Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 43


Abhi was on the stage now and Pragya was eagerly expecting for his speech!

Abhi “Good afternoon to all the distinguished guests and friends who are here to celebrate my success in business! I won’t make it long but if it is then I am telling sorry in advance…. As u all know I had failures before this success just like everyone here…but what makes me different is in the things that I have lost….Yes I may have lost many things….but getting lost made me gain many things too…just like somethings that I had gained are like everything to me!” He looked at Pragya and smiled. Abhi “Now I am going to share something with all of u….it’s even surprising to the person I come with here today! It’s something valuable to my life….also to the life that is connected with mine….He now winked at Pragya making her surprised and was wondering what is he trying to tell!

Abhi pointed his hand towards a direction where everyone turned around to see. There was an elderly man who was ushered by Tommy to the stage. Pragya seeing that was very shocked seeing that. Abhi “He is my surprise that I want to share with u all!”

Pragya still couldn’t believe her eyes that she was seeing her teacher after so many years….

Abhi stood beside him and said “He was my teacher and philosopher all these years….and after I graduated from school, I missed him badly for his teachings which was filled with craziness….Ya it’s was just craziness where he used to tease students and tell all kinds of funny stories to make us happy like never before…..” Pragya, Mr Shukla was also his teacher? Then it means both of us studied in the same school? How did I never realise this?

Abhi “So why did I bring him now? It’s very simple he not only made students like us feel happy but also feel carefree in our thoughts…..whatever problems we have…he always said we should have the carefree mind to take care of it! If we care too much for something, then our minds will be ceased!” Everyone giggled hearing that and clapped at the same time. Abhi “I would just like to dedicate my success to Mr Shukla who made Pragya and me to be carefree in some ways!”

Pragya, Omg! So he knows me from school days and no wonder he can tolerate all my antics so far!!! But why I can’t remember anybody with the name of Abhi? Of course the school is so big with so many classes and how would I have known him?

Abhi “That’s all for my speech and I don’t really want to hold everyone here as the lunch is out there! Thank you for coming and I really feel thankful to all of u for celebrating my success with me!” Everyone applauded and Pragya too clapped but was now more filled with shock and surprise!

Abhi came down from the stage together with Mr Shukla and sat beside Pragya. Abhi “How was it?” Pragya was still looking at the stage and was lost for words. Abhi “Pragya! Are u listening?” Pragya “Huh?” Abhi “Don’t you want to talk to our teacher?” Pragya “Huh?” Abhi pinched her hand and Pragya came back to senses. Pragya “What are u doing?” Abhi “Finally you spoke something other than huh! Ok u know right Mr Shukla is here and why don’t u talk to him for a while and I go and talk to the other guests here?” Pragya “Oh….Ok can!” Abhi smiled in response and left to talk to others as for Pragya was talking to her teacher and was reminiscing her school days……

Mr Shukla “I am glad that two of my students are together now! And Pragya you are lucky as Abhi is never like this before!” Pragya asked “What do u mean Sir?” Mr Shukla “I mean he was not this much caring to everyone….In school days, he won’t even feel pity for anything….he don’t cares for anyone….” Pragya was astonished to hear that and asked “Do u know why he changed now?” Mr Shukla “Not sure but when I met a few years back he was changed….the way he speaks was with more respect…. Maybe he changed due to maturity…You know Pragya it’s a transition from a boy to man!” Pragya smiled hearing that and said “Yes sir! And thanks for coming today….It really means a lot to us!” Mr Shukla “I am surprised by my visit here too…Tommy just called me an hour ago and brought me here! I was not even prepared to come here in the first place!” Pragya “What are u saying Sir? Was this a last minute arrangement?” Mr Shukla “Yes Pragya….then Abhi talked to me and said he is doing this for Pragya and explained to me that u liked me a lot and it would be good for his love and life if I am here!” Pragya was now thinking how did Abhi know that she liked Mr Shukla? She remembered that she never told him anything about her childhood or school days….

Pragya, maybe Tommy could have told all this! This Tommy is really working for him!
Mr Shukla “But one thing for sure Pragya! Do u want to know that?” Pragya “What Sir?” Mr Shukla “He loves u a lot!” Pragya with a blush said “Yes Sir….I know that too….” Mr Shukla “Ok Pragya! I shall take my leave as I have some work later and take care of Abhi!” Pragya “Ok Sir! Shall I come to drop u?” Mr Shukla “Are u sure? Your love and life is keep on looking at you even though he is talking to others!” Abhi was keep on looking at Pragya even though he had to talk to others. Pragya smiled widely and by then Tommy was there to usher Mr Shukla outside of the venue.
Pragya, He is totally lost! I mean he is lost in love….How can everyone around him say he loves me so much? I know he loves me a lot but why does he have to be always with this much love towards me?

