Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 6

Pragya looked out from her window. She looked at the moon and thought, I have seen this moon many times. Moon is the same only but the way we look the moon depends on our mood. I don’t know why today I feel the moon is lifting up my mood! Is it because of him? But wait! I thought love happens gradually but why is it happening so fast in my case? Hmm something is not right! Am I really out of senses like he said? Is this why I came here too? Why do I have so many questions but no answer? Like what he said is he my problem and solution? Oh god! I just need to sleep now if not I will continue to ask myself with non-stop questions! With the never ending questions in her mind she dozed off to sleep.

The next day…..
Abhi didn’t really cared about her but made a mental note that he won’t give any attention to her when he meets her next time. Pragya, How to gain his attention? What if I do like that? No that is something serious! How about like this? No! This is like not with any liking! She looked out of the window again and said “ Eureka! I got it!”
Abhi who was still in his room with someone who he always share all his problems with was sensing something weird when his friend pointed out to him to look at the window. Abhi was shocked seeing that. He came closer to the window and shook his head again at Pragya’s madness! Abhi “She is just mad! His friend “Yes she is mad about you…..” Abhi heard that and said “ This can’t happen! She can’t belong to me when I myself is feeling lost about so many things in my life!” His friend “ Maybe she can clear your lost feelings….” Abhi “ Ridiculous! You know right? I don’t like getting lost in feelings and that too love!” His friend “ It’s nothing wrong to have lost feelings as long it don’t hurt others!” Abhi “ What if it hurts yourself? Which I am going through! You can’t deny that and I don’t want to hear anything from u so just stop blabbering! and leave me alone!” Someone “ You are always alone and how does it matter now?” Abhi stared at the person with full of anger in his eyes. His friend “ You are always like this and u will never change!” He slammed the room’s door and left as for Abhi he was still angry at Pragya for her madness.
So what Pragya did? She actually used a helicam and operated it to be outside his window with a light weight signboard attached on it saying I SENSE YOU! Do U?

Pragya, Why is he so angry? From what I have done isn’t it cute? I never even said I Love you! It was just I sense you! Then why is he so angry? I should have bought the helicam with audio function! I am such a fool and now I can’t figure out what he was talking about! But what’s the use even if I bought that still the window is closed!

Abhi, Let me show her that what is doing is all totally madness!
He went out and knocked at her door. Pragya, Oh no! Mr Angry bird is here! How do I escape now? Why should I escape? Ya I want him to come and compliment me right? Yes Pragya just open and smile at him! It will make him Mr Awesome!
She went to open the door and was taken aback when he just stormed inside her room and locked the door!

Abhi yelled “ What you want? You want me?” Pragya “ No…I mean Yes…” Abhi in a anger tone “Yes or no? Say it properly!” Pragya started to cry hearing his loud voice….As for Abhi he didn’t expected it and said “ So now u are crying like a baby?” Pragya in a weeping tone“ Not only babies cry….but baby like girls like me also cry…..” Abhi couldn’t hide his smile hearing that and said “ Listen Ms whoever you are! You see I can’t even remember your name! Ok I think u just liked my writings so much that u are imagining yourself to be in love. But listen carefully. I am not interested in all this and just ignore your imaginations and get back to reality! The reality is there is nothing like love and all! It’s just your imagination!” Pragya wiping her tears said “ Then how can u write with so much of love?” Abhi “ It’s just a very random thing that I did to kill my boredom! I never expressed anything with love! So why don’t you just forget about it! Please!” Pragya thought for a while and looked at him. Pragya “ Ok I will forget what I have read but……” Abhi “ But?” Pragya “ What if it happens in reality?” Abhi “If it happens then I will tell u! Ok?” Pragya smiled and thought to herself, I will make it happen if I get a chance but I am just rushing it which made u angry!

Abhi “ Ok so no more funny things ah?” Pragya “ Ok no! But….” Abhi with irritation“ Again another But!” Pragya “ This is the last but!” Abhi gave a smile and asked“ Ok what is your but about now?” Pragya “ But what if I just talk to you like a friend?” Abhi “ Friend ah?” Pragya “ Ya! You said no love so I can’t talk to u as a lover! But as a friend it’s ok right?” Now Abhi was in thoughts and after a while said “ Ok but only until we stay in this hotel!” Pragya “ Sure that is more than enough for me!” By saying that she hugged him and said “ Thank u friend!” Abhi pushed her away and said “ What is this?” Pragya “ Friendly hug!” Abhi “ No hugs!” Pragya “Which century are u in? Everyone hugs each other nowadays as long your mind is clear with no dirty thoughts!” Abhi “ Excuse me! I don’t have any thoughts like that u are referring to!” Pragya “Then give me a friendly hug!” Abhi reluctantly gave her a hug and Pragya, This feels good! Yes I need to move fast like this with my smartness! Abhi broke from the hug and said “ Ok bye!” Pragya “ Bye! By the way my name is Pragya!” Abhi “ Oh ok Pragya! My name is Abhi!” Pragya “ Ok Angry bird aka AB!” Abhi “ What?? Angry Bird?” Pragya “ Ya u always look like that! Ok just leave now AB. I think this name is 2 in 1! AB for Abhi Boy and Angry Bird!” Abhi “ You are totally out of your senses at all times!” Pragya “ Thank u for the compliment AB!” Abhi “ Ok bye!” With that he went to his room and thought, This Pragya is totally mad and that too for me! I just have to maintain a decent distance with her. She is fun but I can’t handle that! But her hug did disturbed me so I have to avoid that hugs! I felt like some gentle breeze was blowing on me when she hugged me! How is that possible?

Pragya, Nothing is impossible when we think it’s possible! So I will show him that now! I sense that he is in all my senses! Why do I sense like that? I also don’t know and I don’t care why I don’t know too! But I really feel I am moving so fast in this! That is what I am very concerned about………

Not all craziness is showing that you are filled with happiness. Craziness could be filled with cries too. The cries for happiness that you are yearning for….

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    maya di…what to say. it was awesome. i have no words. it was very gud. i am loving this.
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