Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 40


So sorry guys! I really appreciate all your love towards my random shots and this ff… and very sorry for making u all wait…so let’s go straight to the story!

Pragya didn’t know what to do to make Abhi understand that it is better if she leaves his life….She was staring at the sky with all her thoughts about him…..
Abhi “What are u thinking Pragya? Yesterday night u just slammed your door and went to sleep! And now u are here in the terrace looking at the sky! I mean all this won’t give u any solutions!” Pragya frowned at him and remained silent…..Abhi “So now u are doing silent treatment ah?” Pragya still never responded and she just tried to walk pass him. As usual, Abhi stopped her by pulling her towards him by force. But unusually she didn’t make any noise….She remained silent…..

Abhi was surprised by her actions and asked her in a soft tone “Why Pragya? Why? I love u…You also love me….then why u are doing all this?” Pragya looked closely at him and was in tears looking at him….Abhi wiping her tears said “Do u think this tears of yours have a meaning? No Pragya…I know u are scared but let me tell u as long I am with u…then u don’t have to be scared….” Pragya thought, I am scared that because of me u won’t be with me….Abhi “How long are u going to be silent like this? Pragya u are the only belonging that I desire now…so please try to understand that and come with me now!” Pragya, He desire me? Why is he telling like this? He is just making things difficult for me!

Abhi let her go off and said “Ok I will wait until u talk to me but now I have to tell u something…Ma wants u back at house!” Pragya in shock asked “What are u telling? She don’t believe me that day and how will she want me back at house?” Abhi “She wants u to come back and talk to u!” Pragya “Are u sure? It can’t be possible…Are u lying?” Abhi “Why do I have to lie? Maybe she would have understood the truth…that’s why she wants to talk to u! Pragya! No choice now….u have to come along with me as Ma wants to see u!” Pragya again in a doubtful tone asked “Aunty wants to see me?” Abhi “Yes not only that she also wants something from u……” Pragya was now confused hearing that. She couldn’t feel that he was telling lie to her but at the same time she couldn’t believe his words….

Abhi “One more thing…She is still recovering and please don’t ignore her request….I don’t want her to strain her health by worrying that u didn’t come and see her!” Pragya in a low tone “Ok I am coming but….I won’t stay there…” Abhi “That we will see once we reach house!” Pragya now walk passed him and Abhi, Always like this….my LF is worried for everything….

Pragya, Is he telling the truth? Or is this his plan to make me back at his house? I am totally confused….

Inside the car:
Abhi “Thank god! U just left me without any luggage if not I need to carry them!” Pragya “Very funny! You don’t even feel like carrying my luggage and that day u were talking about carrying me! What was that….Haan I am carrying u as u are my life!” Abhi “I told u the truth! Luggage are not my life! You are my life LF!” Pragya was still frustrated and remained silent….Abhi “You look cute when u are frustrated!” Pragya smiled now and said “Now I don’t look cute as I am smiling!” Abhi “Now u look beautiful in your smile….” Pragya covered her face with her hands and never said anything….Abhi “Now u look wonderful! Just like….”

Pragya “What? I am covering my face and u are saying I am wonderful? Are u mad?” Abhi looking at the road said “Yes mad for u and I just imagined you covered your face in shyness….that made u look wonderful dear….” Unknowingly Pragya smiled and blushed….Abhi “I tell u something….it’s not easy for u to hide your feelings from me….very soon I will find your hidden feelings….” Pragya “Really? U feel that way? Then let’s see how much u can find?” Abhi “Are u challenging me?” Pragya “If u insist then take it as a challenge!” Abhi “Ok within a week I will find what is all your hidden feelings and thoughts….” Pragya looked at him worriedly and said “If u can’t find then I will leave u forever….” Abhi suddenly applied the brake making them taken aback. Abhi “Always about leaving me right? Ok fine…I will even change this mindset of yours!”

A range of thoughts were running in their minds….Pragya, I don’t know how will this end….but I just don’t want him to get hurt at the end of this….Abhi, I want to make her filled with happiness and for that I have to hurt myself…..
After their travel, Abhigya reached home. Abhi was determined to change Pragya’s thoughts as for Pragya, she was determined to be in her thoughts of leaving him……
Abhi looking at Pragya asked “Do you want to me carry me in?” Pragya “What?? No way!” Abhi “Then why are u standing at the doorstep?” Pragya “You go in first…I am coming…” Abhi “You go in first! I am the boss here!” Pragya “Boss? To whom? You are definitely not my boss!” Abhi with a smirk just pulled her in and she stared at him in irritation. Pragya was now trying to stabilize herself after his pull. Pragya “What is this? How can u just pull me like this? What if I had a fall?” Abhi in pleasant tone said “It’s the pull of love….the pull of insanity…it’s the pull of necessity….The pull that does not make u fall…” Pragya gave a confused look by scratching her head….Abhi “Let’s pull it out together….” Pragya “Huh? Are u alright? What u want to pull?” Abhi with a smirk was about to hug her but she just pushed him away….Pragya in stern tone said “Let’s meet Aunty first!” Abhi sadly said “Really? No hugs now ah?” Pragya was puzzled and couldn’t stand his antics….She just walked towards the stairs. Abhi “Wait I am also coming up!” Abhi, It’s so fun to irritate her….

Shanti ma was very caring towards Pragya which made Pragya confused….Pragya, Why both uncle and aunty are behaving as if nothing happened before? Did he do something to them?
As for Abhi he is now unpredictable to Pragya. Pragya “What have he done to this room?” Pragya, Was he….? Oh no! I should save him from this addiction now!

I know it’s short guys but this is what I can upload for the time being!

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