Seperation made our relation more strong (Chapter 3 – MYSTERY)

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Chapter 3
Third person’s pov
Ragini continued as sanskar still stared at her blankly. ”The three options are, one, either swara will go in coma. What will u do then sanskar? U said u can’t live without her. But if she goes to coma….” Ragini left her sentence incomplete while sanskar was still trying to digest everything. “The second one, as swara was already an amnesia patient once and her head is injured very badly. The doctor said that there are a lot of chances that swara may again suffer memory loss. What will u do then sanskar? U wanted to punish her right. How will u punish her when she forgets what is her mistake. How will u punish her if she forgets u and ur relationship with her”. The tears which were dried up again started flowing from sanskar’s eyes. He could not imagine his swara in both of these conditions. She lying lifelessly in front of him and she again forgetting him and THEIR LOVE, these thoughts were breaking him more, but he waited for ragini to complete. Ragini said,”and the third option is swara will be safe and perfectly fine. But the doctor said there are very less chances for this”. “Now I will tell u how ur life is going to change with this”. She said in a dangerous, hollow and a type of dealing tone. Everybody would have forgotten this ragini, but somewhere this ragini still existed but the difference was first she was against her sister but this time she was against all those people who were against her sister. “if swara goes to coma then I swear sanskar, I’ll definetly punish u. but If she forgets u, then I’ll make her sign on the divorce papers and will marry her to someone and the third one if my swara gets alright, u’ll get a chance to get back to her”. Sanskar remains silent, while ragini understands that his ego is again stopping him. Ragini said,”sanskar, u, me and in our family everyone had done mistakes till today. Swara has forgiven everyone and has got them to the right path,even she is a human sanskar, even she will make mistakes. But I don’t understand when she is making a mistake, why no one is forgiving her and making her understand what is right and what is wrong”. Sanskar said,”I want to meet swara”. Saying this he started walking to the direction of the door. Ragini reached her peak of anger seeing that he was still showing his ego,”if u really love her this much, then why u don’t want her back in your life, why did u insult her before six months”. Sanskar stopped and turns towards ragini,”I insulted swara?” “oh please, now don’t act sanskar, swara did’nt hate u even after leaving this house. She started hating u only after two weeks when u insulted her”. Ragini said angrily, while sanskar said,”ragini, I’m not understanding u and i swear, i did’nt insult swara in anyway after two weeks of our seperation. I promise I did’nt do anything. Now please I want to see swara, come lets go.” Ragini was shocked, he was swearing, he was promising, that means he did’nt insult swara but….. her thoughts were disturbed when sanskar shouted her name, she came to her senses and ran out of the house and got inside sanskar’s car and he drove to the hospital.
On the way to the hospital, sanskar was trying to console himself. He did’nt wanted to feel guilty, he did’nt wanted to think about the three options that ragini gave him. He just wanted to cry and take swara in a bone crushing hug. While ragini was lost in her own world. “How come sanskar does’nt know about the insult he did to swara. Why the goons attacked only them in the whole market. How will a goon will leave a girl if he comes to know that she is married.” All these thoughts were running in her mind when sanskar suddenly realised something and put the sudden brake. Ragini jerked and came to her sense, she asked,”what happened?” sanskar asked,”who sent u this video?” ragini was shocked, she did’nt think about this and checked her phone. She saw that it was received from a private number. Already there were too many questions in her mind and here comes another question. She was really shocked, she felt her mind would burst because of the questions. There was something definitely wrong……

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