Abhi sensed that she is now thinking something from her expressions in her face. Abhi texted her.
A: Stop thinking!
P: I am not thinking!
A: Liar!
P: Very funny!  
Abhi was now busy talking to the guests and couldn’t reply her back. She looked around on what to do now and saw Tommy signalling her. She went to see him and Tommy said “Jerry! Faster come with me out now! I need to tell u something important!”
Pragya went with him and asked “What is it Tommy?” Tommy “U know Abhi is doing all this for you right?” Pragya “Haan u mean brining Shukla sir here?” Tommy “Yes you are right! But do u know what?” Pragya “What? Can u just tell me! I am so impatient now!” Tommy “Ok Jerry…the thing is….he knows u from school days!” Pragya “Haan I also know that as his teacher is also mine na…maybe we are from different classes!” Tommy “Yes! He is the senior who always hide your belongings!” Pragya in shock said “What? Him? The one who always disturbs everyone!” Tommy “Yes u are right!” Pragya “How do u know?” Tommy “U know after one lesson you told about carefree…..” Pragya in a confused tone asked “When was that?” Tommy remembered her that she was telling him“It doesn’t mean carefree means the person does not cares about anyone or anything….it can be also considered as the person is free to care for everyone!”
Pragya “Oh ya now I remembered and how does it link to him?” Tommy “I was only there with u when u told that and I was also teasing u that u are talking more than your age! But actually he was also there and he listened to that too! That’s why when Abhi talked to me a few days back he defended your carefree attitude with the same meaning that u told me!”
Pragya “Ok….but it’s ok Tommy…now he is not like last time na…” Tommy “Haan I know but why is he still hiding all this from u?” Pragya “Hmm…Good question!” Tommy “Ok Jerry I only have this doubt….”
Pragya left from there and was thinking all the way why Abhi never told her all this? Is it because he is trying very hard to make her not leave him? And because of that he didn’t thought about telling all this to her?
She was still walking back to the place where party was being held and that’s when someone told her “Pragya mam…Abhi sir asked u to come to another hall in this place…” Pragya “Oh…ok!” She followed him and was still lost in thoughts about Abhi.

Pragya was now in a dark place and she was so scared! Pragya in a shaking voice “Are u here? I am not scared of darkness but where…. are u? It’s so…so…dark here!” Abhi still didn’t replied. Pragya, Oh god! What is this? I should have at least called him before following that bamboo stick to this place! Suddenly, spotlights were on…Pragya was shocked looking at the sight in front of her!

Thank u everyone for all the support so far by either reading or commenting to express your liking! As I mentioned in my few shots, I am ending this ff soon most probably after my exams I will be giving back to back updates and then end this….Still haven’t decide on which update I will finish but will end this soon and that’s my idea for so long even before my exams as there is nothing much to this ff….It’s more of Abhigya’s love journey with their craziness and confusions with some emotional trips as well…..It’s really nice to know that a lot of u are enjoying this ff as I had started this to be a very light hearted ff and with some emotional elements….So since u were all enjoying which I had seen through your comments, it makes me enjoyable and as a result it is reflected in most of the updates! It’s a mutual thing and Aishwarya, I saw your comment but I don’t have much content to continue in this ff…Ya I can continue this ff like after marriage and all but I feel it will be difficult for me to think of more craziness and I can’t think of any other tracks for this ff too….Maybe it’s because I prefer short and sweet memories that I have from this ff that are long and lasting in my memory! It’s always like this from the start of my scribbling in telly updates! So it should be obvious to most of u all! It’s a manufacturing defect or may be my mind is fixed to short periods of work….no wonder some astrologer told my mum that your daughter won’t stay in a work for a long period lol! Now I agree as it’s true in this case of writing ffs! Once again my heartfelt thanks to all of u reading this ff….My sense of belonging to this ff belongs to all your support to this ff! Hope u all understand my situation but I will continue with my unfinished ffs or shots provided my brain works….Don’t blame me if I am not continuing as I am not responsible….it’s my brain that u all have to blame! Sometimes I hate my brain too! No but I can’t as I feel my brain will worry too much….Sadly I feel worried for my brain too….Sorry if I made u all feel bad for ending this ff….. Ok bye friends! Keep reading and smiling too! Oh how did I forgot? Thanks for all the waiting and understanding! It really means a lot to me as I personally don’t like waiting…..I feel waiting is most irritating although it increases the patience level! Once again thanks to all my silent friends and non-silent friends!

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  1. superb episode sis loved it don’t mention your ending this ff always it makes me worry na keep writing as much you can with your amazing thoughts

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    Really superb episode Maya sis… we have no problem.. as you end this ff.. as I am sure that you will come up with next… because your brain is too much powerful.. your simple scribblings means a lot to us… all the best for your exams… love you lots..

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