Seperation made our relation more strong-chapter 10(part 1) IDIOT


Chapter 10
Part 1
Swara’s pov
What happened to this ragini??? First she took me to her room, I’m in her room only now. She had made her room a complete mess and took saris one after another and kept on me and gave weird expressions if it does’nt suit me. “ragini” I said looking at her frustratedly. “shh, this is the 23rd time you are saying my name after coming to room” Ragini said. “and you are saying ’shh’ for the 23rd time” I said sarcastically. She just laughed and said, “swara, when you were serious in the hospital, I prayed to god that you will go to temple if you get alright. Now that you are fine, you have to go na.” I don’t understand what kind of prayer is that, she prayed that I will go to temple and for god’s sake, who will go to temple now, its 9.00 at night. Anyways, finally she selected a red saree and gave it to me. Was I going to some party or what. The saree looked really elegant and beautiful. “ragini, I’m just going to temple, you are giving me such a grand saree. These are meant for special occasions.” I said trying to make her understand. “swara, I don’t know that and all. Just wear this and come”. She said stubbornly. I stamped my foot with anger and snached the dress from her and marched towards washroom while she was laughing behind making me more angry. After I changed also, she did’nt leave me, she gave me beautiful jhumkas to wear, she even gave me a waist chain. She did’nt even allow me to protest. And all the while making me ready, she was trying hard to control her laughter. Whats so funny in this? After almost one hour, my sister left me. “now can I go?” I asked folding my hands. Ragini just smiled and hugged me and said “take care”. Oh god! This ragini is doing a lot of drama, I’m just going to a temple na. after bidding bye to her, I came out and sat inside the taxi. The tears which I controlled till now automatically made its way through my cheeks. Because ragini told me to go to that temple, where I and sanskar confessed our love to each other. I wiped my tears and asked the driver to start all the way just hoping that I don’t break down after reaching there.

Sanskar’s pov
I am waiting in the same temple where the most happiest moment of my life took place. OUR CONFESSION. I smiled remembering it. Swara still did’nt come. Did she got any doubt, I asked help from ragini, but don’t know whats happening there. My thoughts were disturbed when I heard a sound of vehicle’s screech. I realised someone came and I was hoping it should be swara and it was her. My heart skipped a beat seeing her. The neatly plated red saree and the thin waist chain around her waist was complementing her elegant body. The dark black kajal suited her mesmerising eyes, her soft hairs falling on her face, the bright diamond jhumkas making her face glow in that pitch dark and her lips umm….lets not talk about it.
When she saw me there was mixed emotions on her face and of course shock was one of it. I went near her, “swara, I’m sorry for not listening you”. Tears started coming from my eyes as I remembered how she pleaded to me in the phone. I closed my eyes with pain, SWARA IS MY WIFE, SANSKAR SAY THIS NA PLEASE. She pleaded to me, she begged me and because of my stupid ego, all these happened. I cupped her face and continued, “ragini told me how much u were broken before six months. I promise swara, I never insulted u, I did’nt send any voice message to u”. even she was teary eyed by now, “I know, u did’nt do that”. “ok, but u did’nt still say, whether u forgave me or not”. I asked. She looked down without answering anything. Well my princess was showing more ego than me. “I was thinking to start our relation again, if u forgive me. But if u r not ready to forgive me, then fine, we will meet tomorrow in the court and we will divorce”. I said. She looked at me shocked. I started going while I heard her voice from behind, “sanskar stop”. I was controlling my laughter, but I stopped walking when I heard her shout, “sanskar, please stop” and then I heard her cry. I turned and got shocked seeing her sitting on her knees and crying badly closing her eyes tightly. Oh god! I was just teasing her but…. I immediately rushed and sat before her, she opened her eyes and started beating me continuously with her soft hands, after she stopped beating me, she said one word and again started crying badly. And the one word which my princess said to me angrily and very cutely was…….

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