Seperation made our relation more strong-chapter 6 YOUR LOVE IS NO MORE


Chapter 6
Third person’s pov
The maheshwaris reached their mansion after completing their pooja. They were really exhausted and went to their respective rooms to take rest not even knowing about the storm that their sons and daughter in laws were facing right now except one person. That person know whatever was happening right now except one thing that ragini got a glimpse at her love. After sometime all the maheshwaris came outside their rooms by hearing a sound of breaking of glass and they were shocked to see sanskar kneeling down and crying uncontrollably. Sujata went near him and knelt down, “what happened beta?” “maa swara” his voice choked and he was unable to reply his maa, he hugged her and broke down. The maheshwaris were shocked to see him in such a vulnerable state. “sanskar, calm down tell me what happened?” Annapurna forced. “swara left me” sanskar said in a broken state. “she already left you” sujata said, “sujata” Annapurna said in an ordering tone to not speak anything. Sanskar said, “she just did’nt leave me, she left everyone, she…she left this world.” All were shocked.
Parineeta’s pov

Finally! This swara is gone, I am the most happiest person right now. I went inside my room and packed my luggages and came out, all were shocked, they had to be because whenever they tried to kick me out of this house, I always did something to stay in this house and when I myself is leaving this house, I expected this reaction from everyone and now my revenge is going to be over, I’m going to tell them the truth. Sanskar was still on his knees, I went near him, “what happened sanskar? Now why are u crying now, it was ur fault, u should have said to those goons that swara was ur wife but” I left my sentence incomplete to take a look at everyone’s reaction, sanskar looked at me shocked while the others looked confused. “how do you know that?” sanskar asked. “well, I only arranged those goons”. It seemed like he was very angry and he tried to strangle my neck but I saved myself and was coughing badly and nobody in this house did’nt even care to give me water. “why did you do this?” sanskar asked me. “what is happening here?” the great durga Prasad maheshwari asked, sanskar said everyone about what happened to swara and how she called and begged him but he did’nt believe her. Everyone stared at me with anger, well I don’t care.

“I did’nt wanted swara to die, I wanted her to hate u but what to do she died” I said in a dramatic way to irritate them. “I already made u low in front of her six months before itself”. “what u did?” sanskar asked and I replied, “after 2 weeks of your separation, swara realised her mistake and tried to apologise to u, but I made such situations because of which she thought u insulted her. My revenge is completed now, you will be guilt all your life, ragini also will never be happy after losing her sister and about laksh….” I stopped and smirked thinking that sanskar will immediately react and will ask me about laksh but to my utter shock, he did’nt ask anything about laksh, maybe he did’nt concentrate on my words because he lost his wife, I continued “anyways sanskar, I won and you loose YOU LOST UR LOVE AND SHE IS NO MORE”. I expected sanskar to break down more but …. He smirked and said, “turn and see my dear bhabhi”. I turned and was shocked.

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