Sequel to Devil: Skeleton in the closet B3: Black Sheep (Ragsan) Epilogue

“Maa” Ragini placed her hand on Sujata’s shoulder who was looking at Shekar’s portrait emotionally. “He was the best brother and me I just became the reason for his death. If I would have listened to him than my so called father none of us would have been in this” she closed her eyes painfully.

“Maa” Ragini turned her and cupped her face. “It wasn’t your fault. It was never. Everything happens for a purpose. I agree it took a lot of time and lot of people’s life to expose him but he did not escape right?” and Sujata nodded her head.

“Pari used to say that you look like Janaki Bhabi but you are character is like Bhai. He also used to find the positive thing out of any worst thing. And when he broke all his ties with me I should have understood that I hurt him too much” she held Ragini’s hand.

“He never broke his ties Sujata Ji” Sumi spoke interrupting them. “He was always worried for you. He so many times tried getting back to you but then his love could never over come the anger he had for your husband after the way he behaved during Arundhati’s marriage” said Sumi reasoning.

“I was always on a wrong side. I was always” Sujata closed her eyes painfully. “My maa can’t be in wrong side. Never” Adarsh walked in and cupped her face. “I’m sorry” she whispered looking at him. He dragged her into a comforting hug and kissed her hair. She just cried more bitterly. “Sanskar still hates me don’t he?” asked she. “Ohho maa. Don’t worry about that clown he will be fine. I promise” Ragini smiled holding her hand and assuring her and Sujata smiled caressing her cheek.

“Chalo shall we leave now? Piyu might be home” said Adarsh and Sujata and Ragini nodded their head smiling at him.

As they were walking out they saw Swara and Rohan fighting. “Shona relax” said Rohan holding her shoulders and she took breaths to cool herself. “See it isn’t safe for the baby your anger” he caressed her baby bump and she relaxed sitting over the sofa.

Ragini’s hand unknowingly moved to her stomach but she stopped and smiled to hide her pain. Adarsh, Sujata and Sumi looked at her painfully. “Chalo chalo. My kid will be back to home” she said dragging Adarsh and Sujata with her.


Sujata served the food when Sanskar sat for dinner. She hopefully looked at him that he will not be furious this time also. But to her dismay he fumed not even looking at her. “Ragini…. Ragini….” he screamed jerking all. “Chachu why are you screaming Maasi maa is not well she is sleeping” said she and Sanskar looked shocked. “What happened to her?” asked he worried. “Slight fever. We called the doctor he said that nothing to worry and ….” before Sujata could complete he ran upstairs.

“Ragini…” he called out entering the room. She was lying on the bed unmoved. “Ghonchu” he approached her and sat beside her. He placed his hand over her forehead and found her burning. “Are you insane. Couldn’t you just call me and tell?” he turned her and took her in his arms.

“Ohho Ghajni. I’m okay. Just a viral fever” she said with a sour throat and he dragged her more near to himself. “Even if it was a sneeze you are supposed to inform me” he said rocking her in his embrace. “Oye Kuch kuch hotha hai ke Sharukh Khan. I’m fine” she said but he did not seemed at peace and continued rocking her.

“Did you had your medicines?” “Did you had food?” she counter questioned him. “First I asked” he complained. “But my question is more important” she said looking up at him. “You know I stopped having food which is not served by you” he said and touched his chin with her forehead.

“You are still angry on mom aren’t you?” she asked and he did not answer. “Sanskar I’m asking you something” she held his shoulder. “And I have answered this question hundred times” he did not show any emotion. “I just hope some day that answer will change” she looked at him with hope.

“And you can just hope. I cannot forgive people due to whom I was about to lose you and we already have lost our baby” he said and she had the tear developed in her eye and her hand moved to the stomach. She got away from him and lied facing her back to him.

“Ragini. I’m sorry I did not mean to hurt you” he tried turning her but she just pushed his hand away. He again placed his hand on her shoulder. “Please Sanskar I have explained you infinite times that it was all my fault that we lost our baby and no one else and about my life being at stake mom was no where involved” she looked at him furiously. “Fine now do the blame game” he said and lied down facing his back. She looked at him from corner of her eye and felt bad.

She closed her eyes tightly to let the tears out. “Okay fine I can’t be angry on you. Just talk to me once” her eyes flapped open hearing his voice when he was kneeling in front of her. “You are shamelessly stubborn” she said and retorted “Like wife like husband” he shrugged his shoulder and she took the cushion under her head and threw it on his face and he grabbed it smiling.

She turned the other side not even budging to his irresistibly cute smile. “Okay” he sighed getting up. “I will think about it. I can’t change rapidly” said he and walked to other side of the bed and sat in front of her. “Fine” he bent to her and she dragged him by his collar and pecked his lips which made him to widen his eyes shocked.

“You will give me heart attack someday” he looked at her horrified. “You deserve it” she smirked and he tickled her. She turned the other side to resist but he hugged her from back while sleeping. “I love you” he kissed her cheek. “I love you more” she nuzzled his nose with her nose and he froze feeling her breath on his lips. He neared her more to touch her lips but she placed her palm over his lips. “You will be infected” she kissed her palm. He removed her palm and dragged his head a bit back and asked “When you pecked my lips then?” “That was just a peck Ghajni Maheshwari.  Please” she said pouted cutely.

“That’s not fair. You tempt me with this cute tricks and expect me not to come near” he complained. “Just for the time I recover Mr. Clown and we will have our special night on the that day” said she huskily in his ear and he lost himself when her breath fanned his neck and smiled closing his eyes.

He kissed her head and slept dragging her more close to himself. She smiled at her cute husband’s cute antics.


