Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 8

Pragya woke up and smiled broadly realising how well Abhi made her sleep the last night with his lullaby. She thought why not he can make her sleep every night in her life? How is that possible when he is did not even accept her as his friend whole heartedly? With that thoughts she went to freshen up.

Abhi on the other hand was thinking what made her to tell something like that about craziness? Did she told that casually? He was about to get changed and that’s when he heard someone knocking his door. Abhi, I know it’s her only! He went to open the door and thought why should he even open the door now? He didn’t want to hear her baks baks early in the morning. But his heart couldn’t let her wait for her so he hesitantly opened the door.

Pragya was all freshen up and dressed up in a pink saree. Abhi was amazed by her looks as she was looking very pleasant. Pragya “ May I come in?” Abhi “ Haan why not?” Pragya “ I can only come in if u give way….” Abhi was dumbstruck by her beauty in saree and that’s why he never even give way for her to move inside the room. Abhi smiled and moved away for her to enter his room. Pragya pointing to couch asked “Can I sit here?” Abhi “Ok!” Pragya “U can sit on your bed right?” Abhi, Stop admiring her Abhi! Where is your control? Ok don’t look at her like that! Look her like your friend! Ya that would be fine!

Pragya “ I want to ask you something before I leave….” Abhi “ What?” Pragya “ You had hurt your right hand yesterday?” Abhi was amazed and wondered how did she knew that he hurt his right hand as he got hurt at his workplace. Abhi “Yes but how did u know?” Pragya “I saw yesterday when u brought me from the park to my room, u never used your right hand to hold me. Instead you used your left hand. You made sure u never used your right hand even when u reached my room”. Abhi was now lost for words as he never expected her to notice so much about him. Pragya “ Take care and that’s why I brought this ointment for you and this will reduce the pain”. Abhi “ Thank you!” Pragya “ Ok I am leaving…” Abhi “ Wait! I want to ask you something!” Pragya “ You want to ask me something?” Abhi “Ya anything wrong in that?” Pragya “Nothing wrong but what is there to ask someone who always do senseless things?” Abhi felt somewhat sad when she referred to herself doing senseless things. Abhi “Leave all that! I want to ask you….is anything bothering u? U can tell me like a friend!” Pragya looked at him with a unexplainable worry in her face. She asked “ Like a friend? I thought u said u would talk to me as a friend few days back”. Abhi mentally slapped himself for saying that and said “ Yes I know but u really can share with me. U can trust me as I really feel that u are bothered about something” Pragya “ You feel? How do u feel that?” Abhi “ Through your facial expressions! Just like how u find my hand pain through my actions”. Pragya “ Feelings are meant to be felt through something that is always filled with feelings and not through facial expressions….” Abhi “What do u mean?” Pragya “ I felt your pain not only through your actions. But u felt that I only find your pain through that! This itself shows that u still never accepted me as your friend!” Abhi “ I really can’t understand what u are trying to say! Can u just talk straight to the point!” Pragya “I have to leave now and bye!” Abhi “ Please leave! I didn’t expect to get confused and that too early in the morning!” Pragya had tears in her eyes hearing that. She controlled herself from not crying and left his room.

Abhi, What is she made up of? Craziness and confusion! All to the maximum levels!

Abhi asked the receptionist “Where is the girl who stayed beside my room?” Receptionist “She checked out yesterday itself!” Abhi realised the reason for Pragya to be dressed up and came to talk to him. Now he remembered why she was keep on repeating I am leaving.

If she can leave him. Will he leave her too?

Sorry for the late update as I am completely filled with assignments around me!
Some of u all asked me whether u all can call me di in one of my prev update! It’s my pleasure and feel free to do so!
Ani! I am Telugu but learnt Tamil here as in Singapore,Telugu is not a learning language here! So my Tamil is better than Telugu.
Thank u for all your comments in the updates so far and it’s my pleasure that all of u are reading! Hope it’s interesting!

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  1. Princesskrisha

    Awesome Maya di loved it pls post next part soon

  2. Superb episode???? why abhi s doing like this??omg pragya??lovely update sissy??????❤❤❤ keep rocking eagerly waiting for ur nxt update ??❤❤????

  3. B_Ani

    very nice didi. actually i am too telugu. i live in chennai, so my tamil is also way tooo better than telugu. but i really love telugu alot. and coming to today’s epi it was very nice but i am little sad about abhi’s behaviour. very bad fellow. then waiting for the next as you created suspense at last by your precap. so come back soon.

    1. I am also Telugu… And maya Di very nice story..

  4. Wow epi nice Maya…so sad for prags…

  5. Sabeenia

    Superb maya…….u know tamil…rite…??

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  7. haha loss of words again suga what to do you are rocking in every terms yr JHKAAS

  8. Mukundraj

    really nice pls update next part soon

  9. Awesome episode yaar bt really at last abhi’s behaviour to pragya is quite hurting…

  10. Awesome!??

  11. What to say ..i am in luv with ur writings yr …???????????????????and i can’t comment …because i read it as a silent reader …?And i really enjoyed it a silent fan …but u ..IB…always force mai say that u r such a IB …luved it to the core yr …waiting eagerly for next chapters….?????

  12. ????????????????????????? Truly spectacular! I loved every bit of it ?????

  13. Superb maya..u r awesome

  14. Saranya24

    As usual u rockd it akka muuaah nice feelng sad fr pragz hope he realises soon loved it love u akka?????

  15. Supperrrb di…lt was an awsome episode….l really love your ffs di…They are always rocking…waiting for the next part…take u di…keep writing… 😀 :-* 😉

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