Sequel to Devil: Skeleton in the closet B3: Black Sheep(Ragsan) CH-09 Last Chapter

Last part wasnt published in swaragini page. I think most of you have not read it.
Here is the last part

Sequel to Devil: Skeleton in the closet B3: Black Sheep(Ragsan) CH-08

“Sanskar” she said irritated when he kissed her shoulder. “Hmm” he said placing his chin over her shoulder. “Why did you come here running for this?” asked she as she pushed him bit. “Oh hello I’m damad of this house. Give some respect. I have arrived before time” said he winking at her.

“And may I know why have you done that?” asked she crossing her arms. “All your questions ends with my one answer. I love you” he kissed her cheek and she blushed lowering her head. “Oye hoye. You blush also ghonchu” he pulled her nose.

“Dare you touch my nose. You know I hate it when….” “When some one pulls your nose” he completed her sentence. “Smart hubby” she said and he grinned at her and picked her in his arms. “Where?” asked she. “Ohho ghonchu. Its your sister’s engagement if you have forgotten” he said and walked out of the room. As he descended the stairs all the guest went aww looking at the beautiful couple.

“Sanskar” she whispered dragging his attention. “hmmm” he hummed looking at her with a wide smile. “This ain’t our home.” she said and his smile widened. “But you are my wife even if we are not at our home” said he and she blushed snaking her arms across his neck.

He placed her on a sofa and Sumi sat beside her and kissed her forehead. She felt uneasy. She did not wanted to cheat them for the second time but for the truth she has to do that. And there was no other way.

The ladies brought Swara down and Rohan was lost looking at her. Ragini smiled widely looking at her sister.

“What is your dream Pari maa?” Ragini asked looking up at Pari who was caressing her hair. She smiled at Ragini. “I have three dreams” said she. “Three?” asked Ragini widening her eyes. “Hmmm” she nodded her head. “What are those?” asked she curiously. “First is my Shona’s marriage” said she cutely. “And second” asked Ragini. “To see my Vikki as a successful businessman” said she. “And third must be Jeeju’s success.” said Ragini smiling.

“Nooo” said Pari. “Then?” asked Ragini innocently. “To see my Ragu bach brave and facing all the challenges of her life with courage” said she and Ragini looked at her emotionally.

“Saare sapne pure nai hote pari maa. But at least your three dreams also fulfilled though you weren’t around but still you were with us. Though Viki bhai left us, he fulfilled your wish for some time” she thought in her mind as Swara and Rohan exchanged the rings. As the crowd filled with claps she also clapped with tears in her eyes. “Biwi ko tho bass bahana chahiye rone ka” Sanskar whispered in her ears and she hugged him hiding her emotions. He smiled patting her head.


“Abb chale?” asked he. She nodded her head and he picked her in his arms. “Piyu kidhar hai?” asked Sujata looking around. “Piyu” all searched her all over the Gadodia Mansion but she was not to be seen. “Piyu” Ragini worried looking around. “Nothing will happen to her. She must be here. Let me search her” Sanskar placed Ragini on the sofa and ran across the mansion to search his little life.

“Piyu…” Ragini stood up shocking everyone as she could not hold herself anymore. Sujatha looked at her shocked. Ram was astonished to see her. “Yeh chamatkar hai” he said. “Ya phir tumhari saazish” he said gritting his teeth.

“Wo tho aap karte hai dad. Meri biwi nai” Sanskar walked with a smirk on his face.

“Tujhe malum tha yeh natak kar rahi thi?” asked Ram placing his hand on his fast beating heart. His smirk deepened when as he side hugged her and stood.

“You know I can’t lie to you Sanskar. But I had to hide it to find the truth” she said placing her head on his shoulder. “I know biwi and never think I will misunderstand you. I understand your professional commitments. You cannot share everything with me. But I’m glad as you shared this with me at least” he said kissing her forehead. She smiled still in his hold

*****Flashback end***

“And you hid it from us Sanskar?” Sujata asked dragging her. “If you can hide you husbands professional secrets…..” he paused looking at Ram. “And even his crimes. Can’t I do the same for my wife. Why it should be always wife’s responsibility to understand her husband’s work commitments?” he asked her and Ragini smiled through her tears looking at him.

