Hey Everyone!
Aamna Here ?

How R U people?

I am back with Short Story on SwaSan ?

This is My take on SwaSan after Six Month’s Seperation!

It would be different !

Rather than just focusing on what pain Sanskaar beared or Swara?

Instead of that after their Union the differences that came between them !

There Trust issues !

There fear of separation!

Hesitation between them !

Their Pain !

Their Loneliness!

This OS will focus on all this!

Trust is a Root of a Relation Ship !

If that is shattered or Broken!

Relationships are beyond repair!

Still there is alway’s a thin wall that apart them!

This OS will focus on all these main point’s!

Before we start ? Let me tell U the changes I made accordingly ?

Here Sanskaar has separated Karma Industries cause of Maheswari’s distrust and behaviour..

Maheswari’s are in great loss due to Seperation whilst Sanskaar overcomed the lost Karma face by his hard work and complete neglection toward’s himself and his health..

And Ap hates Sanskaar cause she think he is reason behind Laksh’s missing and now the loss is also due to his selfishness  (Huh Selfish Oldie ?)

Here Sanskaar don’t drink ; He don’t hate Swara but is just upset and hurt by her distrust..

He spoke those word’s out of anger and is repenting why he told those word’s..

Whenever he used to taunt Swara or hurt ; After that he inflicts physical pain on himself by one or Other way..

He don’t live in their own room and rarely even comes Maheswari Mansion , He sleeps in Office only..

Let’s Start with a Smile ?

TRUST : Is something that connect’s Two Soul’s ; Connect’s them with an Unknown power ; but when it is broken ; Relationship are beyond repair ?

Same is the Story of SwaSan!

Their Love for Eachother never died but their Ego ; Hurt ; Pain & Lonliness subsided it!

Though they had united but there is a wall been created ! Will there efforts be able to break that Wall?

Let’s read to know more !

(That Sindoor Daan wali Rasam would be done in Mandir where Swara confessed her Love)

SwaSan were standing in Mandir facing eachother ; Other than them Maheshwari Family & Gadodia Family was also present..

Being elder than RagLak ; Sanskaar was asked to fulfill ritual first then followed by RagLak..

Swara was looking at him but he was avoiding her gaze ; but she can see that hesitation ; Pain ; Hurt ; Lonliness and Guilt in his eye’s which he was baring since Long..

Pandit ji asked Sanskaar to fill Swara’s Maang & make her wear Mangalsutra ; before doing so Sanskaar once glanced at Swara and then at his Family..

His hand’s were shivering whilst filling her Maang but he had to do this for his Family!

Once again he had to suppress his hurt and pain for his So-Called Family ?

Was there anyone to ever understand to his pain?

They just asked him to accept Swara once again !

But did they asked what he wanted?

How much time he need to recover from last six month’s!

Hence No ! No one ever cared for his Feelings ?

Swara could sense his hesitation ; She was feeling as if someone was forcing him to do this !

She saw him glancing toward’s his family whose stern look’s were telling that he was forced by them..

But the thing which surprised or to be precise to say shocked her was the look Ap was giving to him..

But brushing her thought’s aside she looked at Sanskaar and smiled but the smile he returned had pain hidden behind..

He filled her Maang once again giving her the status of SWARA SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI !

This was then followed by RagLak and after all the rituals everyone left for MM except Sanskaar!

He directly left for office without talking to anyone or giving glance to Swara..

Whilst other people of Maheshwari Family had lunch that was prepared by pareenita and Servant’s in house..

But what confused Swara ; Laksh and Ragini was that Sanskaar left alone and that to from different route but what they were told shocked them ?

L to Ap: Maa why Bhai had left alone and not with papa and chachu?

Ap:(Without meeting his Gaze) Sanskaar doesn’t work with them anymore ! He had separated Karma Industries and just cause of him we are in loss (with hatred)

L:What ?

Dp:Laksh we are getting late  (To avoid situation)

Swara was completely shocked ; first his behaviour shocked her then the attitude and carelessness of family toward’s him..

She wasn’t able to make out what had happened behind her in Maheshwari Mansion between Sanskaar and Family..

She went toward’s their room lost in deep thought’s ; She reached their room and found it locked ; it was bolted but still Why ? It confused her..

She opened it and went inside , it was completely dark as curtains were down so that light doesn’t pass through room..

Swara with quite difficulty opened the light’s and was shocked to see the room ; it was looking like someone didn’t entered this room for month’s or stayed here..

It was clean but still there wasn’t anything touched ; She moved on watching a wall full of her pictures..

The darkness room had invaded was giving her a clear picture of Sanskaar’s Lonliness and pain..

The darkness that had invaded him in these six month’s could easily be make out by the room..

It was having just her pictures indicating how much he missed her ; tears rolled down her pink cheek’s ? thinking what could Sanskaar was suffering from ?

Her pain and Lonliness wasn’t less; She was hurt to ; She was broken to ; her heart has also faced the same damage but she knew Sanskaar wasn’t just broken..

Her blame , Her mistrust has shattered his soul beyond repair ? She knew she can’t run away from this..

Their relationship need’s to be mend with their heart’s and soul , She knew very well the distance and awkwardness six month’s Seperation had caused and she won’t run from it nor will she denie..

She had accepted this fact and will work to get back her old Sanskaar ? She will mend their realationship ?

