Seperation made our relation more strong-chapter 8(part-2) YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP FOR ME


Chapter 8
Part 2

Third person’s pov
It was 1:15 am. But sleep was far from him, he was still sitting on that chair praying for the safety of his love. He was really scared, he was continuously making promises to swara in his heart, “swara, just get alright, I promise I will not u let go away me from this time and we will lead a happy life”. These doctors were just breaking his hope by continuously giving negative answers. The doctor came out, sanskar was praying two things in his mind, either he should not give negative answer or if he gives, sanskar should not lose his control and beat him black and blue. The doctor said, “the injury on her head is very much better now. She will definitely not get amnesia now as there is no damage in her brain now.” Sanskar was so much happy, he can’t describe his happiness, he felt like a very big weight has been finally lifted from his shoulders. SHE WILL NOT FORGET HIM NOW, SHE WILL DEFINITELY NOT FORGET THEIR LOVE. But his happiness did’nt last long as that mental doctor said, “but if she did’nt wake up in next one hour, then she will go to coma”. Sanskar felt the floor beneath him was snached away. What was this doctor even thinking about, first he said he need eight hours to tell anything about her and now…..

he just pushed him aside and ran inside and saw that swara was still lying on that bed lifelessly. The only difference was when he last time saw her there was a bandage on her head and now it was absent. She was still looking very pale and weak. First he ran very fast to come inside the room but after he came and saw her, his legs became heavy and he was unable to move, he went slowly near her and took her face in his palms. He kissed her forehead and pecked her lips. He started crying and his tears started falling on her face. He was very much close to her and his whole body was shivering thinking what will happen if she did’nt wake up within one hour. “swara please get up, don’t play like this.” He said and went more close to her, all his tears were falling on her face. He was scared, so much scared to lose her. He got up and sat on the bed near her and lifted her and took her in his embrace. He hugged her tightly, he made her listen his heartbeats which was just telling her name and was unsteady right now because there was fear of losing her again. He softly planted a kiss on her hair and caressed it. He dug his face in her hair and spoke against it in a broken voice, “I cant live without u, swara. I cant bear a separation again”. He broke the hug and joined their foreheads, “please” he begged her. But she was not listening, he again took her in his embrace and broke down completely and said in between his sobs “YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP FOR ME”.

Ragini took laksh to the same hospital where swara was admitted all the way crying and just hoping that everything will be fine. When they reached the entrance of the operation theatre, the doctors told ragini to leave laksh’s hand who was still lying on the stretcher lifelessly not listening to the cries of his beloved wife. While ragini was scared to leave his hand, scared that if she leave him now, he will again leave her. She shiveringly left his hands as the doctors were forcing her. They took him inside the operation theatre, but ragini was still standing at the entrance, she was not even ready to move an inch. She was scared that if she goes from here even for a second, he will leave her again. It seems as if Time was passing so much slow today. She could barely hear some noises but no one came out and told anything about her love. Actually, to be honest, she expected laksh itself to come out and hug her and comfort her that he is fine, but nothing such happened. Two hours passed, but still she was standing at the same place looking at the door of that stupid operation theatre blankly with tears continuously flowing from her beautiful eyes. Her vision was going blur because of tears and she felt so sleepy. And why not? It was 2:30 am now! But no, she won’t give any chance to her love to go far from her today. So she was still rooted to that place. After few minutes, that damn door was finally opened by the doctor and he was shocked seeing ragini standing exactly at the same position in which he saw her before two hours. “how is he doctor?” she asked in a broken and a barely audible tone that if he was not near her then there was no chance that he would have heard her. The doctor said, “he is fine, its really a miracle. But your love for him is really strong.” Can I meet him?” ragini asked.

“after sometime, he will be awaken, then u can see him.” “No doctor, plz let me be with him” ragini pleaded. The doctor allowed her. Ragini went inside and sat near him and caressed his head, she holded his hands tightly and now closed her eyes and slept peacefully. The doctor’s word really soothed her pain YOUR LOVE FOR HIM IS REALLY STRONG. She smiled that her trust finally won. She slept peacefully after a whole six months……
After sometime some noise disturbed her sleep and when she woke up, she saw that laksh woke up and holding his head. He scanned the new environment and realised that he was in a hospital. He saw his love who was crying with happy tears. ”am I looking that much scary, why are u crying seeing me mera baccha”. “LAKSH” ragini gave an unbelievable expression and hugged him tightly. Laksh reciprocated the hug, this was not their first hug but whenever he hugged her he always felt immense happiness. Ragini was so much happy feeling his touch and hearing his voice after six months. She missed him badly and now this intense hug was a BLISSFUL MOMENT for both of them….

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