Heyyy… NILASH back and this time seriously I am late I know. Actually my mumma was sick so could not manage time to write. SORRY… but now see the last part is ready. I will write a small EPILOUGE over it as requested by my friend ANSHI. The link for the previous parts is down.

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The morning peeped through the curtains of the Oberoi brothers’ rooms. Om got up rubbing his eyes just like kids. He then looked at his side to look for Gauri but she is not in the room. Om’s eyes went to the window. He noticed the soft rain kissing the earth so rhythmically. He went towards the window and stood there for some time to enjoy the beauty of rain. He was keenly noticing the rain falling on every leaf, grass and flowers of their beautiful garden. Soon he realized Gauri is not there at the room. He searched for her at every nook and corner of the palace Oberoi Mansion. He then went upto the terrace though he knew she would not be there as it’s raining heavily.
But to his surprise Gauri was there. The rain is at first kissing her beauty and then touching the well furnished floor of the terrace. He was mesmerized seeing her dancing, jumping and enjoying the rain to the fullest. He took out his phone and played the song “HAR GHARI BADAL RAHI HAI…..” she stopped dancing as soon the song reached up to her ears. She turned to look from where the sound is coming. She noticed Om standing four steps away from her and staring her. Blood ran through her cheeks noticing the admiring look in Om’s eyes.

She turned to go but Om held her hand. He pointed towards the phone kept inside the shade. “May I have the pleasure to dance with you beauty?” he asked sitting on his knees. Gauri nodded. Om got up and held her by her waist, while Gauri held him by his shoulders. They started following the soothing tone of the song playing. They danced together looking at each other’s eyes. The song got over exactly after 4 minutes and 51 seconds. They were so much lost in each other that they continued to dance with the rhythm of the rain.

“Hey you both come inside or else you two will also get cold” a voice came breaking their trance. Both of them looked towards the voice. It was Shivay who called them. “I know Shivay maybe you are jealous that I and my wife are spending a romantic moment in rain because your wife is sick so you can’t do that but why are you disturbing us like this?” Om asked Shivay with an annoying look still holding Gauri by her waist. “Omkara ji leave me…” Gauri whispered looking towards the floor. Om left her. “At first you two come inside and change these clothes, then we will continue our argument” Shivay said showing concern. “No no I can understand your feelings bro….” Om now teased him while getting in. “Okk enough of understanding… just go inside and change” Shivay again said. Om quickly hugged Shivay tight. “Fhat the wuck…. I just got freshened up now again I have to change my clothes as well” Shivay cried rather shouted. Om soon broke the hug and ran towards his room laughing mischievously holding Gauri’s hand. Shivay smiled at this innocent antique of his brother and went to change again.

The scene shifted to Rudra’s room. Rudra the great muscle building freak and fitness freak was doing pushups. Soumya entered his room and smiled looking at her Rudra. Soon Rudra’s eyes also fell on her and he started to hum a song “AISE NA MUJHE TUM DEKHO SEENE SE LAGA LUNGA….” Soumya blushed a little. Rudra got up and walked up to her. “What?” Rudra asked “nothing” Soumya answered and turned to go but Rudra the lady killer held her wrist and pushed her towards him. Soumya twirled and landed up on Rudra’s chest. Rudra wrapped her around his chest. “I loved my old fatso Sumo not this one, see yourself so fit and fine” Rudra said which made his Sumo to smile. They broke the hug. “Ohhoo that time you had problem with me because I was fat and now you have problem with me because I am fit.”

Soumya said and stared at Rudra angrily. “no I mean Sumooo…” Rudra again pulled her leg “now stop it you Stupid Singh Oberoi” Sumo replied back. “Stop calling me that” Rudra said making a pout, “I won’t stop…. Protei Shake Oberoi” Sumo again said “Wait you fatso….” Rudra completed and threw a pillow towards Soumya; she caught it and threw it back to Rudra, another pillow landed on Rudra along with the first one. They ended up having a pillow fight and they stopped after murdering all the pillows present over the bed. Both of them burst into laughter. They understood they are not just friends but more than that. They promised to each other that they will never leave each other whatever happens and again hugged.

Shivika lastly got the screen space and the scene shifted to Shivika’s room. Shivay has changed his cloth. While the other two O’bros are happy with their wives here Shivay is yelling at his wife “Anika get up it’s already late” “More two minutes Shivay…. Please” Anika told softly. “You have been repeating the same from past one hour now just get up” Shivay said and removed the duvet from Anika. Anika got up angrily. “Now open your mouth….” He said filling some syrup in a spoon. “Noooo… please no Shivay I promise I will never get late to get up but please not this syrup please” she requested her bagad billa. “It is required, or else how will you get fine soon?” Shivay asked her sitting beside her. “Please no…” Anika was shouting while Shivay held her face, opened her mouth forcefully and put that spoon inside her mouth, she gulped down that syrup immediately. “Uuuurrrrgghhhh….” She yelled making an annoyed expression.