Her thought’s were broken when Uttara came there ; She knocked the door , She saw her Bhabhi lost in her own thought’s with teary eye’s..

She knew very well what she would be going through..

She knew now was the time for Swara to know that what had happened behind them..

S:(wiping her tear’s) Areh! Uttara.. Come in.. Why are U standing there ?

Uttara went inside and took Swara’s hand and took her toward’s couch and made her sit and said..

U:Bhabhi I know what are U thinking ? I know U are confused and shocked by changes in house and everyone’s behaviour toward’s Bhai..

I guess now is the time for U to know the truth and thing’s happened in last six month’s ?

Swara was confused about what thing’s she was talking ; seeing her confused Uttara started telling what happened behind her , What everyone did to Sanskaar that brought tear’s in her eye’s..

This time they fell down her cheek’s making her feel more guilty and angry on Maheswari Family people ?

U:Bhabhi after U and Ragini Bhabhi left Bhai was completely broken ? No one believed him , everyone blamed him for Laksh Bhai’s missing ?

Even Papa blamed him too , Maa kept quite too ? everyone insulted him daily ; ignored him to such an extent that I feel I had lost my Bhai forever (sobbing ?)

Bhabhi they hurted Bhai ? Badi Maa taunted Bhai daily but no one ever spoke a word in his favour ? He started searching Laksh Bhai and did every possible thing he can but everyone neglected his trials and said it was just his drama ?

They once again broke bhai by saying these harsh word’s , Bhai started busying himself more in finding Laksh Bhai and Work as he separated Karma Industries from Maheshwari’s and for that to he was blamed..

Bhabhi was it his fault that Maheswari’s went in great loss ?

Was this his mistake ? No na Bhabhi but still he was taunted for that ?

He started neglecting his health Bhabhi , I know how much strong Bhai tries to show himself ? He isn’t ? He is completely broken , Hurt and shattered from inside Bhabhi ?

In last four month’s he just came back home thrice ; once today and the rather two times once for taking some important files and the other time informing about the improvement in  case of finding Laksh Bhai ?

Bhabhi I have seen him hurt and broken , crying at times remembering U ? Bhabhi Bhai don’t hates U but is upset and hurt ? I know Bhabhi what fears U have regarding Bhai and Urs both relationship!

I know Bhabhi it’s difficult but I trust U ! I know U will make Bhai come out of this pain and will mend Ur relationship Bhabhi ?

Bhabhi I am the only one who knew how Bhai had tried to inflict pain on himself after saying those harsh word’s on U and taunting U ? I just wish I get back my Bhai back with Lively and Loving nature back ?

Uttara left saying these word’s leaving Swara in guilt and tear’s ? Uttara herself was crying ?



Sanskaar was sitting on Office chair ; His coat hanging on back rest of chair ; His Eye’s closed and resting on back of the head rest on Chair..

From the frowns on his forehead one can easily make out he wasn’t sleeping and was lost in his thought’s and might be facing a severe head ache..

Sanskaar opened his eye’s with a jerk ; His forehead forming sweat beads as if he saw a bad dream ?

His Eye’s were teary and blood shot read ; Sanskaar cleared the sweat beads that were formed on his head and took a glass of water gulping it in a single breath..

He passed his hand thorough his hairs , He was remembering what happened in last six month’s!

His and Swara’s Seperation ; Her word’s ringing in his Ear’s ; Her blames ; Everyone’s taunts ; His pain , Hurt and Lonliness ?

The thing which broke him more was the thing he hurted his Swara , His princess ? He was hating himself for those moment’s ? He want to run away from all this , right this instant but can’t ?

His inner turmoil was killing him ?? He want’s to mend Their relationship and want to once again expect those happy moment’s but was scared..

What of Lonliness invaded him again ?

What if she will leave him again ?

What if she will broke him again?

Will he be able to bear this all again?

No ! No ! He can’t bear this all again ? He knows he isn’t that strong ? He will fall apart this time ?

He won’t be able to gather himself this time ? He will die thi time ?

Sa:(Determined) No this time I won’t! This time I won’t expect anything from Swara or our relationship (Teary Eyed and painful Voice) I am not that strong to bear another Seperation Swara ? I just can’t!

And I even know that  ur family is Ur first priority not me ? and I won’t stop U this time nor will I help U ? I will never expect anything from U nor anyone ?

Sanskaar Maheswari will just be a Living dead body without any emotions or expectations (wiping his tears) who is living for his so-called family and love !

This time I won’t let myself depend on U and to be addicted to U ? I won’t ? I won’t ?


Swara was crying listening tobwhat happened behind her ? what her Sanskaar suffered ?

How can they stoop so low ?

How can they think so low about him ?

Wasn’t she herself to blame him ? (Her Heart Questioned)

His wound’s are deep and unattended ! It will take time to heal them ! And she won’t loose hope nor back out ?

She will bring back her old Sanskaar now will she let anyone harm this time ?

So here I End part!

Hope it was worth reading it ?

Well I guess U people had got the idea how this Story will continue and on what issues it will focus on ☺

So if U people want me to add some thing on U can tell me ?
I will continue ahead according to ur response !

Next Part will be up soon ?

Bye Everyone!

Will be back Soon ?

Urs Aanu ❤❤

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