivaay in the hall with Saahil sitting in a big chair reading a comic book. Elders were not downstairs as yet, Anika was taking care of the kitchen, and Rudra, Soumya, and Priyanka were getting the kids’ area ready.

Om checked the time in his phone every five minutes and glanced at the entrance every couple of minutes. Shivaay observed him pacing here and there and smiled. “Steady my boy. Steady. ” He said patting Om’s back. “No matter how fast you walk, or how many times you check the phone, it won’t be five o’clock before five o’clock.”

Om smiled “Are you trying to tease me Shivaay?”

“Very much so. Shivaay Singh Oberoi does not let go of golden opportunities.” Shivaay said gleefully.

“There is no opportunity. I am “unteasable” because I accept facts very easily. Yes I am impatient to see her again and I am waiting desperately for her to get here.”

“Whom are you waiting desperately for? Me?” said Shikhar as he walked towards him. Om’s heart skipped a beat as he turned right towards the entrance and saw Shikhar and Aishani walk in.

Shikhar gave him a hug and then hugged Shivaay warmly. “Where is the little Oberoi. There!” he said spotting Saahil and went to meet him as Saahil smiled ear to ear.

“Hi Shivaay Bhaiya.” Aashi said softly.

Shivaay looked at her affectionately and put his right arm around her shoulder to give her quick hug. “Hi Aashi. How are you? So good to see you again. It’s been too long.” he said winking secretly at Om who laughed and shook his head. “How’s your foot?” he asked her.

“Much better.” she said smiling. “No more padded shoe. Only ankle wrap and flat soled shoes.” she said slightly lifting and displaying her right foot clad in soft pink, flat leather pumps.

Shivaay chuckled. “Excellent!” Then he patted her head gently and said, “God bless you.” and went over to Shikhar who was saying something that had Saahil in splits.

“Hi Om.” Aashi said smiling. “How are you?”

Om looked at her dressed in a plain baby pink, chiffon kurtaa hugging her silhouette, a soft floral dupatta matching her churidaar, hanging on her right shoulder, her hair open and framing her face, and a long silver necklace with a large oxidized pendant resting a couple of inches above her waist. While her lightly colored lips curved in a smile, her eyes held back an ocean of emotions. Om looked around him briefly, took a couple of steps forward, and hugged her, placing a quick soft kiss on her lips. Then pulling back he lightly held her by the waist to usher her towards where Saahil was chattering away to glory with Shivaay and Shikhar.

Feeling his entire being awakened and haywire he learned a valuable lesson. “Starting what you can’t finish immediately is a bad, bad idea” he thought to himself without realizing that his grip around her waist had tightened.


Thanks for reading Everyone. I am not sure if this update is long, medium, or short.? But going on would have started a train of thought that would have taken long to finish. So I thought of posting this installment for now. I hope you will like it. Please comment if you can.?

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  1. Khushilovesroumya

    I loved was medium.ur description are long.i like that since I am a visual imagener.❤❤❤❤

    1. Diyaa

      Thanks Khushi?

  2. Hey ! Diyaa, this is a silent reader of this site for last 1 year approx. although never commented on any1 of the ff though they were amazing. But ur marvelous & magical way of writing and expressing of feelings left me wid no other option & i was compelled to praise ur talent from the core. So here I’m. I jst wait for ur ff now a days. Coz my exam is approaching, i am avoiding to read all others’ ff though i’ll surely read them afterwards but i couldn’t resist myself frm reading urs’ . May be i’m unable to cmmnt afterwards but believe me that I would be reading each one of them. Once again , i’ll say, u have a golden art of penning down the thoughts in a spellbound manner . Sorry for so long &boring cmmnt . Ok bye !!!:-) and have a cheerful day…:-)

    1. Diyaa

      Hi Anu. Thanks so much for reading, appreciating, and commenting. I am glad that my writing is enjoyable for you. Exams are the most important so yes, best of luck for them. Read when you can and hopefully you will be able to comment again sometime. Your kind words were very encouraging to me and kindness never gets boring? Thanks again.

