Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 41


Following is written in a mixed of emotions of relief and tension so read it at your own risk!

A few days later….

It was so surprising to Pragya as Abhi’s parents were very affectionate towards her. She didn’t expected that. She thought maybe they will talk to her nicely but not so nice to the extent that they adored her and always want her presence in every decision that they make! That was not the only thing that made her amaze….it was Shanti ma’s repeatedly saying when the right time comes i will ask u something….

Pragya, Omg! Where do I go and say that why Aunty and Uncle are like this?? And his challenge towards me! That is also something that makes me scared….It has been 2 days but he is not doing anything! Yes it’s scary as he is not doing anything…..

With that thoughts in mind, she walked passed her room….She looked at the room beside hers and find it a bit fishy….Pragya, Why does he always goes to this room for the past few days? And especially in the night? She couldn’t resist her curiosity and tried to open the door but it was locked, Pragya, let me go and ask Robin for the spare keys of this room!

She went to ask Robin and he was hesistant to give at first but after a lot of nagging from Pragya he just gave the keys to her…

Pragya openend the door and was shocked to see the sight of the room! Pragya, What have he done to this room? Is he drinking alcohol?

She picked up the bottles that were scattered in the room and cleaned the room with a lot of difficulty. Pragya, I have to save him from this addiction now! How can he drink all this? It smells so awful……

Abhi called Robin “Did u do as I said?” Robin “Yes sir but why do ask to place the bottles all over the room?” Abhi “Robin! That’s secret…just keep this secret with u and I will double your salary!” Robin “Ok sir…Di is coming down now…and i have to go…”

Abhi, Now the real challenge begins….

Pragya stayed in that room and waited for his arrival. Pragya, What will I do when he comes in? Why is he drinking now? He don’t drink all these that’s what Tanya told me but now why is he doing this?

She waited for him in between she went to see Aunty and Uncle but all her thoughts were about him….

It was evening, she knew that he have to pass this room before going to his room too…With the doors open she was sitting at the couch there….

Abhi reached house and he already informed his parents that he is very tired and will meet them later…Abhi, Now I will show u my craziness….

He walked to the room and locked the door. Pragya in shock asked “What are u doing? I want to talk to u and why did u lock the door?” Abhi in a drowsy tone said “T….B… not here….” He was walking very clumsily which made Pragya even more tensed…Pragya “Are u drunk?” Abhi “Drunk…I drank…haan drunk in your love….” Pragya, Oh god what is he trying to tell?

Abhi walked closer to Pragya and she was keep on walking behind in nervousness….Abhi “TB don’t walk behind…just stand and I can’t walk na….” Pragya in confusion asked “TB? What is that?” Abhi lazily patting her head yelled “Teddy Bear!” Pragya “What?? Why are u yelling like this? I am not a teddy bear!” Abhi holding her waist tightly…Abhi “Teddy bear don’t say like that na…u are always with me before i sleep and now u going to do something for me if not i will call Mummy and show my teddy bear is not listening to me!” Pragya, Oh god he is totally out of senses now! I have to just do what he says if not he will disturb Aunty!

Pragya closing her eyes in disbelief said ” Ok what u want me to do?” Abhi thought Wow LF is on board!

Abhi in a childish tone said “When I was now also I am teddy bear used to dance in front of me when i sing…now my teddy bear will do that…” Pragya” Dance? Are u mad? No way!” Abhi started to cry “Mummy!! TB is…..” Pragya “Okok wait don’t cry like a child!” Pragya “What song will u sing baby?” Abhi with a cute face said ” U called me baby? So u are my Teddy bear it calls me like that too!” Pragya couldn’t control herself and chuckled hearing that. Abhi admired her laughter and said “Can I sing?” Pragya nodded her head thinking even if she said now he is not going to stop…Abhi in a excited tone “Ok while I sing u do the actions! Here we go! Teddy bear teddy bear turn around…teddy bear teddy bear touch the ground! Teddy bear teddy bear show your nose! teddy bear teddy bear hug me now!” Pragya did all the actions that he said and that too for so many times until her energy level was down….

Pragya “No more of this! I am so tired of turning around and touching the ground! Just go and sleep…Why are u still not sleeping?” Abhi gave a innocent look and asked “Did I make u tired teddy bear?” Pragya, how cute he looks…oh my goodness…no! Control yourself Pragya!

Abhi, Oh again she is lost in thoughts….I love to be lost in her and she lives to be lost in me….

Pragya came back to senses when she heard something dropped. Abhi “Make me sleep teddy bear…I can only sleep hugging u!” Pragya “Teddy bear is tired….it will make u sleep but not by hugging u…” Abhi with a cute pout asked “How?” Pragya went closer to him and made him lie on her lap. She caressed her head and slowly he was lost in her touch and dozed off to sleep….After he slept she slowly went out off the room still thinking that is addiction to alcohol makes him cute. Pragya, but still this is not good…I have to talk to him about this first tomorrow!

Abhi “You were tired of turning around and touching the ground but not hugging me right?” Pragya hearing that looked at all directions and was avoiding looking directly into his eyes…

In another place Abhi is going on stage to receive something and Pragya is trying to stop him!

How was this? I think it’ so funny if not it’s so lame too ????

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