“Anika how will you control our kids if you also behave like a kid?” Shivay asked her in a teasing tone. “What do you mean by kids… how many you want fifty?” Anika asked raising her eyebrow. “Why only half century?? We can go for century na…” Shivay again teased his wife. “Nooo… we are happy with two bhaiyaa… only Shivika and Ansh” Rudra said after listening his brother’s plans. Shivay got up feeling embarrassed while Anika blushed highly. The entire youngsters group OmRi, RuMya and Mahi entered their room. Soumya and Gauri went towards Anika and occupied both the sides of her. Rudra continued “Mahi bhaiyaa we can arrange the first night of bhaiyaa and bhabhi what say?” Rudra said while looking towards his Mahi bhaiyaa…. “Yeah actually a good idea” Mahi replied back. Rudra was not over yet “Wait wait why only bhaiyaa and bhabhi we can also arrange the first night of O and Chulbul bhabhi…” he smirked. “Shut up Rudra…” came the reply from ShivOm. All of them laughed out loud. The four brothers hugged each other. LAFZON KA YEH RISHTA NAHI….. played at the background. The screen froze at the laughing faces of all of them.

Yaaayyyyy!!!!!! See done with my SS. Decided to post an EPILOUGE maybe tomorrow, will try to post it soon but not sure. Now want to confess something before writing this and the previous episode I HAD TO LISTEN TO THE ROMANTIC BOLLYWOOD SONGS to get the feel and do you know while I was writing that suicide thoughts of Shivay humma humaa song was playing. Hehehehe…. Whatever done. Now comment fast and the AUTHOR’S NOTE BELOW IS VERY IMPORTANT.

Thank You to all of you for your immense support. LOADS OF LOVE TO ALL. Okk now writing the most special friends’ names down the way I call all of you.
ANSHI…….. SANJANA……… MEHAK……… AASHI……… ANGLE……….. LAUREN………. NITA……….. BUNNY……… AISHA…………… ARYA……….. WINEE……….. ARPITA………….. ANITA……… FRIENDSO (FFFAAN)………… GAYU………… SAIRAN……….DHAR…………. UF…………….. JERRY………….. MADHU…………. ANOUSHKA……….. NIRIHA…………. DHEE………… NIKKI DEAR……………. POOJA…………. SAGI………. ALEKHIKA………. ANKITA…………. MRUNAL…………. NEHA………. DEBDUTTA……….. ZAHRA………. KANFI…………. KASHAF………… TWINKLE…………. RAKSHA……… AHRA………… CHARITHA………… RASIKA……….. ARWA………… SHIVANYA…………. ANNIKA……… TANU………….. SANYUKTA…………. SHRADDHA………… ARTHI……… SAM………. ANJU……… SHIVIKA……… MEGHANA………………… loads of loave to you all and thank you so much for all the support and love.
NOW FOR THE SILENT READERS. I know you may have liked the plot that I created but never commented. See it came to an end at least comment one word for it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. If you all consider me as your friend then you have to comment. See I am blackmailing you all. Arrre just drop your comment yaar. LOADS OF LOVE to you all also.

And for the readers of THE O’BROS LOVE STORY…… I WILL BE BACK WITH THAT ONE AFTER A WEEK. So please drop all your valuable comments over there as well. BYEEE…. Will again try to write one emotional piece soon. TILL THEN GOOD BYE.

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  1. Ashwinee

    last but not the least but this the best episode of the whole ss. love you ash come back soon with a bang . (i mean the new one) and your previous one, waiting for that also 🙂

    1. Nilash

      Thank You Winee. Will surely try to come back soon. I hope you will like that previous one as well.
      Love you too dear.

  2. Fffan1234

    Superb episode dear. Looking forward to epilogue. My name is Dipti But my friends call me Asmi. Would love if you call me the same Nilash…

    1. Nilash

      Heeyyyy Asmi…. hiii dear. Will love to call you by your name. Thank You so much dear for supporting me all throughout.
      Loads of love

  3. ?Was a silent reader yep! But amazing plot journey..! Super!

    1. Nilash

      Thank You Sam… awww thank you so much

  4. Mehakchalag

    Amazing di.Happy ending.And i m again saying stop saying sorry to us.U considered us as friends so no sry and thank u.Blushing blushing and songs r sune par suhaga.Century naughty singh oberoi hehe.U r awesome writer u wrote scenes very nicely whether it is emotional,romantic or humour.

