Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 49


As days passed, Abhigya were busy in wedding preparations. For Abhi, he was constantly taunting Pragya for her incapability to prove him and for Pragya she was constantly planning to prove….

Pragya, Why? Why? Even Tommy is not helping me!! Tommy is also his side! He is so smart in trapping everyone….I have only few weeks before the wedding rituals begin! How am I going to trap him? Wait? Trap him to prove! Yes I got it! Hopefully this works out….Please God! Please help me!

Just then, Abhi called her to living room as all his relatives were there and Pragya felt nervous of seeing so many people….Abhi placing his hand around her shoulder whispered to her “Don’t be nervous….all are just here to see u….” Pragya smiled in return and greeted his relatives….she was thinking they are going to be my relatives soon…not really…it’s actually our relatives…..

After a few days,
Abhi “Where is this Pragya? I have been searching for so long and she is not anywhere to be found!! She is not in her room…not in the kitchen…not in the garden! Then where is she??” Abhi was getting tensed and that’s when he saw her coming out of the storeroom. Abhi “Why did u went inside the storeroom?” Pragya “Why I shouldn’t is it?” Abhi “Nothing like that…I was searching u for all this while…Ma wants u to see the wedding sarees and the ornaments…that’s why….” Pragya “Come on AB! I told u that I won’t leave u….Then why are u so tensed and worried? Yes I know I haven’t proved u but wait for it so that it can be worth it….” By saying that she winked at him making Abhi looked puzzled. She walked away smiling widely to see Shanti ma. Pragya looking back his lost look thought he looks so handsome when he is confused….

Abhi, Oh this girl is planning something strange now….Only she knows what is that!!
Pragya was keep on looking back at him until she reached Shanti ma’s room. A few hours later, Pragya called Abhi and said that she wants to go shopping. He too accompanied her. Abhi “Shopping! What are we shopping for?” Pragya “For Aunty and Uncle!” Abhi in a surprised look “I thought they already bought clothes!” Pragya “Ya….but I thought of we buying them would be better!! Like something from our side?” Abhi smiled and said “Ok sure!” Pragya “But….” Abhi “But what?” Pragya “We just order it first and later we go again to collect it again….” Abhi “Why is that so?” Pragya “To surprise them!” Abhi “Oh u don’t want them to know that we are buying for them? That’s fine we can order first and ask someone to send us to our home….like secretly! No worries!” Pragya “Okay I believe that u will do it smoothly!” Abhigya reached the shopping mall and were busy in shopping. After shopping, Pragya suddenly had a doubt to ask Abhi….

Pragya “I want to ask u something!” Abhi “You can ask me anything too!” Pragya with a smile said “Very funny….what I want to ask u is…..Did u lie to me before?” Abhi was taken aback by her sudden doubt and looked at her in confusion. Pragya “Tell me! Did u lie to me before?” Abhi “If u did then I also could have done….” Pragya in a stern voice asked “Just be direct! Did u lie to me before?” Abhi thought, I think I can’t escape from her today!

Abhi “ Haan so what?” Pragya “What lie?” Abhi “First get inside the car!” Pragya “Ok but u should tell me!” They got inside the car and Pragya asked again “Tell me now!” Abhi “Look LF I did lie to u but it’s all for our relation to be related always in all ways….” Pragya “I said tell me what u had lie to me and not the reasons for your lie!” Abhi “Ok baba…I will tell u! I lied to u about the locket!” Pragya in shock “What?? U mean that Tanya never gave u the locket in the first place?” Abhi with hesitation said “No…she did gave…it’s the photo thing that I lied about….” Pragya “How can u even use her and lie to me?? This is not at all fair!!” Abhi “If u think that way….then even that lie didn’t help me that much in making u not leaving me!” Pragya in anger “Still it’s so bad!!” Abhi “So what do u want me to do now? Leave u is it?” Pragya “No! But I will give u punishment for this….” Abhi “Punishment? I won’t accept that! It’s was just a lie to make u mine!” Pragya “Fine if u never accept my punishment then I am leaving!” Abhi with a smirk “You said u won’t leave me right?” Pragya “That is different and this is different!” Abhi “All is the same….” Pragya breathing heavily in anger said “You are cheating me! You are just trapping me always!” Abhi “Cheat u? Can anyone do that? I agree maybe I have trapped u….but not cheated u!” Pragya “Liar! How can u even lie like that? I can’t accept that until now!” Abhi “Just to trap u baby….” Pragya slapped him, in return Abhi hold her hand and kissed it making Pragya even more furious at him…..Pragya with stammering “You……” Abhi with a smirk Me…me…what?” Pragya “Annoying Abhi!” Abhi “Not bad….I like the name u gave me Pretty Pragya….”

