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SHOT- 10
The time is flying and every moment Shivay is cursing himself. He needed her badly at that point of time. Shivay was driving hard. Looking every corner of an isolated road. The clock lazily stroked 12:30 of night. Shivay was getting tensed as he went to her home but no sign of her over there. He was getting restless. A fear of losing his Anika surrounded him. Every possible wrong thought crossed his mind. He was cursing his state “where are you? Please come back…. You know I can’t survive without you. You complete me. Where are you? You can’t leave your Shivay alone like this. My own mom stabbed me and now you also left me. If you go away like this I can surely say OmRu will never forgive me. The word Mr. Oberoi hurts me the most. Please come back” he was continuously praying this. Like this more half hour passed. His car is running like a freed Cheetah after ages. Every time he is trying to control the speed his nerves are betraying him. The last thought that crossed his mind was the most shocking ever “if you are not there with me then what the importance of my life is? I can’t survive without you. If you are not there anymore in this world then I am coming to you and if you are there then you will always remember there was a Shivay in your life who was only yours…. Only yours.” He repeated the last two words immense time and again increased his speed.

A figure passed his car silently. He spotted the figure. No his eyes can’t be wrong. “There is she” for the first time Shivay’s mind and heart spoke together. He applied immediate brakes as soon her reflection fell on the side view mirror of his car. The car got stopped with a huge creak sound. He was feeling as if he got back his life, his world, his everything. No other thoughts crossed his mind. He got down of the car and with the fastest speed ran towards her. Without even informing her he hugged her tight and held her high up from the ground. No words were required to describe the moment, the feeling; it got itself described by their tears. She again got back the most beautiful touch of her life. She soon reciprocated. They were crying. The moon, the isolated road, the street lights were experiencing the moment when two separated souls were becoming one. He felt the extra warmth from her body and soon he recalled about her high temperature. He dropped her down. When Shivay dropped her down she realized all this while he was holding her high up from the ground.

He couldn’t look into her eyes. Every time he tried to do so his guilt stopped him. He lost his courage to say sorry. His mind knew one sorry cannot get everything fine but his heart wanted her terribly. He wanted to face every situation. “Sorry” Anika spoke and after a pause again continued “I know this is the time when I should be there by your side and become the strongest part of yours but I ran from there……….i can’t see you broken down, so I came from there” she tried to justify her run. Shivay realized Anika did not listen to the last revelation of the actual truth. “I am not illegitimate” the utter truth came out from Shivay’s mouth. She looked towards him with shock and in need of an explanation. Shivay explained the last revelation briefly. She was left numb and shocked. They went near a bench and sat down. Some more moments passed and no one was talking to each other.

“Anika… I… I.. I am sorry” Shivay at last said gathering all his courage. He was expecting Anika to forget everything soon and he wanted to start fresh. But his one sorry reminded every pain that Anika owe to Shivay. All the moments when Shivay insulted her and showed her down flushed in front of her eyes. She got up from the bench and walked ahead a little. “Shivay…. I know you are guilty now, I now no fault of yours were not there but this stupid mind of mine is not forgetting all the moments when you insulted me” Anika spilled the thought she was suffering from. This hit Shivay directly to his heart. His injury became much more deep after listening this. Anika continued “I know I can never stay away from you nor I can fight with you… I don’t have that courage but I just need some time to forget everything and start afresh. Actually my trust got broken when you believed that Meghna for that necklace incident” Anika turned towards Shivay after completing the sentence and again continued “I just need some time to build up the trust again because I know that time your ego overpowered everything.”

Shivay got up from the bench “I was not expecting this… but then…” he stopped at the middle. Anika again turned around. No words or sound of Shivay came from Shivay’s mouth and Anika turned back to give assurance to Shivay. The sight that she looked left her terrified. Shivay was on the middle of the road and a large truck was coming from the other side. Anika ran to save her Shivay. The screen went black.

