Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 7

Abhi was preparing to go somewhere. That’s when he looked out at the window. Abhi smiled looking at the sight. It was Pragya who was playing with some kids in the playground. Abhi thought, She is still behaving like a kid at this age! Jumping around with kids and laughing with them! Seriously she is not in her senses at all!
Pragya just looked up casually and saw Abhi looking at her. She waved her hand and he immediately turned behind. Pragya, Huh?? I just waved my hand right? He too can wave back! Why is he so rude and he just turned back! If he can look and admire me then why not just wave and say a hi to me?
Abhi, Now u are dead Abhi! The next time she meet you then she will surely ask, Why you turned back when I said Hi to you? Who knows she would even say that I never said hi to your back but u are so rude and all! Just have to be prepared to stand her bak bak!
He got ready and after a few minutes he left his room. He did not met her on his way out from the hotel which made him feel a bit relieved. He did wonder where was she as he thought he would bump into her.
Time passed and for the whole day Abhi was busy with his work and never returned to the hotel. He only returned in the night. Abhi, So tiring after a long day! I just want to go and sleep man!
He went to his room and changed to a comfortable wear before going off to sleep. Just when he was about to close the curtains of the window, He saw her at the bench. Abhi, What is she still doing there? It’s already 10 pm and she still haven’t sleep yet! What is this craziness? Shall I go and ask her? Wait! Why do I need to care? Abhi! Maybe she is not feeling sleepy and she wants to be there for a while…..
With that thoughts in mind, he went to sleep. A few hours later, he woke up in the middle of the night to drink water. He looked at the window again and was surprised to see her still at the sitting position. Abhi, How long is she going to sit like that? And that too when it is so cold outside in the night!
Abhi went down and walked towards her. She was lost in some thoughts and never realised his presence. Abhi sat beside her and she still didn’t realised his presence. Abhi “ Pragya!!!!” Pragya “Huh?” Abhi “ Good that u know that I am here now!” Pragya covering herself with duppata looked at him. Abhi “Why u still haven’t sleep?” Pragya “Not sleepy! I can’t sleep for quite sometime!” Abhi “Really? I thought you are always filled with craziness and that itself will make u tired to fall asleep!” Pragya “Yes I do have craziness but that doesn’t mean it will make me tired!” Abhi “Then it makes u filled with so much of happiness that it makes u sleepless ah?” Pragya “Not all craziness is showing that you are filled with happiness. Craziness could be filled with cries too. The cries for happiness that you are yearning for….” Abhi didn’t expect that kind of reply from her and he could feel her words have something else that is filled with hidden meanings. Abhi “I don’t know what is bothering u but if u don’t mind then I have a solution for your sleep!” Pragya with excitement “Really?” Abhi “Yes! Come with me!” Pragya with confusion “To your room?” Abhi “Excuse me! To your room as u always sleep in your room!” Pragya “Just kidding! I thought maybe you want to change my environment of the sleeping place!” Abhi “Keep quiet! And just come with me to your room!” Pragya was about to say something before that he dragged her from there to Pragya’s room. Abhi “Ok Pragya! You lie down on your bed and I will just sit beside you on this chair!” Pragya “What are you going to do?” Abhi “Nothing crazy as you are thinking! I am always in my senses!” Pragya smiled and said “That I know!” Abhi “Enough of your talks! Just lie down and do as I say!” Pragya gave a pout and nodded her head in response. She laid on the bed wondering what is he trying to do. Abhi “Ok now just close your eyes and listen to what I say and do that!” Pragya “What should I do?” Abhi “ First stop talking!” Pragya was now thinking, huh? I can’t talk! How can I not talk? Abhi “Ok now u just have to listen to my voice! Your full concentration on my voice and nothing else! Just nod your head if you get what I am saying!” Pragya nodded her head and Abhi admired her cute expression of being confused. Abhi opened the window of the room after switching off the lights and sat beside her. Pragya, What is he going to do?
Abhi started to sing a lullaby for Pragya…..
jaamuraathiri jaabilamma, jola paadana ila
jorugaalilo jaaji komma, jaaraneeyake kala
vayyari vaalu kallalona, varaala vendi poola vaana
Like the moon of the early light, shall I sing a lullaby like this
Oh jasmine twig, with the strong winds, don’t let the dream slip
In the gracious beautiful eyes, there is silver rain of tears

swaraala ooyaloogu vela
jaamuraathiri jaabilamma, jola paadana ila
kuhu kuhu saraagaale shruthuluga, kusalama ane sneham piluvaga
kila kila sameepinche sadulatho, prathi podha padalevo palukaga

At a time when the swaras sway back and forth
The moon of the early light, shall I sing a lullaby like this
The sounds of cuckoo, with such sounds as srutis, frienship is asking about the well being
With some noises approaching, every bush is trying to say some word

kunuku raaka butta bomma gubulugundhani

vanamu lechi vaddakochi nidrapuchchani

jaamuraathiri jaabilamma, jola paadana ila

manasulo bhayaalanni marichipo, magathalo maro lokam teruchuko

kalalatho usha theeram vethukuthoo, nidaratho nisha rani nadichipo

The doll is unhappy because she is unable to sleep
let the forest come and put her to sleep
Like the moon of the early light, shall I sing a lullaby like this
forget all the fears you hold in your heart, open up a new world in your sleep
with you dreams, keep searching for a beautiful shores, while sleeping forget the unhappiness

chitika lona chikkabadda katika cheekati

karigipoka thappadamma udaya kaanthiki

jaamuraathiri jaabilamma, jola paadana ila

jorugaalilo jaaji komma, jaaraneeyake kala

vayyari vaalu kallalona, swaraala ooyaloogu vela

In an instant everything turned pitch dark
But, it has no choice but to melt with the sunrise
Like the moon of the early light, shall I sing a lullaby like this
Oh jasmine twig, with the strong winds, don’t let the dream slip
In the gracious beautiful eyes, there is silver rain of tears

Pragya did fall asleep and she felt as if he was the forest that put her to sleep like mentioned in the lullaby. Indeed to her, he was something more than she expected of. As for Abhi, he felt that behind her childish and crazy character there is something hidden which he wants to find out. Will he be able to find that out?

So how was this? Hope u all like it and this update is a special dedication to Maahi! As it’s her birthday today! Happy Birthday Maahi! Always keep smiling and rock like your sweetheart (Abhi aka Shabbir)! I have added a song after a long time and that too on your birthday! So hope u like it! Have a blast today! I always cherish every single comment u have given for all my ffs so far! The way u show enjoyment through your comments make me enjoyable too! I like positivity and I really got a lot from you and your comments and that’s why I dedicate this special update to u! Hope u get more peace and positivity in your life! May all your dreams and wishes will come true with god’s blessings!

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