Hey Everyone!
Aamna Here ?

How R U people?

It isn’t an update but a short snap to a story ahead ?

Let’s Start with a Smile ?



Maheshwari and Gadodia family was roaming in corridor worriedly ! Swara was crying miserably whilst sumi and ragini were trying to console her !

Sanskaar was admitted to hospital as he suddenly fainted in office ; Doctor’s were observing what was the reason of sudden collapse !

After sometime doctor came out with a serious expression and what he told shocked everyone ?

Swara was numb to react ; she wasn’t able to digest what doctor said…..

(What doctor said will be revealed in upcoming update ? So bear suspense for now ?)


Swara sat near an Unconcious Sanskaar who was in deep slumber due to medicinal effect , His face was pale and gloomy ?

Sw: I LOVE YOU SANSKAAR! I promise I won’t leave U again but please don’t punish yourself for my mistake or other’s  (crying) Plz don’t torture yourself for this ?



Sanskaar woke up with a jerk ; sweat beads visible on his Forehead ; His face was pale as if someone snatched his soul ; He was panting heavily..

Sanskaar held his head between his hand’s it was paining badly ; All the memories of past ; yesterday’s incident ; swara’s taunt , their Seperation, their pain , his harsh word’s were revolving in his mind ; Making his state vulnerable..

He rested his head on head board and closed his eye’s ; A lone tear escaped his eye ?


What happened yesterday that made sanskaar’s state so vulnerable?


SWASAN were standing facing eachother  ; both were sharing a painful eyelock ?

Sw:Sanskaar ! I am Sorry  ?

Plz don’t do this ?

S:Why not swara? Do u only have the right to take decision and not me ?

Am I a toy to play?

Are my feeling’s just a mere thing for you to play?

No this time I won’t let this happen..


What Sanskaar is Upto?



Plz don’t do this again to our selves !

Plz don’t ruin our lives again for them ?



Sanskaar was standing on edge of cliff ; his eye’s swollen and filled with tear’s ; his state vulnerable!

He fell on his knees crying miserably ??

S: Why this always happens to me ?

Am I not worth of trust and love ??

Why U did this Swara?

Why ??

If no body want’s to trust me ; Love me than what’s the need for me to be here ?

I will go away from here !

Forever and ever ?

Sanskaar Maheshwari died today !

Sanskaar is dead for world ?


In a dark room ; slight traces of light wasn’t able to reach the room !

There was soft sobbing sound heard ?

A lady was shown sitting in a Corner of dark room crying holding a pick ??

She was none other than Swara..

Sw:Why you left us Sanskaar? Why you did this with us Haan??

I am sorry for not trusting you ? but plz come back ? plz don’t punish us more ??


Here is a short snap to the story ahead!

I am not so happy with ur response toward’s my writing ? I guess u people aren’t liking my story so this would be my last story on SwaSan!

U people read and even like or unlike but never Comment’s ! For me Comment’s are something which let me know what’s the point I am missing! It’s a motivation for me to do better !

Cause when I write something I intend to get a feed back wether +’ve or -‘ve !

But by ur silence I can only drew one conclusion that you aren’t liking my effort and I have never intend to bore you people so this will be the last story on SwaSan!

Do Comment wether +’ve or -‘ve

See U Soon!

Bye Everyone!
Urs Aanu ?

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  1. It’s really interesting..plz don’t stop

  2. Adishu

    huh this was like I was watching a haunted movie’s trailer …it was so scary…
    what’s going to happen??? will Swara again do something like not trusting sanskar??? he can never die no u know if that happened ur friends will only kill u :p… please post next part soon… really can’t wait n after reading this toh never….

  3. intresting continue

  4. Please don’t let Saar hurt sanskar again and again. She has to trust him always

  5. Update jaldi karo yaar

  6. interesting

  7. Mars

    Awesome dear tc???

  8. Awesome dear

  9. Samaira_khan

    Diiii it’s seriously amazing.. I loved this.. Plzz post soon..

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