Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 5

Abhi after setting up his stuff in his room, decided to go to have his lunch at the near by restaurant. He never realised that Pragya was actually following him as he was busy in checking his phone. Pragya, Calm down! You just have to be calm and peaceful just like the way he described in his writings. Why do I feel it’s difficult to follow him like this? It feels as if I am going to fall on him at any moment!

Abhi reached the restaurant with Pragya still following him. He sat on a seat and Pragya just sat opposite to him. Abhi looked at her surprisingly. On the other hand, she smiled at him. Abhi “ Excuse me! May I know why are you here and that too opposite me?” Pragya “Definitely not to fool you!” Abhi “ What?” Pragya looked at him and smiled widely again which made Abhi felt awkward. Abhi “ You carry on having your meals here and I shall just make a move!” Pragya “Wait! Wait! I am actually here….” Abhi “ What? And why are u just giving that goofy smile?” Pragya “ You like that?” Abhi “ No! It’s very weird!” Pragya “ Weird just like how I weirdly wished to be that girl that you have described in your writing…..” Abhi was shocked and said “ What?? Are you out of your senses? It’s just a story!” Pragya “ Haan it’s a story that made me to be out of my senses and….” Abhi “ And?” Pragya closed her eyes and said “ Sense that I am sensing your senses in it!” Abhi found her totally unreasonable. He drank the glass of water from the table to calm him down. Abhi, What is she? Why is she talking like this? Abhi “ Ok fine! What do you want now?” Pragya “ First let me tell you why I am here! I am here not to impress or depress you….But I am here to express my feelings to you!” Abhi “ What feelings do you want to express to a stranger like me?” Pragya “ You are strange but not a stranger to me!” Abhi, What is she trying to say? And why is she now standing up? What is she trying to do? Can someone save me from her! Pragya who was now standing came nearer to where he was sitting and he was thinking of how to escape from her! Abhi “ Hey look there! Someone is calling you!” Pragya “ Yes I know it’s your heart that is calling me!” Abhi, What? She is completely mad! Abhi faster do something to escape from her! Pragya then laughed at his face which is full of fear. Abhi was taken aback of her sudden laughter and was now looking confused. Abhi “ Are u mad? Why are u laughing like this and do u even see that others are looking at us?” Pragya “ I just wanted to make u sense something special when I am near you!” Abhi “ Special? I thought you were trying to give me a heart attack!” Pragya “ Heart attack? How can I attack your heart when I want it to belong it to me?” Abhi was now even more puzzled. Abhi, She is totally mad now. Abhi very quickly stood up and she was very near to him now. He also realised their closeness and he got lost in her eyes. Pragya “ Lost right?” Abhi nodded his head in response. Pragya “ Then it’s love right?” Abhi again nodded his head and then realised what she was asking and said NO!!! Pragya “ No as in not lost or no love?” Abhi “ No for both! Just move away!” Pragya “ Ok I am moving now but only from here! Not from your heart!” Abhi shook his head in her ridiculous behaviour and walked off from there.

Pragya, What did I do? Oh no! I was supposed to be calm and peaceful but I was in the opposite way! What can I do? I am completely lost when he is near me! Now I have to convince him but how?? Can someone save me from his attack on me? His attack where I feel I am attacked with crazy love……………

Abhi looked out from his window and was shocked to see the sight before him! Abhi, She is just mad! Someone saying to him, yes she is mad about you…..Abhi heard that and said “ This can’t happen! She can’t belong to me when I myself is feeling lost about so many things in my life!” Someone “ Maybe she can clear your lost feelings….” Abhi “ Just stop blabbering! Leave me alone!” Someone “ You are always alone and how does it matter now?” Abhi stared at the person with full of anger in his eyes.

Thank u everyone for reading this and once again a crazy story from me. I think it’s the side effect of stress and worries….making me crazy in thoughts! Sorry for not replying but I really love all your comments and my senses are completely lost in them…..And sorry for the short updates too

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    1. Maya

      Thank u Lucky!??