  3. Kiki

    Cute update

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  4. Nice one…Post soon…..cudnt wait…

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  7. Yeah dear..this was definitely a small one but undoubtedly marvellous too..!!
    Poor Shivaay..left with hopes ..Anika wants to drive him crazy ?? that’s not fair..but it was wonderful..
    Om’s craving for Aishani was so sweet..his openly accepting it and then that thought ”starting what you can’t finish immediately is a bad, bad idea” ❤ oh my gosh.what a perfect expression of love and longing to meet his beloved..
    And I think Saumya’s decision will be opposed by none other than her mum..what will she explain her’s definitely gonna be a difficult task..but seriously, one chance needs to be given to Rudra..obviously what’s happened can’t be undone.but people change..I can’t wait to see how you proceed and set it right.!!!
    And priyanka’s innocence…it’s the key to her beauty..she’s playing really safe ..not giving a hint to anybody but I think Aishani can’t be fooled..
    And please post soon..

    1. Diyaa

      Thanks Mansi. Yeah Anika is getting bolder? Om and Ashi are moving towards the finality of their destiny. Priyanka is setting foot on an unknown journey after having been sheltered for so long. And Rudy and Soumya may land up having the most interesting love story of all? That’s my view. Others may disagree.

  8. Diyaa…today it was small segment with a elaborated description…like it a lot…and i already said it earlier also that i am deeply in love with Serendipity…???…eagerly waiting for next a long update…?

    1. Diyaa

      Thanks so much Eva. I am really thankful for the appreciation because it has been “serendipitous” for me? Yeah, a lot to be covered in this party so I posted a small one to gear up for all the writing that will follow. Please keep reading and drop in your comments when you can.?

  9. It is really superbbbbbb dear…. I am keenly wait for any updates of your ff. Keep writing and lots of love……

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  10. Nita D

    Lovely episode dear… was shorter than all your other episode but not too short. So I give it a medium.
    Anika is getting naughty now…’s behaviour is very mature… for Raumya. But I guess maybe her mom will oppose her decision. Waiting for how u put it.
    Bye. Have a nice day!

    1. Diyaa

      Thanks Nita. Yes, Anika is getting naughtier by the day? I’ll post the next one soon.

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    Nice update.loved it.waiting for next part

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  12. Hi Diya…. The cute romance between the leads never dissapoints me… It always makes me happy for a while… ?????. Is this ur own experience of romance or what?????? ?????….. Just kidding…..

    1. Diyaa

      Thanks Katz. I am glad you liked the update. Haha. That was a good one?? No personal experience…All imagination and inspiration from books.?

  13. Excellent

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  14. Ria

    This episode was incredible! The way you pen down everything really leaves me spellbound. Om and Aishani are love! ❤ Plus, Rudra and Soumya, I liked the way Anika’s trying to sort things out between them although, it’s unknown to her. And Anika and Shivaay are surely the best! ❤ I’m loving this story too much. Anyway, waiting for the next one already. Hope we get to read it soon. ?

    1. Diyaa

      Thanks so much Ria. I am glad you are liking my recipe of romance and relationships. ? I’ll post the next update soon.

  15. Superbbb….egearly waiting 4 the nxt….update soon…

    1. Diyaa

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  16. Gayathri.visu

    Its medium chapter di… But absolutely amazing…!!! Feeling very sad for Rudy more than Soumya. Om-Aashi scenes are cute…… Di I want some Shivaay-Saahil convo! Will you please add it…..

    1. Diyaa

      Thanks Gayathri. The next update has some interaction between them. I’ll try to include more. ☺ Thanks so much for commenting.

  17. Gayathri.visu

    Its medium chapter di… But absolutely amazing…!!! Feeling very sad for Rudy more than Soumya. Om-Aashi scenes are cute…… Di I want some Shivaay-Saahil convo! Will you please add it…..??

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    I read entire series till now in one go? I loved the way you wrote everything. Briefly but perfectly✔. Waiting for the next one❤ all the best.

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    being sick gives u many benefit… now I’m also getting one of them… ‘a lot of free time’…. it’s so amazing to just lie on my bed and read my fav books stories and do whatever i want…. I’m utilizing my time by reading ur FF…???

    this one was short one but I’m happy that u posted it without thinking about length bcoz this one was amazingly thought update…..

    each scene was so pleasurable to read…. annika’s naughty gestures just stole my heart… shivaay was so helpless bcoz of his wife’s changed behavior…??

    shivaay teasing om and instead of getting troubled by it…. om’s boldness in accepting his feelings was fantastic….

    the way rudy is handling his relation with somu is so nice… he marked at a very perfect time that sometimes we didn’t react like that deliberately on sudden appeared situations…

    om’s behavior must be like a shock to ashi… om’s sudden actions r so unexpected…

    so as usual this was very well written episode which i liked to the core. . .

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