Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 50


Abhi was really annoyed with Pragya’s punishment….Abhi, What is she thinking ah? Like seriously she never even proved me what she had to but she is giving me a punishment like this!!

Abhi told Pragya to first prove then only he would do her punishment. Pragya was annoyed by that but she knew he was right.

Then one day,

Pragya went to Abhi’s room secretly when he was not at home. Pragya, Thank god! He is not at home, Aunty is sleeping and Uncle is out too! Now I can do this….She went to his closet and arranged something and came out of it. She was shocked to see him suddenly!
Pragya, Oh god! How did he came here? I thought he said he will be out for the whole day na….
Abhi with a suspicious look asked “What are u doing here?” Pragya started to stammer “Wo…here..i…mean…here…just…” Abhi “Hmm…don’t say u are here to just see!” Pragya in a loud voice said “Haan! Yes I am here to just see!” Abhi raising his eyebrows asked “See what?” Pragya fidgeting with the ends of her duppata said “ Oh I came to see how is this room…I mean going to be our room na…that’s why….” She gave a very pleasant smile trying to manage as much as possible. Abhi “Really? Very difficult to believe….you are so much interested to see this room ah?” Pragya walked closer to him and seductively said “Of course as u are going to be mine and I should know na….like how to manage u in our room….” Abhi “So now u are not mine?” Pragya “Not like that….but officially u are going to be mine….” She wrapped her hands around his neck making Abhi to feel nervous!
Abhi “Move away!” Pragya “Why AB? U don’t like me closer to u ah?” Abhi “I like but u are now playing with me! I know that!” Pragya now hugging him said “So smart u are! I only have u to play with na….That’s why….” Abhi “After marriage u will have our kids to play with… Now leave from here….” Pragya blushed hearing that and broke from the hug….Pragya “I am waiting for that AB….” She said that and walked backwards just by looking at him….Abhi “You are completely crazy….” Pragya was keep on smiling and said “Always for u….I will only leave from here not from your heart…..” Abhi was also smiling in joy.
Pragya, Oh my god! Never did I expect that he would come like this suddenly! But great job Pragya u managed it so well….Now I just have to make sure he doesn’t follow me…..If he followed then my plan to prove will fail again!

From that day onwards, Pragya was trying to go out more often especially when Abhi is not around at home. She thought no one will tell him as she had told about her plans to Aunty and Uncle…But unfortunately Robin had mentioned to Abhi that Pragya have been going out frequently which made Abhi curious.
Abhi, Today I will follow her and I will know where she is going these days….

He purposely left house early so that Pragya also can leave early. Abhi managed to follow Pragya while she was walking on some crowded streets….Abhi, Why is she here? It looks so crowded and what if she gets lost?

In a crowded place, it is very difficult to keep track of a person’s activities and that’s what happened. Abhi, Now I can’t even see where is she!!! I lost track of her now!!
Pragya was in fact following him as she had saw him through a mirror in the street shop. Abhi suddenly felt someone patted his back and he looked back. Pragya “What are u doing here?” Abhi “Nothing and by the way why are u following me?” Pragya asked “Very funny! I followed u?” Abhi smiled sheepishly and didn’t tell anything…..Before Pragya could tell anything, Abhi said “Don’t tell anything…Just follow me….” He said that by pointing his hand towards a direction. Pragya looked at there and was shocked. Abhi held her hands to follow them.

Pragya “Is that Aunty and Uncle following us?” Abhi looking at their direction “Ssshh…” Pragya got annoyed by him making her silent and she had no choice but remained silently to follow them. Pragya was only thinking, How long will they walk like this…..I am already feeling tired!
Abhi and Pragya hid behind a street shop and Abhi was hugging Pragya while still looking at his parents.
Pragya “Why are we here now? Why can’t we just go and ask them?” Abhi “Ssssh…just follow me!” Pragya got irritated now but couldn’t do anything about it too.
Abhi whispered “I thought they were following us….but no…they are going somewhere…” Pragya “Ya u are right! Look there they are entering the house there….” Abhigya were keep on observing them and waited until they left the house. They left the house locking the door.

Abhi looking at Pragya said “Come let’s go and see what is inside the house!” Pragya “Are u sure?” Abhi “Yes! Ma and Dad have never hide anything from me until now….But now if they are hiding something means it’s something not right Pragya….” Pragya agreed to him by nodding her head in response.

