Seperation made our relation more strong (Chapter 4 – LOVE AND HAPPINESS IS NOT WRITTEN IN MY DESTINY)

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Chapter 4
Sanskar pov
Ragini and me were on the way to the hospital, when I suddenly remembered about the video and asked ragini who send it to her. She seemed shocked, she checked her phone and said that it was from a private number. We both were confused, and after some time, ragini took a deep breathe and asked me, “sanskar, tell me the truth, u really did’nt insult swara before six months”. “see ragini, I don’t know about what u r talking. But I started talking to swara only after one month of our separation. Before that we both did’nt had any contact”. I replied to her confusingly. Ragini closed her eyes and rested her head at the seat, she seemed really disturbed. “ragini please tell me, about what insult u r talking?” I asked. She opened her eyes,”please” I again asked. She let out a sigh and started “after swara left u, maa always pressurized her to talk to u. she kept on advising swara to not let ego come in between u both and after 2 weeks, swara realised her mistake and she wanted to make everything fine but she did’nt had the guts to talk to u, so she sent u a voice message”.

Third person’s pov
“sanskar please forgive me. I know I did wrong, but sanskar I don’t know how I let my anger to overpower my love. I’m really sorry and I love u.” swara finished her recording and was thinking whether to send it or not and her gaze fell on her marriage photo. They were the magical couple, anyone could see the genuie happiness in their eyes in the photo for getting each other. She caressed his face in the photo, she realised its now or never. She closed her eyes and opened them and this time there was determination in her eyes. She would send this message to him now and there are lot of possibilities that he may forgive her and even if he does’nt she will convince him somehow. She felt that everything was so easy now after seeing his photo. This was the effect he had on her, she smiled and sent him the voice message. After sometime she received a reply from sanskar and she opened it excitedly but little did she know that it will change her life. It was also a voice message, “I understand swara, now u realised ur mistake because now u would have understood my value. Let me tell u what actually happened, first u would have been bored with me, so u broke ur relation with me and u would have seen some dream that u could lead a happy life with some other man but nobody would have accepted an illegal and a characterless girl like u, so u r planning to get back to me. But I’m sorry dear, this time I’m not going to fall in ur trap. Bye”.

Swara fell on her knees, did sanskar thought her this much cheap. She cried and cried and cried and she finally decided one thing and that was she will give him one chance, a ONE LAST CHANCE. Because her anger also overpowered her love once, maybe the same is happening with sanskar. She called sanskar and said, “I’ll wait for u at 5 in the evening in the same place where we had our picnic after our engagement and if u don’t come before 7, I’ll think that u don’t love me and don’t want me back in ur life and again I’ll never accept u in my life, NEVER EVER” and she cutted the call but because of her depression and anger she failed to think that she did’nt get any response from other side. She went to that place at sharp 5 and waited for him, it became 8 and there was no sign of sanskar.

Tears were continuously flowing from her eyes and she started walking away from the place not daring to look back at the place which was filled with the memories of him. First she was selfless and thought about her sister, and she lost her love. Today she became selfish and without thinking about her sister, she came here, but today also she lost her love. Her phone rang, and the name flashed ‘MAA’. She picked up the call, shomi asked excitedly from the other side, “shona, is everything alright, did u speak to sanskar”. “today I understood one thing maa”, swara said in a broken voice. “what happened beta?” shomi got worried by her sad tone. Swara replied emotionlessly, “whether I be selfish or selfless, LOVE AND HAPPINESS IS NOT WRITTEN IN MY DESTINY”.

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