“Crimes? What crimes are you talking about?” asked Ram shocked.

“You seriously don’t know dad or is this one more conspiracy Mr. Ram Prasad Maheswari urf chachu” Adarsh entered with Pari in his arms. She was crying vigorously. “Piyu” Ragini approached her and grabbed her in her hold. She kissed all over her face finding her safe.

Ram looked at them furiously and took the gun out and held it on Sujata’s head. “I know I know you will not be loving anymore. But you still love your mom don’t you?” asked he. “It’s empty Maamu jaan” Raman walked in with a smirk. Ram fired the pistol but nothing happened other than the clicking sound of the trigger. His eyes widened and he tried running from there.

“Where are you running Mr. Maheshwari” Samay stopped him who was in disguise of a waiter.

“Raman be careful we have to trap him very carefully” said Adarsh over the bluetooth to Raman who was near a night club. He entered the club with number of people. Ragini was on a conference call with them and even Rohan and Samay.

As he spotted him Ragini scanned Tarak’s apartment. “I don’t understand why this Ragu is scanning Tarak’s apartment. There ain’t anything left. The body has been sent to forensic lab and the ballistic reports matched with the revolver which was with the assassin. Then why?” Rohan spoke from one end.

“Because she looks ghonchu but she is not” said Adarsh chuckling. “AJ” she complained and he said “Okay okay sorry”

Ram was enjoying his drinks and his back was visible to Raman. He smirked and approached Ram.

He turned on the bluetooth which he had turned off before entering the club. “RJ stop” Ragini screamed. “What?” he asked confused.

“He isn’t the one” Ragini spoke and he stopped the men with him by spreading his both the hands. “Are you sure?” he whispered deadly.

“Have I ever been wrong?” she asked and Raman gritted his teeth. “I said back off” her voice annoyed him and he closed his eyes.

“What do you mean? He isn’t the one?” Raman asked as he came out of the club. “Place B” she said and disconnected the call. He huffed and walked away from there.

“See this” she forwarded the laptop screen and the eyes of all widened in shock. “Maama ji” said Raman shocked. “This is Shesh’s list of contacts and see this” she said forwarding a paper. “The copies of papers which prove that R and R firm which runs MID belongs to Ram Kapoor and Ram Prasad Maheshwari” she said making them more shocked.

“No wonder I did not see Ram Kapoor in Shesh’s bungalow as he was in Darjeeling that time” she said showing them the picture of a business party which was attended by Ram Kapoor that day. “There is surely some misunderstanding. Dad cannot do this”said Adarsh shocked.

“He is not your dad Adarsh. He is your chachu. Your dad died when you were very small and he adopted you” said Raman and Adarsh held his collar dragging him.

“AJ” Ragini separated them. “We have to check this possibility also” said she and he nodded his head uninterested. “For that we have to trap Ram Kapoor” said she and Raman looked at her annoyed. “That was what I was doing na?” she said frustrated. “I did not mean that way. You have to trap him when he will contact his partner” said Ragini. Adarsh was still not ready believe whatever was happening around. Samay placed his hand on his shoulder and gave him a smile.

“And the work done partner” Ram Kapoor spoke over the phone. “What I should have a timing to call you partner?” asked he as his senses were completely blown off. “Aye aye sir. I understand” he saluted trying to stand properly.

Adarsh closed his mouth when he traced the number Ram Kapoor called it was his dad’s number.

****End of Flashback***

Ram stared the ground not able to reason.

“Why did you do this dad? Such big conspiracy. Why?” asked Sanskar. “Because I wanted a secure life for you Sanskar. I wanted a secure life for you” he said as his eyes turned red and tears fought to roll down.

