Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 42

Abhi “Wait! Wait! I am coming!” Pragya was keep on knocking the door of the room and finally he came out. Abhi “How long u will knock ah? What if the door breaks?” Pragya was lost on how to answer after looking at Abhi. Abhi waved his hand in front of her. Abhi “Where are u lost?” Pragya was still standing there lost in the admiration for him….Abhi now shook her making her coming to senses. Pragya with a blush “What did u say?” Abhi “What u didn’t even listen to what I was saying?” Pragya thought to herself, How can I listen when u look so handsome! You look so handsome that I just want hug you…..

Abhi “Stop thinking! Tell me why u are here now?” Pragya with stammering “I…was…here…I…mean there…” Abhi was confused with her reactions….Pragya finally said “Where are u getting ready to go? Is it any important event?” Abhi “Oh…ya kind of…that’s why I had wake up early and dressed up! Am I looking nice?” Pragya “Not nice…” Abhi “Why? Did the suit not that nice?” Pragya with a wide smile “All that is nice….but not nice as it is having an effect on me….” Abhi teasingly asked “Achaa….so my attire and looks have an effect on u….that’s why u were lost in thoughts just now! Am I right?” Pragya was flustered hearing that….Pragya, Oh no! Why am I having an effect because of him so easily? That’s so bad…..

Abhi “Tell me Pragya…” Pragya “Nothing like that…and by the way I was here for something! Why were u drunk yesterday? That’s so bad! U know because of u I suffered a lot!” Abhi “What? It’s my wish to get drunk! Why are u asking this? How did u suffer because of me?” Pragya “How did I suffered? U made me tired!” Abhi with a smirk “Very funny…just for getting tired u are asking me like this?” Pragya “Do u know what u did? I still have pains because of my tiredness!” Abhi “Hmm…what did I do? Is it that kind of thing that u said to me before? Sorry….for making u tired in that way….” Pragya “Chee! No! Nothing like that! You come inside the room…I can’t yell like this early in the morning!” Abhi “Ok!” Pragya took a few moments before explaining everything that happened the last night….Abhi hearing that was pretending to give a curious look. Abhi “Did I do all that? I don’t think so maybe u are just fabricating a story…maybe u want me to call u a teddy bear!” Pragya “What? No it’s true! U asked me to turn around, touch the ground and even hug u! I was so tired of turning around and touching the ground!” Abhi “You were tired of turning around and touching the ground but not by hugging me right?” Pragya hearing that looked at all directions and was avoiding looking directly into his eyes…Pragya, Why do I always blabber something and get caught by him?
Abhi “Ok fine for whatever I have done I am sorry…I was not in my senses….but I will continue to drink….” Pragya “No way! I am here to tell u don’t be addicted to alcohol! And u are saying u will continue to drink!” Abhi “You see Pragya…I am a businessman and in official gatherings and parties I have to drink…it’s a very casual thing…I think u know this as u might have seen in movies and all…so please don’t make a fuss out of this! By the way I am going to drink today too at a event!!” Pragya “I said no means NO!” Abhi pushing her out of the room said “Don’t disturb me if u want to stop me then come with me! I will see how u will stop me!” Pragya “But why are u pushing me like this? What if I fall?” Abhi “Always about falling! U have already fall in love with me and that itself is a very big fall!” By saying that he closed the door and she was left in shock!

Pragya, Like seriously…What did he say? Like falling in love with him is a big fall! I think he is seriously affected by alcohol….
Pragya “At least tell me when are u leaving? So that I can come with u?” Abhi “At 10 am! Don’t disturb me!” Pragya “Ok!” Pragya while walking back to her room thought, so weird…he is saying he will be leaving at 10 am but he is already ready…and now the time is just 8 .30 am….Why does he have to get ready so fast? Is it a very important event?
Pragya was a ready in a beautiful maroon saree and with all the accessories. Abhi was already in the living room. Pragya “I am ready! Shall we go?” Abhi not much paying attention to her just replied “Haan ok u get inside the car and I will be coming soon as I now need to make a call…” Pragya was sad that he did not even looked at her carefully and also never complimented her looks….Pragya, this is what u want right? Then why are u sad Pragya? Any way u are going to leave him….then he will be not there to even see u…..
With that thoughts, she walked out of the house to get inside the car. After a while, Abhi came and looked at Pragya who was looking dull….Abhi “Sorry for making u wait! By the way thanks for complimenting my black suit!” Pragya’s face brightened and said “Do u like how I dress up?” Abhi just gave a wide smile and was not looking at her. He started to drive the car making Pragya even more confused….Pragya, why is he not responding me properly? Why is he only smiling? I know I like his smile….but it’s so fishy now….
Abhigya reached the place and Abhi looked at Pragya “Are u ready?” Pragya “Ready for what?” Abhi “Ready to stop me from drinking!” Pragya “Oh…Yes I will stop u!” Abhi with a smirk “I even have to remind u what u are here for and I don’t think it will happen for sure! I am sure u won’t stop me!” Pragya got annoyed and said “Just wait and watch!” Abhi showed his wrist and said “Here you see this is my watch I am wearing!” Pragya “Very funny…” Abhi “Yes u are very funny!” Pragya couldn’t stand it and just walked in front and Abhi “You only can make me follow u! Not stop me!” Pragya turned back and frowned at him. Abhi also frowned back in return Pragya gave a raised her eyebrows. Abhi held her hands and said “You will be with me until this event ends and I will see how u will stop me!” Pragya “Ok! Deal! I will stop u!” Both entered the place and Abhi was keep on smiling looking at Pragya who was observing all the waiters who were carrying drinks….Abhi “Come let’s sit down!” Pragya “No…you go and sit if not my observation skills will be bad…” Abhi “Hello Mrs Pragya Abhishek Mehra this is a business event and not some skills class to improve your observation skills!” Pragya hearing that was irritated and said “I am Mrs Pragya Abhishek Mehra! Alright I am coming to sit!” Abhi “Very soon u will be Mrs Pragya Abhishek Mehra….” Someone walking towards them said “Congrats Mr and Mrs Mehra!” Pragya was about to say something but Abhi placed his hand around her waist making her unable to say anything. Someone “It’s a great that u have made your business into an international venture…and this event to address that is very good too!” Pragya thought, So it’s kind of a party to celebrate his success but why do they say it as event? Wow he made it big in business! That’s so awesome and I should gift him something for that…..

