Seperated Forever ! Shivika OS by Anu…~

Hey guys..Anu here and I am back with another OS…This idea popped up in my mind and I thought let’s write it down..I am writing this story for the second time as I didn’t like how I wrote this story before..hope you all like it..

Disclaimer-This is a sad story..don’t throw chamelis on

Story background – this story is about two youngsters Shivaay and Anika(I always write stories about need of intro) who are studying in college…they both are in a relationship and the whole college knows about it…Shivaay never said those three magical words to Anika…Anika wanted him to say it…The rest is in the story..

Enjoy reading!

~Seperated Forever! Shivika OS by Anu…~

Shivaay and Anika are sitting in the cafe…They both are sitting silently..The silence was really awkward….

Anika(in mind)- I love you Shivaay…You know how our frimedship turned into love..even if you don’t remember that moment I do….


Shivaay and Anika are one of the most popular students in the whole college…Anika for being the most brilliant and jovial student and Shivaay for his killer looks..
The whole college considered them as a couple and teased them but our Shivika were not interested in these things…Slowly,when Shivaay considered this matter he too felt he has some feelings towards Anika deep within him….he couldn’t name those feelings…

On the insistence of his friends he decided to propose Anika…

That moment,
Shivaay came to Anika,stood on his knees and told her..

Shivaay- Anika,you know that the whole college considers us as a couple but we never thought about it..but deep within me I have some feelings towards you..I need some time to know it and till then,can you be my girlfriend???

Anika was shocked hearing this..She too had feelings towards him and expected him to say those three magical words…but he just asked her to be his girlfriend.she was shattered but accepted it..

FB ends..

Its a month after that incident and they both were very close to each other..but Shivaay never expressed his feelings…
Since then,everyday he used to give her a doll..All dolls were different and it was numbered according to the no.of it was the 30th doll…
Anika never understood why did Shivaay give her dolls…But she always smiled and took the doll everyday..She knew that it was his gift..and she kept it safely as it was very close to her heart…
She was always thinking that why he was giving her dolls…but she didn’t ask him as it would hurt him…
Then Anika spoke up..

Anika- Shivaay I love you..can you please say the 3 magical words to me..please…

Shivaay- Anika I will…

This was his reply every time…She never got frustrated as she never wanted to hurt his feelings..
Then Shivaay handed the 30th doll to her and went…Anika kept it safely in her bag…
Like this it was the going on…days went on…months went like a jet….its 364th day today..

Anika(in her room saying it in her mind)- Tomorrow its our first anniversary of our relationship…I am very excited…
But I cannot handle it anymore….the 364th doll is given to me by him…he never said it..never…I am feeling very disappointed….why did he do this to me…I am sure he is gonna break up with me..I am sure…
She then got up, and went to her cupboard where all dolls are kept…She took it and threw it everywhere..She was frustrated…She then sat down crying..It really hurted her…

The 365th day, First Anniversary of their relationship….

Shivaay came to her house..that to early morning…He called her….

She opened the door and greeted him whole heartedly…she had pain within her but she forgot everything when she saw him….

Shivaay- Anika…here is the 365th doll…its our Anniversary…Come fast we have to go to college…

When Anika saw the doll she got really frustrated and angry…she took the doll,ran outside and threw it on the road..

Anika- Shivaay please I am enough with it…I loved you so much and you did this with me…I think we should break up…

Shivaay-But Anika…

Anika- don’t say anything Shivaay..please…

Shivaay then went towards the road to take the doll…a big truck was coming…
Anika saw it…she panicked…she started to run towards shivaay to stop him..

Anika- Shivaay stop….a truck is coming…

He didn’t listen..he just wanted to take the doll..he took and and the very next moment…


Anika- Shivaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy…..(she ran towards him)


Anika is not able to control herself..when Shivaay died she cried holding him…she took the doll in her hand…

The next day,its Shivaay’s funeral…

Anika is in her room..locked up…She is holding that 365th doll in her hand..She hugged it tight….and cried…
Suddenly she heard Shivaay’s voice..
She looked around and didn’t find him…she then looked towards the was speaking….
Anika was all crying..she was hell shocked to see that…

365th doll- I know Anika that I have never spoken my feelings to you..but I love you truly Anika…will you be my better half?? Will you Anika?? Waiting for your answer..
This was Shivaay’s voice..