Abhigya came in front of the small house and looked around if anyone is looking at them. Pragya “It’s locked right? How are we going to enter now?” Abhi was thinking and looking around. Pragya “What are u looking for?” Abhi “Ssssh…just follow me!” Pragya “Why are u keep on saying the same thing? It’s so annoying yaar…” Abhi “I am annoying Abhi na so I will only talk like this….” Pragya had nothing to say and just followed him. Abhi took a small rock over there and was trying to break the lock with force. Pragya asked “May I help u?” Abhi looked at her mockingly and asked “Like seriously? This is not the time to joke with me….” Abhi by saying that managed to break the lock and both entered the house. Pragya “It’s so….so…dark here…” Abhi “Haan ya…” She was holding his hands very tightly in nervousness. Suddenly something dropped on the floor which made Pragya to faint in fear and Abhi hold her before she was about to fell onto the ground. Abhi, This LF is so weak…just for a sound she fainted!

After a while,
The place was still dark and Abhi made her lie on his lap and tried to wake her up. Finally, she gained consciousness. Pragya “Where are we AB?” Abhi “How would I know? Only thing I know is this is somebody’s house…” Pragya “Huh? You also don’t know where we are? Then how did we ended up here?” Abhi “You followed me…then I followed u….after that they followed us….and when we followed them we ended up here!” Pragya in a puzzled look said “Now I don’t follow your words….I just feel so scared now!” Abhi “You think I am not scared? I am also scared LF….that’s why I am holding your hand so tightly!!!” Pragya “I know u are literally pinching my hand in fear!”
Abhi made her stand up and both tried to figure out where was the switch to on the lights. Pragya “I have a doubt now…” Abhi “Is this the time for your doubt? Ssssh…just follow me…” Pragya was stubborn and didn’t want to walk further…Abhi “Why are u so stubborn now? Just follow me…” Pragya “Answer my doubt first! Then I will walk with u!” Abhi “Ok baba…just ask your doubt!” Pragya “Do u have your phone with u?” Abhi “Haan…why?” Pragya “Then use the phone’s flashlight to see the things clearly here….” Abhi “Oh ya right!” He used the flashlight in his phone and both managed to see some switches and tried to on the lights. The light came and they were stunned to see whose house was that. Abhi walked towards the portrait that was hanging on the wall and kneeled in shock. Pragya too kneeled down beside him. She looked at the portrait with a lot of thoughts….
It was a portrait of Abhi but that was not revealing whose house was that but the signature on it revealed that it was drawn by Tanya…..Tanya used to draw portraits of her loved ones and gift them as a present….

There were also photos of her and Abhi in the house making it obvious that it was Tanya’s house.
Pragya saw him being lost in thoughts but something caught her attention in the house and she slowly not disturbing Abhi made her way to a room there. Pragya took it hide the paper by folding it multiple times.

She went out and saw Abhi crying holding onto the portrait. Pragya consoled him and said “Come let’s go….” Abhi “No….why Ma and Dad came here without informing me? I myself didn’t know where was her house until now….She never mention anything about where she lives….she always used to say she wants to live with me in my house….as she said in her house there is no sense of belonging to live…..” Pragya “I know AB….She always tell me the same thing too….Because she was living alone…she was eager to live with u….But then…..” Abhi “All that shouldn’t have happened Pragya…..she needed me badly….” He was keep on sobbing making Pragya also in tears and they stayed there for a while until Abhi said “Let’s go Pragya…Today I will ask my parents why they didn’t tell me about Tanya’s house when they knew where it was!” Pragya “But AB if they are hiding it means there should be some reason na….try to understand!” Abhi in a stern voice said “Whatever reason it is….it’s not fair of them hiding this from me!” Abhi walked away from there and Pragya too followed him…..