Ragini was cleaning the home happily when she heard the phone ring. She walked to it and received it. The receiver dropped from her hand when she heard the news from the other side.

“Ishi maa.” she rushed in to hug Ishita who was sitting on the hospital bed. Ishita who was surprised by her hug smiled caressing her hair. “How is my bacha?” asked she cupping Ragini’s face. “Like always fit and fine” she chuckled through her tears. “Maasi maa” Piyu stood near the door. When Ragini turned to her she could see Ishita’s face which was similar to Pari’s face. She was shocked. She had never accompanied Ragini when she came to meet Ishita.

“Piyu bacha” Ragini called her inside. She looked up at Adarsh and he nodded his head with a smile and she looked back at Ragini. She ran to her. “She is your…” “Mumma” she approached Ishita. “No Piyu beta she is your…” Ragini stopped Raman. “Can I call you Ishi maa” she bent her cutely. “Awww mela bacha” Ishita grabbed her in a hug and drooled happy.

“I know Raman Paa she is not my mumma but she looks like mumma. I remember mumma once told that people who go to God ji will never return. And Maasi maa told me she came here to meet her Ishi maa” said she and smiled at him. “I’m so proud that she doesn’t got your intelligence” Raman chuckled looking at Adarsh who frowned at him.

All giggled looking at him.


“Maa” Sanskar stopped Sujata who was serving Adarsh. She looked at him with her eyes filled with tears. “Won’t you serve me?” asked he and she smiled nodding at him and served him. He had the first morsel with tears in his eyes. “One thing which has not changed over the time is your food’s bekar ka taste” he chuckled. “Haa abb maa ke haath ka khana kisko pasand aayega. Biwi jo hai Sadgunn Sampann” she said sitting on the chair.

“Mom it’s Sarvagunn Sampann” said Adarsh. “Same same” she said and all giggled hearing her and at last the family looked complete. Ragini mouthed a thank you to Sanskar and he returned her a sweet smile.


“Sanskar” she complained when Sanskar hugged her from back. “I did not have my desert” he pouted cutely. “Ohho wait I will get” she pushed him a bit and walked to the door. He held her wrist and dragged her near to him. “Why going anywhere when the sweetest desert is here” he held her chin and moved to her lips. She pushed him and he stood stumbling.

She back walked and he approached her with a smile on his face. She stopped when the wall stopped her and before she could act Sanskar locked her with his two arms. She looked at his hands and looked at him. “Not until you give me my desert” he nuzzled his nose on her cheek. His hot breath made her shiver and she closed her eyes smiling. He dragged her near holding her waist and she dangled her hands across his neck and they both stood touching each others forehead.

He pecked her lips and she dragged him holding his collar and placed her lips on his lips. He widened his eyes shocked. “Tempting me with a peck will cost you Mr. Maheshwari” she smirked and he looked at her with utter disbelief.

“I love you Mr. Clown” she kissed his cheek and he landed back to the real world. He picked her in bridal style and walked to the bed.


Sanskar was driving the car and his phone ringed. He received the call. “Chachu… Chachu” Piyu spoke from other end. He stopped the car with a jerk. “Piyu bacha what happened?” asked he worried. “Wo Maasi maa” he drifted the car immediately and rushed back to home.

“Ghonchu…” he screamed entering the home. “Oye teri Biwi yehi hai London me nai. Stop screaming” Sujata spoke coming out of the Kitchen. “Mom where is she? Piyu called me saying she fell from the stairs and you are wasting time with your not so funny comedy” he walked to his room. “Waah meri Poti tho prankster nikli” said she proudly. “Mom” Sanskar looked at her annoyed.

“She did not slip down from the stairs buddhu ram. She just fainted here near the dining table, Don’t worry Adarsh called doctor and he said” she hid her smile. “What he said?” asked Sanskar confused. “That you have to ask your wife” she shrugged her shoulders.

“You and your comic timings are such annoying. You should get an oscar for that” he strode the stair flight in haste. Sujata controlled her laughter looking at her son. “Ragini are you fine? Piyu told me that you slipped from the stairs and when I came here mom told you fainted. Jaan are you okay” he cupped her face worried. Piyu who was sitting beside her on the other side chuckled. “Piyu bad manners. You know na chachu will be driving you should not play pranks like that” Ragini glared her. “Chorry” she cutely held her ears and Ragini smiled at her.

“Piyu” she heard Adarsh’s voice. “Okay Papa is calling” she smiled at them and walked out. Sanskar was at the verge of crying. “Awww mela pyala clown” Ragini hugged him and kissed his head and placed his head on her lap.

“Tell na what happened?” he asked looking up at her. “Umm” she struggled to get right words. “Some one is gonna come” said she. He woke up and asked “So why will you faint for that? Don’t tell me you have to go again on some stupid mission” he complained and kept blabbering. “Sanky” she dragged him holding his tie.

“You are going to become dad” she whispered and he widened his eyes shocked and she blushed when he looked at her. “Are you serious?” he gasped. “No I was joking” she said and twisted her lips. He held her face and kissed her passionately. “I love you love you love you” he said breathing heavily touching his forehead with hers. She smiled through her tears. “I love you more”


Finally epilogue.

Yaay *doing Mithun dance.

Okay done with this also. Mind ek dam clear hogaya.

I take sanyas from mystery genre. Ek tho Mai bhulakkad Aur Kinni cheeze yaad rakhu ek akeli jaan ?

If I missed out anything just let me know ?

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  19. Ishu,recovered from coma that was a good news.I will definitely miss this ff because other ffs of yours gave lot of work to my heart but this ff what will i say my poor brain,too much work,yet my guessing was wrong (laugh)and lots and lots of love akka.

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