Anika understood that it was recorded..she cried terribly..she then took all the other dolls and pressed it..each doll started to speak something…Anika was cursing herself….
I couldn’t understand you Shivaay..I am sorry…I am sorry Shivaay…
Anika then committed suicide…

During her last moments she spoke…”Shivaay I love you..I am coming near you and I will give my answer…its a yes Shivaay…its a yes…

The End..

Sorry guys for giving such a bakwaas story..sorry…pls do share your views in it..
pls do comment…

With love


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  1. Awesomeeeeeeee superbbbbbbbbbb amazingggggggggggggg mind blowinggggg I liked itttttttttt n the dollars were cuteeee but my bhai died?????I didn’t cry because Candy ka halwa already made home die so I am now praised with sad endings.n write more anu

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you for commenting…it means a lot for me!!

  2. This comment is deleted.

    1. oh hello who r u tell like that she is frnd ok and she never forced u to read na and yes this story is from fb but do u know something she modified a bit not a bit she modified the story in fb the story is abt girl expecting ring and boy gave teddy in which the ring was there if have appreciated that she wrote something different from usual then it would be great, if u had acc in tu na i would bash there and who r u to say like that bakwaas story she published it for me ok not for u and its her wish whether to write a true story or not u get that
      from now dont comment like that its hurts

      1. This comment is deleted.

    2. This comment is deleted.

      1. Anujohnson

        Pls read my reply you fool..

      2. Anujohnson

        I don’t need to justify it to you that its my own story…

    3. oh cmon u can have said in simple words na y u hurted her and i am her frnd not her mother and i always correct her i am not saying she wrote on her own not saying she copied it my point is y u hurted her ok

    4. Anujohnson

      Hello avi…thank you so much for your comment…its good that you opened up your feelings…I never stop anyone from criticizing my work..thank you so much..but I wanted to say one thing…Its my writing and I can write anything…I don’t need your approval to write anything…and even if it is in Facebook it doesn’t mean that I have copied from there..its my own story and my own ifldea..its not you who gave me this…and I have many great friends who appreciate my work..thank you so much for saying what you wanted..And I request you not to say anything like this to will never understand the pain…you will never understand a writers feeling..I am trying to type in a good way as I am not like you..thank you so much and keep commenting..and dare you if you say anything about my friends..tell it to me directly if you have the courage..first I thought not to reply to you as I was OK but when you raised your words to my friends I thought I have to reply a person like you..hope you understood what I meant..thank you for commenting..

  3. Ahaana

    ofcozzz not a bakwaas….it was just beyond words… it touched my heart..Amazing. ….

    1. Anujohnson

      Thankyou for commenting..I am happy that you are happy by my writing!! πŸ™‚

  4. Neha_Pheonix

    Ohhh..the story is great…but I don’t like sad endings.
    Written beautifully Anu….??
    I felt sad at the end.
    Awesome ..!!!loveya

    1. Neha_Pheonix

      Ya it’s not at all bakwas u have taken efforts and don’t let any comment bother you….You are stong and bold gal!

      1. Anujohnson

        Thank you neha di….thank you for supporting me when I was weak!!

  5. anu its not a bit bakwaas , its truly amazing
    awesome mindblowing really nice and u have to write such beautiful stories

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you candy!!! I am so happy that I have a friend like you

  6. VHM

    Good one Anu….keep writing dear…you have got the right talent to keep us entertained

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you so much di for appreciating my work!!

  7. Awesome! ?
    A sad ending but the story was really cute?

    1. Anujohnson

      Than you so much Sofiya…. πŸ™‚

  8. Soumya85

    It was really amazing story anu…so emotional??it was mindblouing…loved it…this story was not at all bakwas anu it was awesome…keep writting Love you ??