Abhi “Thank u! It all happened because of my lucky charm!” He said that by pointing towards Pragya. Someone “Ya I can see in your eyes how much u love her too….always lost in her thoughts right?” Pragya “Excuse me Sir…I am actually not his wife…” Someone “Well I know that too! But he already considers him to be married to u! And always lost in your thoughts during meetings! So I just like to tease him too!” Pragya looked at Abhi lost in thoughts….Someone “Abhi I guess now she is lost in thoughts too….” Abhi nodded his head in response. Abhigya then went to sit down and Pragya was keep on looking at him. Abhi “Hey Chasmish! U can’t do like this when so many people are around!” Pragya “Why are u like this?” Abhi “We can talk later but for now enjoy the event….” Pragya came back to her senses and said “It’s a party right? Then why do u say it as an event?” Abhi “I don’t like parties so that’s why I asked everyone to consider it as an event….an important event in my life to celebrate!” Pragya was now thinking he said he don’t like parties then how did I said earlier that he went to business party that day and got drunk…..
Abhi whispered to her “Stop thinking!” Pragya smiled faintly and looked at the stage in front of them wondering how can he always know when she was thinking! After some felicitations by the people from business circle, it was time for a performance by kids and Pragya was very excited to see it!
Pragya “U also arranged for kids’ dance! So sweet!” Abhi “Ya as u will like it!” Pragya “Really?” Abhi “Yes don’t get lost in your thoughts now! Better watch the performance!” Pragya smiled childishly and said “Okok I will watch it!” After the performance, Pragya “So cute! I mean it was so so so cute and I really like the boy who gave roses to us!” Abhi “U like the boy or him giving the roses?” Pragya “Both…. Wait! Are u jealous or something?” Abhi “No….why should I?” Pragya “Very very cute…” Abhi “How many times will u say cute?” Pragya “Now I was referring to u…..” Abhi “I know but still too much of cuteness is not cool!” Pragya “What is next?” Abhi “Can’t u see still people are praising me! Stop talking like this…it’s rude…” Pragya “That’s why I am whispering by not looking at u….” Abhi smiled and replied “Ya but let me listen to others na….” Pragya “Hmm…ok…but all are boring….talking about the same thing….not creative…” Abhi “Look at him, He is a big shot even before I started my business venture…and don’t u think he is smart in the way he talks and praises me?” Pragya “Haan…but what’s the point? He is smart and he gained so much….but he lost his hair! So not smart looking!” Abhi hearing that couldn’t control his laughter and covered his mouth while laughing….
Pragya “What happened to u? Can’t u see people are around and how can u cover your mouth like this?” Abhi “It’s all because of u!” Pragya innocently asked “What did I do?” Abhi “Never mind but don’t even whisper now….please!” Pragya in a low tone said “Ok…” After a while it was time for Abhi to give a speech and he was about to walk up the stage. Pragya noticed something on the stage and went behind him to stop. Abhi in surprise asked her “Why are u here? Do u want to join me on stage?” Pragya “No…U can’t go there!” Abhi “Don’t play now Pragya! I have to go!” Pragya “No look there…it’s a bottle on the table there!” Abhi with a smile “Hey It’s not what u think…I will tell u later….” Pragya holding is hands “Confirm right?” Abhi “Double confirm!” Pragya “Ok then u shall go!” Abhi now walked up the stage and was thinking she is very concerned about me….Crazily concerned about me…..

Abhi “I may have lost many things….but getting lost made me gain many things too…just like somethings that I had gained are like everything to me!” He looked at Pragya and smiled. Abhi “Now I am going to share something with all of u….it’s even surprising to the person I come with here today! It’s something valuable to my life….also to the life that is connected with mine….He now winked at Pragya making her surprised and was wondering what is he trying to tell!
In another situation, Pragya is telling someone “It doesn’t mean carefree means the person does not cares about anyone or anything….it can be also considered as the person is free to care for everyone!”

I am sorry for the silly mistakes in the previous update as I never checked after typing! Hope u all forgive me! I don’t mind saying sorry but I mind u all saying sorry to me! So pls no sorry from all your side! And Sowji I am having my exams together with personal problems and that’s why I am unable to update regularly! Sorry for making u wait…. Just wait a little longer and I will be regular soon…Hope u can understand…. Haven’t really read on your dream story…will do that once my exams are over and hopefully my problems also get over….Thanks for reading! Thanks to everyone reading silently and non-silently…..Prathi and Ani! I also don’t know when it will come…I told before that it slipped into coma! So have to wait for that too…I know there is too much of waiting and that’s why I came up with few shots worth waiting for….but then have to wait for that too….As life is all about waiting for things to happen….I know this is a very bad excuse! Sorry for this too…..But a very humble request from my side to all of u….Please wait for this pathetic girl who always makes u all wait if u all think is worth to wait for me…. But I will update this coming days as much as possible!

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