  1. Hey Maya ithu varaikum vandha story la abhi prags pinnadi poi than pathuren ippa than different ah prags abhi pinnadi suthurathu pakren…seriously its different and crazy track yaar….???? love it

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      Haha its crazy but different aanu ennaku theriyala…parkalam eppadi ithu poguthunu??????Thanks for loving it??

  2. Awesome

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      Thank u Vigan for finding it awesome!

  3. s very nice will he start to fall for her.

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      He may or may not all depends on him iswarya…Thank u for finding it nice!

  4. Superb??

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  6. Really too cute pragya…

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    ohoh.. fuggi back of abhi… nice story..

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  9. superb episode di..waiting for next

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    1. Maya

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  10. No words at all ! DAMN Awesome Girl ! Hope u read My comments too . And Now i am running short of time . sorry or else u know how my comment would be ! I would comment again after completing the On going work ! Bye sissy !

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      I do read all comments it’s just that I read them very lately! To me its late becoz of the timing here! No problem cutie! Long or short I like any kind of comment from u! Take care and bye!

  11. Superbbbbbb update sissy ??????❤❤❤iam totally lost my senses in ur writings sissy❤?? just lovely??❤ pragya awsm awsm??❤❤???? loved to the core ❤❤❤keep rocking ??eagerly waiting for ur nxt update sissy ??

    1. Maya

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  12. Awesome but please update next part soon.

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      Thank u Sara! Will try but it depends on my brain’s performance!

  13. Awesome episode di …..u are always rocking….I have no words to express…very interesting as well superrb…just love it…hats of to u….keep writing…!!! 😉 :-*

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    ??awesome pragz loved it akka love u loads?????

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    that was awesome. waiting for the next one

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  17. Im his chashmish

    Extremely sry 4 thelate comment my pyaari didi sweet akka n cute cheachi luv this episode…… Pragya back of abhi…. Very nice akka …..

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      U think she is back of Abhi? Lets see??? Thanks for the lovely comment???? no sorry for the nxt time pls!!

  18. Maahi

    ??????????????????????i am cmptly lost nd dizz time i nvr wanna come backkkk love to b in ur magical world where i nvr bother abt any stress any prblms i dont evn think tht they r in my life bcoz i am lost in ur magic fr such extent hahahaha pragggyyyyy is tooo crazyyyy man but loving ur dizzz magic keeep rockinggg sia????????

    1. Maya

      Keep loving and i hope to make u forget all ur stress and problems! But as always i tell u there is no magic ??????its just some random logic????

  19. nice one i really like the way u have portrayed pragya’s character keep it up
    i should’nt be asking but i am very curious sorry for what i say but what is your age

    1. Maya

      Thank u for the compliment Prabhi! U are curious abt my age? Its 22! Hope ur curiosity is completed!

  20. I just loved this episode so much??? in this episode Pragya was funny?? and abhi got scared seeing Pragya lol?? loved it a lot…???

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      Ya Nin sisi she is funny ?? Thank u for loving it?????

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    Wow…….. Awesome……… My dear sweety princess…….. Rocking akka…….. I loved it to the core…. Million…… Uncountable……. You rocked it my dear double…….. Triple……… Rocking akka……… Love you a lottttttt loads of hugs and kisses to you ummmaaaaaaaa……… ????? ????

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  22. aai ga…. Pragya she made me remind a song today for sure and I want to dedicate it to you so have of please and accept it too….
    sona kitna sona hai
    soney jaisa tera man
    sun Zara sun kya kehti hai deewane dil ki dhadkan
    tu mera tu mera tu mera tu mera
    HERO NO 1…
    YES Maya is hero no 1 ???????Fantastic love you

    1. Maya

      Such a fantastic that only u can give???? but i am not hero no 1???? i do have deewane dil that i agree ????love u too???

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