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you sumo!!!! Love you too sweetheart….

  9. Kanfi

    Omg..ria,,,,,it was soooo emotionallll,,,,yaaa it was amazing,,it has to be as wrttn by u,…

    Bt ending wass soooo sadd…..

    Nice thought dear

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you so much kanfi….love you.. πŸ™‚

  10. Arthi

    It was sad indeed but was superb and expressed nicely and superb dr and not a bakwaaz and more over u are expressing ur talents so jus go ahead and loved this os though is was sad but emotional too….

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you so much Arthi for commenting!!! πŸ™‚

  11. AMkideewani


    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you so much dear!!! πŸ™‚

  12. Abhija17

    anu itz words to explain ur talent ur a great writer..igone that bashers who have a narrow mind….itz not bakwas itz uuuu

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you so much ronu….thanks for supporting me when I was weak….love you.. πŸ™‚

  13. Aliza111

    it is never a bakwaas anu . and best reply for the stupid avi

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you so much dear!!!! πŸ™‚

  14. It is so heart touching anu dii. But promise us you will give us a romantic story soon.plz…..plz….plz…..

    1. Anujohnson

      I am very bad in that area dear…Feeling sad..I will give another happy OS..done??

  15. Fenil

    Fantabulous OS

    My dil goes mmmmmmm… it.

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you so much Fenil bhai !!!

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you so much dear…. πŸ™‚

  16. Amazing fabulous

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you so much dear!!! πŸ™‚

  17. Awesome……

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you so much dear!!! πŸ™‚

  18. You are an amazing writer anu di
    Keep writing
    Sad ending but I loved it to the core
    Waiting for a happy ending waala os from you pleeeezz

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you di much dear…surely I will write a happy ending story… πŸ™‚

  19. Gayathri.visu

    Fantastic…. But sad ending.
    Please give one os with happy ending.

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you so much Gayathri!!!! πŸ™‚

  20. Haridhra

    Wow Anu ( hope I may call u like that) … It was really a superb one .. U made me cry yaar ..???.. It wasn’t bakwaas not at all .. Actually I hate sep track n those wala sad ending but tis one naa I luved it really u mi8 tnk I’m mad or wht trust me I’m in love with it becoz its true love naa it aches a lot than death … Sry I wanna appreciate ur skills but I started talking something bakwaas ..

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you for commenting dear..and what you said is true….true love pains more than death..idk personally but I believe like that… πŸ™‚

  21. IME

    Loved it!!
    So emotional!!!!!!!!!!
    post soon
    love u
    take care

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you ishu!! πŸ™‚

  22. Thedreamsoul

    Wow..this is such a sweet and sad story . I loved it . Do ignore that jobless who don’t have anything to do . You are talented and a amazing writer .what is the problem with even copying the concept you know there is talent and effort required to modify it to a story and Shivika in it was great idea . Go Anu Go… waiting for another OS from you . Sorry for the late comment dear . YOUR STORY IS AWESOME , I AM TELLING YOU AGAIN ??

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you dear!!! Thanks for those sweet words … πŸ™‚

  23. Chanya

    It’s awesome anu..emotional..keep writing dear..i already have told you how talented you are..keep you

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you chanya di!! πŸ™‚

  24. Jerry_36

    Hey Anu this one is amazing. Really emotional. The doll idea was a great concept to put in. I liked the way you portrayed the characters. This is so good. Do come with more☺

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you jerry….. It means a lot for me… πŸ™‚

  25. Anu16

    Emotional n Heartouching… but yet beautiful…

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you Anu!!!

  26. Deepika12

    Awesome os anu. Loved it to the heart. And dont say it a bakwasss?????. Loved it to the core??????.

    Sad endingg?????. I think ajkal sabko lagne laga h ki shivika jabhi jeete ji nhi mil sakte isliye har OS mein last mein kisi na kisi ko maar dete h yeh jatane ke liye dusre ko ki woh usse pyaar karta h. But koi baat nhi.

    Waiting for another OS. Hope it has a happy ending

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