Seperation made our relation more strong-chapter 8(part 3) UNBELIEVABLE BROTHERS


Chapter 8
Part 3
Laksh’s pov

After our long hug, ragini started, “laksh do u believe me?” I was shocked. Why was she even thinking like that, she is my soul, why I will not believe her. “what happened ragini? Is everything fine?” I asked worried. “answer my question laksh” she said. “ofcourse I believe u” I said. “then why u did’nt believe me before six months” she asked in a broken voice. “umm six months?” I asked confused. She closed her eyes and said in a painful voice, “you were in coma for six months”. I felt, I don’t know how I should feel. I was just blank, what was she even talking about. “ra…ragini” I was stammering, I don’t know what I should say, I don’t know how I should feel, I was just blank. It was then I remembered everything, the fight of sanskar and mine, papa giving me a swear on him to come to home, THEN WHILE GOING TO HOME, I MET WITH AN ACCIDENT. After that I don’t remember anything, may be since that I’m in coma. I closed my eyes with pain realising what ragini meant by the sentence “THEN WHY U DID’NT BELIEVE ME BEFORE SIX MONTHS”. She was talking about sanskar, she was asking me why I did’nt believe her when she said to me that sanskar was not at fault. I felt betrayed, I felt so much pain when sanskar did like that, why is she not thinking from my side. “listen ragini” but I was interrupted. “no laksh, please listen to me.” She said. I looked at her, “please” she pleaded. I sighed in defeat and gestured her to continue. “laksh, u r thinking that adharsh bhaiya and parineeta bhabhi are correct na, then fine, answer my questions laksh. If they were concerned about our family, then why did parineeta bhabhi joined with rajat and tried to insult our family. If they were really concerned, then why did they kidnap ayush, why did they set bomb for an innocent child. Why did bhabhi cursed that our family will not have heir. Why did she blackmail me when I was faking my pregnancy, even u know about that laksh. Now please don’t say me that they did acting to show swara and sanskar’s true face, because these things in any way not proving anything about swara or sanskar, these things are only showing how cheap they are.” I was shocked, I did’nt think about this, I felt angry on myself for not believing my bhai. I felt so much guilty……….

Third person’s pov
“YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP FOR ME”. Sanskar said breaking down completely. But he stopped crying when he realised there was a movement in swara. He broke the hug and saw that swara was trying to open her eyes slowly and when she finally did, the first thing she saw was HIS MESMERISING AND MAGICAL EYES, where she always loses herself, seemed very much tired now because of continuously crying. Sanskar said, “swara, I’m sorry. I should have listened to you na. I’m really sorry, I should have saved u. it was all my fault, please forgive me”. Saying this he took her in a bone crushing hug. Swara don’t know how to react, she wanted to be angry with him. But now feeling sanskar so much close after a whole six months was giving relief to all her pain. She was feeling very much weak to speak anything, she just broke the hug and placed her hands on his mouth stopping him from giving his sorry speech. Both was staring each other’s eyes with tear filled painful eyes recollecting all their lovely moments. They just wanted the moment to stop but their eye lock broke when they heard a sound. They turned and saw that the door was opening. Ragini came inside and following her came that person whom they did’nt expect now. LAKSH.

Laksh came and hugged sanskar and said, “I’m sorry bhai” was all that he said. Sanskar was super shocked and when he realised it is laksh, he broke the hug and slapped him, “where were u pagal?” he literally shouted at him and before laksh could say anything sanskar again hugged him. Swara was still in a shocked state. Ragini came to her and cupped her face, “do u have any idea, how much scared I was. Don’t do like this again” she said in a broken voice. Swara was sitting while ragini was standing. Swara wrapped her hands around ragini’s waist and dug her face in her waist and whispered, “I’m sorry” and she weeped silently. Ragini caressed her hair and cried happily getting her sister back. “I’m happy for u ragini” swara said looking at laksh without breaking the hug. Ragini knew what she meant, she was also very much happy getting her love back. She wiped her tears and broke the hug and started, “laksh met with an accident”. Swara was shocked, sanskar was also shocked and broke the hug with laksh and asked “what? Are u okay lucky?” laksh nodded. Ragini said them everything how laksh met with an accident and how parineeta played with their family using her cheap tricks. All of their blood boiled and they were determined to bring her truth out. “see na bhai, I met with an accident and I was in coma, but u slapped me” laksh said dramatically rubbing his cheeks. “well I did’nt slap your right cheek, I slapped your left one” sanskar said smirkingly. Laksh realised that he was rubbing his right cheek and said, “actually you slapped so hard, both my cheeks are paining” he started rubbing both his cheeks. “Oh really, then u also slap me” sanskar said showing his cheeks. Laksh smiled like a five year old kid who did a lot of drama for getting a chocolate finally got it, he rubbed both of his hands and raised his hands but he slaps him very lightly for which sanskar says dramatically, “ahh lucky, it is paining”. Then both the brothers laughed and hugged each other tightly.
Swara and ragini gave them an annoying look and then looked at each other and said at the same time, “UNBELIEVABLE BROTHERS”.

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