    1. Nilash

      Okkk Mehak will try not to say sorry but not sure.
      Actually I said na for writing last two episodes I had to listen to Bollywood songs then only these two songs I decided to put in.
      Thank You so much for all these praises.
      Yup seriously Naughty Singh Oberoi… now CVs should also return back our Naughty Singh Oberoi on screen

  5. Excellent

    1. Nilash

      Thank You Charitha

  6. Anitaaa3

    Super sw bhi upar wala episode Nilash di….Plzz jaldi The Obros Love Story poat kijiye…..Miss u so much….

    1. Nilash

      Thank You Anita
      Pakka jaldi post karne ka koshish karungi.
      Will also miss you loads.
      Love you dear

    1. Nilash

      Thank You Anju

  7. Sanjanagarg

    Superb episode dear….loved it

    1. Nilash

      Thank You Sanjana.. I hope you are happy with the Rumya scene

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    Dear nilash
    Thank you so much accepting me your special friend.waiting for your O bro’s love story.

    Take care of your self.gud luck.come back soon???????

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much
      But why are you thanking me??? You are my special friend na so no need of thank you.
      Will surely try to be back soon with that one.
      Take care too bye

  10. Aryaraju

    Superb… Loved it.. Waiting for the epilogue ☺

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      And the Epilogue got posted dear.

  11. Aryaraju

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    1. Nilash

      Sagi you are my special friend na so why thanking me for that??? Thank You not accepted.
      And Thank You

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  16. Amaing ending dear..
    Loved it.
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    Sorry as I am too lazy to log in but I am registered member here:)

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    Never ever try to think even of stop writing……just for fun……….
    But,seriously love ur updates so,continue ur writing dear….bye!!!!

    1. Nilash

      Thank You Raksha… okk as you blackmailed me and I got scared so will surely try to post a new ff soon.
      Now I am extra scared please no letter to bhagwaan ji please.
      Okk I will never think to stop writing but I can take a break na???
      Will soon be back
      Thank You soooo much and Love you

      1. Raksha104

        aayishmaann bhavaa!!! permission grantedd

  18. Kashaf

    Rumya part was amazing

    1. Nilash

      Awww… thank you for liking that part.
      Thank You

  19. Dhar

    Amazingly fantastic episode dear ?? loved it to the coreee, superb ending , but do come back with another dose of ur writings

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      Thank You Dhar…
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    My old dramebaaz Ash is back!! hilarious! Beautiful Rikara part.. Cute Rumya n ur jiju n didi…….so sweet n naughty part. Eagerly waiting for next part dear.

    Humaa humaa n that suicide thoughts……u r really unique piece. And u pinched me hard na now see I also gave PUNISHMENT for u….. hehehe! Enjoy ur punishment dear………. Tata! Love u dear!

    See today I forget to ask, Auntyji is ok na?

    1. Nilash

      Yupppp yaayy… yes see I am back…
      Now what can I do if that suicide part idea came during Humma song. Not my fault na… hehehehehe
      Okk but see I am following your punishment my EXTRA MUGAMBO… wink wink. But you are verryyy sweet.
      Naan unna kadhalikkiren…
      Love you loads dear
      Aunty ji is okkk dear infact super ok after I stopped having Paani puri

      1. Gayathri.visu

        LOL!!! Dumbo she is my Auntyji not urs. Hmmm….. Tamil not bad, not bad my LIGHTENING BABY!!!!

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    1. Nilash

      Thank You Pooja… yaayy I am glad that you liked all the chappies… will try to be back soon. Pakka
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      Thank You Arpita…
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      1. Nilash

        Sorry Thank You ka you miss ho gaya…
        Thank You

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    1. Nilash

      Thank You… I saw your comment on Epilogue as well.
      Don’t be sad na please we will surely talk and one minute in which class you are??
      Pakka will come back with the next one soon.
      Love you too.

      1. Lauren

        Grade 12

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      Okk baba no katti please I will soon be back. Now abbi???? Okk I am scared of your blackmail I will surely be back soon.
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      Chalo tum Yipee??? khao tab tak. Epilogue is posted dear
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    1. Nilash

      Yup will soon try to be back. Thank You so much Dhee….
      Thank You very much for this sweet appreciation.
      Will miss your comments verryyy much.
      Thank You

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      Thank You Anshi…. and the Epilogue got posted dear

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    Well you don’t need to be sorry, take care of aunty, okay..?
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    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much dear. Baapre so many praising sentences thank you so much. Now what should I reply in return tell me. You are much more awesome than me. Waiting for your next part.
      Loads of love dear and again thank you so so so much.
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      1. Mrunal

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