“I was always under my brother’s debt for all my requirements. I never liked him. We were step brothers so that hate was natural. I was selected as secret agent and I used all my wits to finish him. And I was successful also. I wanted to kill Adarsh but his dad had written all the property in his name so I couldn’t harm him so I manipulated him and made him trust me completely.

And all the business was in my hand finally. I made him join the secret services so that I can kill him during some mission. But that also failed as he grew as one of the finest detective. I tolerated that also as business was in your hand.

Shekar interrupted my path again…” Ragini cut his words and asked “Again?” He nodded his head and continued. “I was against my sister Arundhati’s marriage but he helped them to get married and settle down. And that time I could not do anything. But after years I got a chance to kidnap one of his daughters who was Pari’s twin. I sold her to a couple in London. I bribed the doctor and no one knew that Janaki gave birth to twins. Then Shekar came to know about my plan to kill Adarsh’s dad and kidnap of his daughter. I had no other option but to kill him. I told Ram to cut the breaks of Shekar’s car and he did that and Shekar was dead and I hid the case behind accident. Me and Ram grew a firm R & R which was sponsoring the MID institute and we were involved in organ smuggling.

Shesh helped us equally. He was one of the best player of our group until he fell in love with Shekar’s third daughter Ragini. His other business of human trafficking brought her in his den. I was constantly informing about the mission Adarsh was carrying out thinking it might help Shesh to kill Adarsh and my two motives will be fulfilled. But it wasn’t enough so I hired Tarak Shesh’s brother as the team member and exposed the plans of your team to Shesh.

But to my bad luck Pari died and Ragini had to return to India. I had told Ram to be careful but his secret was busted and there was no other way than killing Pari. So when she tried escaping I trapped her from the other side and we poured the petrol on her car and burnt it when she lied inside it unconscious. But then Adarsh found her and in hurry we have to burn the car before turning it to the left.

I somehow wished nobody will discover it was a murder as the car was turned to the right when it collided to the tree. It was going smooth until my son’s proposal was on my door. I had understood that it was plan but I could not express it. So I kept it in my mind.

I so much tried that Swara should be married to my son as he was madly in love with her and she was not dangerous as Ragini. But my plan backfired on me and Ragini sat in the mandap and entered my house. Then I understood that they had a doubt on Adarsh being culprit in Pari’s murder. Again a golden chance to get rid off him. So I planted all the clues which pointed at him.

But this girl had a strong belief on her AJ and failed my plan again. I have to get Shesh to push her out of the house. I acted like I’m helping them. And when they planned about spiking Adarsh’s medicine I changed it with poison and Ragini made him to eat that but again his fate worked and he was saved.

She went away from my son’s life but again it was a plan. I knew Shesh’s madness for this girl will destroy all of us. So I let you people work on trapping him. And I told Tarak on the right time to reach Shesh’s den and kill Ragini to save him. He did that. But Shesh had been a danger. So I killed him hiding behind the bushes.

But again they all survived. And were back to normal life. But I was so happy when he left Maheshwari mansion but once Tarak as a link broke I wasn’t getting proper information. And if that moron wouldn’t have called me yesterday night I wouldn’t have been caught.
I thought of kidnapping Piyu and finishing Adarsh when he will come to save her but everything failed” he felt a sharp pain on his cheek. “You killed my brother. You killed him. I was scared for my brother and his family so only I kept your secret a secret and you killed my brother. You know what is the biggest mistake I committed in my life. Loving you. Aren’t Pari, Ragini Shona and Vikram step siblings. But look at the bond they share. They are ready to die for each other and you. For your selfish motive you killed your brother and killed so many people to hide your filthy face” said Sujata collapsing on the floor. Sanskar held her.

“Maa” Ragini placed her hand on Sumi’s shoulder. “This secret will never come out, promise on me” said Ragini and Sumi looked at her emotionally.

“Take him away” said Adarsh dragging Ram who was handcuffed.


Finally this is over. OMG I can’t believe this. Hope you liked this mysterious journey.

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