Seperation made our relation more strong (Chapter 1 – WITHOUT HER)

this story is based on the current track.
chapter 1

sanskar pov
I will and i have to bring lucky at any cost to prove myself innocent that i was not the reason for his missing as badimaa is very with me and hates me right now. even that comes secondary. i need his safety right now, its been six months since he is missing. while thinking all this my gaze fell on HER photo. her mesmerizing eyes and her curvy smile again and again made me fall for her. but she left me, she took away my happiness and she deserves a punishment. my phone rang breaking my thoughts. i wiped my tears and took the phone and the name flashed ‘SWARA’. i was shocked she never called me in this six months, it was me who called her few times to taunt her or to remind her about her punishment. i answered her call. she was crying very badly. i was shocked, she said,”sanskar, please save me, please”. she sounded too scared and was shouting and crying, i felt my soul breaking hearing her tears. i asked, “what happened swara? are u okay”. “sanskar just repeat the four words i’m saying, SWARA IS MY WIFE, sanskar please i beg u, say this na please”. she sounded too broken, i hardly understood her words, as she was saying this inbetween her shouts and sobs. and when i finally get her words i was shocked. my tear filled eyes changed into anger, i remembered our last night conversation when i said that she was no more my wife in a drunkard state. i got really angry, “do you think i will believe your fake tears” i shouted at her. “sanskar please” this time her voice sounded too weak. no i am not going to come on her words. and she was breaking me by her weak voice. i took a deep breath and was trying to gain courage, it was easy for me to say those words in drunkard state, but now, i let out a sigh and said in a shivering voice,”you are not my wife” and i immediately cut the call not waiting for her response.

its been 2 hrs since i spoke to swara. she sounded really scared. did i made any mistake by telling like thoughts were disturbed when i heard a shout,”SANSKAR MAHESWARI”. i was shocked hearing the voice, because it was of RAGINI. what was she doing here. again she shouted my name and i went down as no was at home, the environment was so silent and her shouts were sounding like echo. she continued shouting until she saw me, seeing her anyone could say that she cried a lot and now her eyes were red and filled with anger. i went near her and asked, “what happened ragini?” for which she SLAPPED me. shock would be a small word as i did’nt expect this. before i could say anything she said,”why did u do this sanskar? i know u are angry on swara,but don’t u have atleast humanity. ok, you don’t want to tell those 4 words, but did you atleast tried to know what happened, she cried to you, she begged u. but you did’nt listen her cries right?” “ragini what happened?” i asked frustratedly as this was getting on my nerves and was also praying to god that nothing should be serious though i stopped believing god long time back. ragini said,”why to narrate the incident when you can watch it.” she showed me a video, seeing that i felt like my world was stopped, i fell on my knees and whispered seeing the floor,”ragini,please say that this video is fake” i heard her voice she said sadly,”u are not going to care if this video is fake or real”. “i do care ragini, I LOVE HER, SHE IS MY LIFE, I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT HER, she will not leave me, she CAN’T leave me. i said still looking at the floor trying to console myself. “then u should have not did that” i looked up at her.she completed her sentence,”u should have not said that she is not your wife”.

Hi, i am raina and new here. there is no nikhil in my story. I don’t know whether it will be a ss or ff. but the story is ready in my mind. in my story raglak will also given importance but not as much as swasan. do comment and join me in your family.

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