Pragya “I am not talking to u!” Abhi “Ok I am also not talking to u!” Pragya in shock opened her mouth widely. Abhi “But I can kiss to shut your mouth!!” He came closer to her with his eyes closed but she managed to bring the water bottle in front of her and he ended up kissing the water bottle. Pragya laughed loudly and said “How was your kissing to the bottle?” Abhi in a frustrated tone said “You are now a cheater!” Pragya in a sarcastic tone said “You deserve it! And who will close their eyes while kissing?” Abhi was now frustrated and he just started to drive the car. Pragya “Accept my punishment then u can kiss me as much as u want!” Abhi in excitement “Really? What kind of punishment is that which also gives a prize like this?” Pragya came near to him and whispered in his ears about the punishment. Abhi unable to believe that yelled “What??? Are u mad?? I know u are crazy but not to this extent! How to even think and do your punishment??”

Pragya gave a witty smile making Abhi annoyed. Pragya “Now u are really annoyed!”

Pragya “Where are we AB?” Abhi “How would I know?” Pragya “Huh? You also don’t know where we are? Then how did we ended up here?” Abhi “You followed me…then I followed u….after that they followed us….and when we followed them we ended up here!” Pragya in a puzzled look said “Now I don’t follow your words….I just feel so scared now!” Abhi “You think I am not scared? I am also scared LF….that’s why I am holding your hand so tightly!!!” Pragya “I know…u are literally pinching my hand in fear!”

Hope u all liked this update and this is the second last update for this ff. I will end this ff with the next update which may come on Sat or Sun as it’s weekend and hopefully u all can read it more freely! Thank u for all the support from the beginning of this ff…It’s very overwhelming and always mesmerized by the support given to this ff. A kind and humble request from my side, hope to see my silent readers’ comments in this update or the last update. Hope u all can make a guest appearance now if not also it’s ok guys…I can understand that u all could be busy….Once again thanks for reading and supporting! I am going to miss the memorable moments gained from the support that u all have given so far……

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  1. Abiya

    I loved ur ff dr abhigya conversation r so cute dr ???

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      Thanks for loving it Abiya and also finding it cute 🙂

  2. Sissy this s truly unfair iam unable to accept that u r gng to end my most favourite ff gonna missssssssssssssss badlyyyy ??????????today’s update s just lovely awsm superb so cute of abhigya?????????????? loved it completely sissy????❤❤❤❤ precap sounds interesting??????? omg this s 2nd last epi????? but i just enjoyed & loved ur way of writing sissy ?????? keep rocking????eagerly waiting for ur nxt update sissy ?????

    1. Maya

      I am so sorry Mokshi sissy but I really have no ideas coming in my mind to continue this ff! So sorry about that and thank u so much for all your lovely, sweet and cute comments so far! I am going to miss all that very badly…..I have always enjoyed seeing all your comments sissy

  3. Hai Maya…they r soo cute u as usual rocked… And abt precap who followed who???? Waiting for that…..

    1. Maya

      Hi Varsha! Glad that u find them cute and for the precap u have to wait and thanks for your wait too!

  4. Abhigya were so cute??? Loved the episode a lot❤️❤️ Waiting for the next one! Love u??

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      Glad that u found Abhigya cute and thanks for loving it n also for your wait!!Love u too!!

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    1. Maya

      Hi Kalai!! I was missing your comment but I could understand u were busy…I am fine too friend and I am just recovering from the exam trauma haha….Glad that u find the updates cool but don’t be sad…what to do? My brain can only work until to this extent…About new ffs or continuing the old ffs….all depends on my brain too. Ok bye take care and love u too friend

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  11. very nice update…the kissing scene is verry funny…your thinking’s are really unbelievable…. shocked to know about the ff is going to be end ….waiting for the last one..going to miss your ff very badly…after this pls give us some crazy os….if you have enough time pls come with another awesome ff….love all your ff’s very much di…keep rock it…..

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      Sorry Akshaya sis but my brain couldn’t work further to continue this ff!! I will also miss your comments badly for this ff and as always keep supporting all the other ffs here too!! About new ff, it depends on my brain too…Thank u sis for the lovely comment!!

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