The truck passed that exact spot. Shivay and Anika were lying at the side of the road. “Have you gone mad? What were you up to? What were you doing in front of that truck? Just answer me? I need an answer.” She spoke out loud looking towards Shivay. Shivay got up. “yes I went mad…. I went mad, how can I survive after looking the hatred in your eyes for me? How can i? I did blunder, I did the ultimate blunder a person can do but I am also an human being and human being does blunders. You asked me for time. The time that separated us you were ready to believe on it but I was not. I went mad because I cannot survive without you, I went mad because… because..because I love you……. I can….” The last word remained inside his throat as Anika grabbed his lips and surrounded it with hers. She can’t loose her Shivay now. They broke apart after some time. “from where you learnt to speak so much?” Anika asked the question when Shivay was staring her with the utter shock some moments back. “From you” the sweet reply came out from his mouth. “I also learnt to stop you from speaking much” Anika replied blushing a little. Shivay wrapped her in his arms. She too felt relieved. Everything just went away the only thing that was left was love, the pure eternal love.

They walked up to the bench and sat down again over there. “Remember Anika you said me that one day will come when I will accept that I became an ISHQBAAZ for you.” Shivay said while Anika nodded her head in positive. “Today is that day Anika when I can accept and I can say everything that you expected me to say while proposing you” Anika bent her head down and started to blush. Shivay started “Anika you are beautiful… khidkitorly beautiful, since you came in my life, colors got filled in my life, when you come in front of me, my heartbeat gets fast. If I don’t see you, my breath stops, if I don’t talk to you, my day does not gets complete, you have spread your special raita in my heart, you taught me to love, you taught me that love and relationships does not include deal but it includes DIL, they are not deal, you made me ISHQBAAZ Anika……. You made me ISHQBAAZ.” He completed and found his Anika staring him with tears in her eyes. “You are again shedding tears at this happy moment?” he said making a pout. “Thank You Shivay, I never expected that someday that someone special of my life will uttr these words for me, I LOVE YOU TOO Shivay…… never leave me and if I leave you just bring me back, show me your tadi, scold me if needed then be angry with me but never stop talking to me, never push me out of your life again, I would die the next time…….” Again the same antique got followed by Shivay to stop his wife, his heart from speaking much. They broke apart and Anika said making a pout “you cannot follow my trick like this”. “I can… now can we go back your temperature is very high and see the time it’s already 2:30. Let’s go everyone must be waiting for us at home.” Shivay said. Anika nodded her head in assurance and got up but Shivay was in no mood to trouble her more so he put up her in bridal style and went towards the car sharing a deep, eternal, beautiful eyelock.

Soon they reached Oberoi Mansion. Everyone was waiting for them. They welcomed Anika by hugging her. Pinky came at last and apologized. “Pinky aunty…. You are like my mother, in fact I considered you as my mother every time but you did all this…. I don’t know whether I can forgive you or not but will surely try to, please can you grant me some time for that?” Anika said and asked folding her hands infront of Pinky. Now Pinky moved towards Shivay for his forgiveness. Shivay said “Mom…. I know you did this out of your insecurity but you did wrong and you fell so low that we can’t forgive you so easily, we will surely try to do so but I am not sure about it.” Dadi spoke at last “Pinky your deeds brought you to this place, just one advice, believe on time… time heals everything.”

Everyone departure to their respective rooms. Shivika went to theirs. As soon Shivay got inside he locked the door. He came near Anika and hugged her “I LOVE YOU” he spoke. “I LOVE YOU TOO”. Shivay continued while hugging her “Anikaaa… don’t you think we should start thinking about Shivika and Ansh now?” “what???? Leave me” Anika answered blushing at her husband’s comment. Shivay left her to look at the tomato red face. “Why?? I should leave you? I think we should darling” Shivay now again spoke in a teasing tone. Anika freed her from his hold and ran towards the wash room.

After she and he got freshened up both of them lied on the bed. Shivay was brushing his hands on Anika’s hairs so that she falls asleep soon. Every time she is opening her eyes to look at her Shivay she is getting scolded by him. He is teaching her like a kid. Soon she fell asleep. Shivay planted a small kiss on her forehead and also slept wrapping her in his arms.

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