Seperation made our relation more strong-chapter 8(part 1) YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP FOR ME


Chapter 8
Part 1
Ragini’s pov
I was so happy that I did’nt even realise that I was sitting on road. I called the inspector and told him about the van number and requested him to help me find about my laksh. I also told about the video, he told me to come to police station. I reached there and did all the formalities and gave my phone to the inspector. He and his team was sitting in front of a system trying to trace the number, while I was sitting at a bench a little far from them, hoping that everything will be alright soon. The inspector called me and told that he found out the number. He showed me that number in the system, I asked him permission and dialled that number in the police station landline as I know, that if I call from my phone there will be surely some problem. The ring was going but no one was picking and when finally I was about to cut the call, it was answered, “hello, who is this?” i was shocked hearing the voice, it was of PARINEETA BHABHI. But still for making sure, i asked in a little tone changed, “is this parineeta maheshwari”. “first tell me who is this” the person asked angrily. It was slowly being proved that it was parineeta bhabhi’s voice scaring me more. i suddenly got an idea and said , “I’m speaking from police station actually your husband wanted to talk to you but I’m sorry if it is a wrong number”.

“what? ADHARSH! I’M ONLY PARINEETA MAHESHWARI. Please give the phone to him”. She said in a pleading voice, I cut the call immediately feeling disgusted. How could she do this with my sister. My thoughts disturbed when the inspector said that he found out about the van. My happiness knew no bounds, he said an area and we went there in search of laksh. We saw the van but laksh was not inside it. There were few goons sitting inside the van. The police enquired them, but they did’nt give any answer. They beat them and after what it seemed like eternity they opened their mouth and told us about laksh’s whereabouts. They also accepted that bhabhi was behind everything. I felt so angry listening all this. They took us to a godown and I saw laksh lying lifelessly. I ran to him and hugged him, I felt so much happy seeing him but my happiness did’nt last long as one of the goons said, “he is in coma”. I froze at my place, no this can’t be happening, what rubbish they were talking. I wanted to yell at them but no words came from my month.

I burst out when they said that he was in coma for the past six months, I realised that when I saw him on the road he was not sleeping, he was in coma .”no, no laksh u can’t do this. Laksh u r my everthing I have no reason to live without u. laksh in this six months I’m living with a hope that everything will be fine one day. I always convinced myself that you cannot leave your ragini. But now…. Laksh please don’t do like this, get up na please” I said crying and shouted that my voice echoed in that godown. After bringing out all my tears I said in a barely audible tone, “YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP FOR ME”.

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