Sense of belonging to love (KKB) teaser

Ok guys this is a teaser as I don’t have time today! Thanks for the understanding and supportive words in the last updates! I will try to reply u all soon!


Emotions are to express to each other but what if emotions are not expressed instead, they are being suppressed……..

Abhi was sitting beside Pragya in a bench (Just like the picture in the montage)

Abhi looked at Pragya and she was also looking at him secretly. Abhi, Why can’t she tell me in words about her emotions? Why does she have to look at me like this?

Pragya, Words are not enough to tell what my emotions are and that’s why I have to look at u like this…..It’s not my wish to look at u like this…..It’s just that I have no choice…….No choice to express my emotions to you…..

Abhi, If she is not expressing then how would I know? I can’t let her suppress her emotions…..

Pragya, Sometimes emotions are better to be suppressed as it won’t hurt others….It would be hurting when they are expressed…..My eyes are expressing those emotions that u have to know. I think that is enough. Just be my support and my suppressed emotions will be evaded easily…..

Both were in those thoughts, when someone came there to tell “I wished that both of u all never met before!” Abhi “I wished that you could have told this in a better way…..” Pragya “I wished I could have not been here always in all ways…..” Abhi looked at Pragya with pain in his eyes as her words hurt him like never before.

Pragya was about to leave when Abhi held her by hand firmly. Abhi “If u want to leave then u shouldn’t have entered my life in the first place! There is no way for u to leave me Mrs Pragya Abhishek Mehra and that too always in all ways! Did u get that?” Pragya was shocked and blurted out “ I am not your wife to force me not to leave!” Abhi “You are and I have fixed that in my mind!” Pragya “But I didn’t…so just let me leave!” Someone “Is this the time for both of u to argue?” Abhi “I know it’s not the time but I can’t leave her like this…..” Pragya couldn’t bear the things that is happening around her which made her to faint in his arms leaving Abhi tensed…….

In another day of Abhigya,

Abhi opened a door and saw Pragya frantically searching for something that belong to Abhi. Abhi “If u want to find something that belongs to me, then first u have to belong to me! If not u can’t find that easily!” Pragya “My sense of belonging is for so many things and I just can’t belong to u alone!” Abhi “I never restrict u in any way….It’s u who is always restricting yourself!” Pragya threw some of his belongings at him. As for Abhi, he was smiling and trying to move here and there to avoid getting hurt by her throwing of objects!

What happened?? Please wait for the upcoming updates that will reveal the happenings……..The teaser is most probably for one of the updates in the upcoming week!

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