Back in the car both were silent and Pragya was just hoping that he shouldn’t be too harsh in his words while questioning Aunty and Uncle…..
Abhigya reached their house and Abhi rushed to his parent’s room and stopped at the door step hearing to his parent’s conversation. Their room was slightly opened and their conversation could be heard. Shanti ma “I know we are hiding this from Abhi but…..if we told him the truth then he will surely hate us!” Ram “Shanti…He is an understanding person and he will surely understand that it was not our fault!” Shanti ma “I know him better….he loved her so much and u saw him right? How badly depressed he was until Pragya came in his life recently….We shouldn’t have gave our car to the rash driver and the worst thing was Tanya’s accident happened because of our car!! We killed our bahu! What can be worse than this??” Ram consoled Shanti ma who was in crying heavily and Abhi was shocked to the core hearing all this……
Ram “Shanti…yes I know we are one of the reason for her death…but it was not done purposely….I too have regrets but now u see fate has made Tanya to be in the form of Pragya….that is what matters….Even initially u disagreed Pragya to be our bahu….but then u agreed seeing the same love that was present in Abhi for Tanya…..You felt that now Pragya is in the place of Tanya….For now what we can do is taking care of Pragya just like the way we wished to take care of Tanya….” Shanti ma “All this I know but please don’t tell Abhi about the accident…and how Tanya wished us to take care of her house….” Ram “Ok but one day he will surely get to know about all this….That day we have to face him and accept the truth….” Pragya was also there beside Abhi hearing all this and both were speechless….
Pragya stopped him from entering the room and pulled him to his room. She locked the door. Abhi “Why did u stopped me? I wanted to talk to them!” Pragya “What u want to talk to them?” Abhi in anger said “How can they hide all this until now? They are so…..” Pragya “AB they are so scared of losing u….if u think u have lost Tanya because of them then it’s wrong…..What happened is even a shock to them and that too until now! At least u have recovered from your shock with my presence….but look at them AB….they are still regretting for the mistake that they are not even responsible for….yes the car was theirs but they didn’t drive na….AB if u still want to talk to them then it’s up to u!” Abhi “Ok I won’t talk to them….but….don’t u think I should let them know that we know this truth?” Pragya “For what? To make them feel bad?….didn’t u see how sad Aunty was feeling…If u still insist maybe we can tell this to Uncle but not to Aunty as she doesn’t want u to know about this….I know how much u love your parents and please let them live peacefully by just forgetting that we know all this….You know that their happiness and peacefulness all lies on our relationship towards them….After all they only have us to rely on….” Abhi hearing that was emotional and hugged Pragya…..

After that Abhigya, decided not to reveal that they knew the truth to Shanti ma and Ram as they felt sometimes leaving a truth that is known to be unknown is the only way to live life peacefully…..

After a few weeks,

Abhigya were happily married and one fine day, Abhi was yelling from his closet….
Abhi “Pragya! Pragya! What have u done here?” Pragya rushing to him asked “What have I done?” Abhi “When did u hide all my childhood photos here ah?” Pragya “Oh…For this u are shouting like this?” Abhi “Of course! And that too the photos that I look fat!” Pragya “Excuse me! It’s not fat…It’s called chubby!” She was keep on smiling making Abhi annoyed again. Abhi “Why did u keep all this here ah?” Pragya with a hesitation said “Wo….it was part of my plan to prove…..” Abhi with curiosity asked “How?” Pragya “You remember I went to the storeroom that day…it was to collect this photos and I thought of saying to u with the photos that I want kids like u….for that I have to live with u forever…..” After telling that she turned crimson red and looked at Abhi with shyness….Abhi chuckled hearing to that and hugged her. Abhi “Actually I know u didn’t prove until now but it’s ok….this proving plan is also interesting…..”

Abhi “Ok I shall take part in your proving plan once I am back from work! Until then wait for me!” Pragya “ U first get ready for work and stop thinking about this!!!” Pragya went out of the closet and Abhi smiled widely at her shyness.
Pragya, I didn’t want to prove him after reading Tanya’s letter…It was a letter which made me understand that AB is still the same just like how he was with Tanya…..I felt that it would be better if I followed Tanya’s words…..

Tanya’s letter:
I don’t know why I am writing this….just felt like writing this to express my feelings….I always have this habit of expressing my feelings through writing or drawing….Today I felt like writing this letter….Abhi today asked me to prove him how much I love him! I was surprised by that question….He said he will wait for me to prove….I am also trying hard to prove but I felt why do I need to prove? I belong to him only… whenever my heart beats it’s just his name that I can hear….That much I love him….If I tell him all this in words it sounds very unreal….I can’t say to him that I don’t want to prove him as he will give a sad face that makes me sad too…Funny guy he is! He always trap others with his facial expressions….What I want to do is show him that I am going to live with him with all my sense of belonging to love him…. Only to love him…..
End of letter

This is what was written in the letter that Pragya took from Tanya’s home and hid it from Abhi.
Now Pragya was loving Abhi to prove that all her sense of belonging is only to love him. For that she decided to live with him without leaving him forever…..

For everything we love to do or love to live with, we always have the sense of belonging towards it. Without sense of belonging it is difficult to live with love and it is very easy to leave the love. We should feel we belong to what we love. In that way, Abhi’s strong sense of belonging to love Pragya made him not leave her from his life…..As for Pragya now her sense of belonging to love Abhi will make her live with him in his life…..That is how the sense of belonging to love explains how much it plays a part to live with loved ones and to leave loved ones….


That’s about it to this ff and I am not sure how u all feel about the ending….maybe it’s not that satisfying but hopefully it makes sense and thanks for all the support! Coming up with new ff or finishing the pending ones all depends on my brain’s capacity to think….Thank u for all the valuable comments and hope to see silent readers’ comments! Once again thank u for the wonderful support!

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