Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 4

Pragya was damn angry towards him. Pragya, How can he do like this? He is …….!!! No I will tell him that when I meet him face to face later!

It was 9 am in the morning and Pragya managed to sleep for few hours and that’s when she received the call from reception area. Receptionist “ Mam! All your belongings are with Mr Abhi and he is waiting at the reception to pass your belongings that was mixed up with his and could you please bring his belongings to pass it to him?” Pragya “ Yes ok and I will be there soon!” She quickly got ready and went down to the reception with all his belongings.

Abhi saw her coming towards him and he smiled at her but she was still very angry and gave him a stern look. Abhi” Sorry I guess our bags got mixed up!” Pragya “ Ya here is all your belongings!” She passed everything to him and she took out the diary and the folded paper from her handbag. Abhi saw that and was smiling at her. Pragya “ Don’t smile like that!” Abhi “Excuse me! It’s my face and I will smile if I want to!” Pragya “ I know why u are smiling like this!” Abhi “ I am glad that you know! Can u pass me what u are holding onto? It belongs to me!” Pragya “ How can u even write like that in the paper? Do u know how bad I felt?” Abhi “ First of all u shouldn’t have read that book and it is my message to whoever read that book! So I don’t feel bad for what I have written! It is your problem if u are feeling bad!” Pragya “ Liar!!” Abhi “ Excuse me! If I am a liar then u are even worse! U read my so called diary!” Pragya “ It’s not diary! I know and don’t even say it’s diary again! I felt cheated!” Abhi “ Lower down you voice! I am leaving as I have nothing else to talk about this…..”

What was really in the folded paper…..Let’s see….
Pragya read the paper, Hi fool! You just got fooled by me if u are thinking that what u have read is my diary! It is just something that I have written for my short stories! I wrote in the form of diary so that no one will read it if they come across this book. But I know some fools will try to be curious to read about other’s life and u know what? U are that fool! Bye!
Abhi, She is that fool who read my so called diary! Foolish girl! I really wonder how she felt while reading what I have written…….

Pragya, What I felt? I imagined myself as the girl and was losing myself in his writings but he just made me a fool! How dare he? Actually Pragya u are wrong! Why did u have to read that in the first place? You could have done something else if u are not sleepy! It’s your fault! But wait just now his smile made me move towards him. I felt like crossing miles to reach out to his smile! If whatever he had written is not true then what if I make it true? What if I really make it happen in my way?? Wow Pragya! It would be something exciting! I want to have my senses lost in his smile……
While thinking like that she was keep on having a goofy smile on her face.
Pragya, I want to make him my belonging as in that sense I can love him too……What’s wrong in being a fool if it is easier to fall in love? A fool can’t fool others! In that way I will not fool him with my feelings! Pragya! U are completely in love with him! Just go and propose him!
This was the unexpected part Abhi never had someone in his life and it was just a short story written by him in the form of a diary. By reading that Pragya lost her senses now and what she wants? She wants to have the sense of belonging to love him! Will she get what she wants?

Pragya “I am not here to impress or depress you….I am here to express to you that……..”
Abhi “What is she trying to do? Can someone save me from her!”

How do u all feel? Is it nice in this way? I am not sure as this is what I thought as the unexpected part but I if it is foolish then I am sorry! Some of u all said update soon so I tried my best to update this short one! Actually all your comments are making me filled with so much of happiness and I am trying to give back in return!

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  1. Omg sis, it is so good, sometimes I really thought that how u get ideas like that, very unexpected, it’s Ur unique writing style ?????????

    1. Maya

      Hehe it’s I also never expect this in my mind! Thank u for the sweet comment Anu sis!

  2. Silly Suga Sis ??? ?What is this ???????? Tum Bi Na ??????? U are gone now !????? I was so happy sensing my love ???????? for your sense of writing this and inturn U made Me FOOL !???????????????????? And Thats Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo COOL !???????????? Coming to the update This was The Damn Best Unexpectedly Unexpected One !??????
    And The Last Part …. Pragya is Super Awesome ???! Go Prags !!???
    Again Now Ending my comment in My Rockstar’s Style …..
    Readers Shocked !?????????????? Maya Rocked !??????????
    Okay Do Take Care and Love U !?

    1. Maya

      LOL Readers shocked and I rocked ah? Haha I never want to make u all shocked, I just wanted to give something unexpected. Glad that u enjoyed this cutie! Take care and Love u too!

    1. Maya

      Thank u Lucky for finding it nice!

  3. Maahi

    oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hahahahaha????????he nvr had anyone in his life nd thts frca short story?????dude bttr fr making others to read our writings hahahahahaha its in rockinggggggggggggggggg style in ur last update i lost all my senses ‘ n ur magic but with dizz update i am literally shocked no no surprised tht how could u evn write smthng astounding like dizzz now wat pragzzzzz gonna do but my sweeetheart rocked nd pragyyy shocked????????????awesome dr

    1. Maya

      Hehe just keep wait and u will get to see something that is everything in this story! Always enjoyed seeing your comment!

  4. OMG Maya sema surprise pa…prags oda expression and atha pathu abhi oda reaction was so cute ??? keep going

    1. Maya

      Nandri Varsha for liking it!

  5. Asmithaa

    superbb.. haha.. i did not except this twist…

    1. Maya

      I also never expected this Asmithaa sis!

  6. ???????? well played Abhi well played lol Maya only you can think like that ?????? but I am waiting how she gonna make this all true super excited yr and again Maya Maya you are fantastic Maya ??????

    1. Maya

      Haha I just thought of something unexpected but I don’t know what is this too! As always an fantastic comment from a fantastic person!

  7. Sabeenia

    Crazy… all short stories ah…….

    1. Maya

      I know it’s crazy na but what to do my mind is always like this!

  8. omg…maya dii its an unexpected twist all smart stories ?only u can write like this di.its amazing. love u alot.waiting for next

    1. Maya

      Thanks for ur wait lokha sis! Love u too! It was unexpected for me to think like this too!

  9. Ohhhhh God really not only abhi fooled pragya even u too fooled me through abhi yaar really I dint expected tz twist bt it’s soooo funny n nice only…eagerly waiting for next part….

    1. Maya

      Oh sorry Durga I never mean to fool anyone but ya my mind is foolish haha! Thanks for enjoying it!

  10. ?????????????????????????? truly it was unexpected yaar ??????????? and like always different then the way i predict which makes me intrested in this ff… seriously hatss off ….and i loved it ????????????????

    1. Maya

      Always an awesome comment from u which makes me very happy! So thank u for that Somiya!

  11. ?????? poor pragya???? this was really unexpectedly unexpected yr?????? seriously it was awesome!????

    1. Maya

      Ya poor Pragya! Thank u Aliza for finding it unexpected and awesome!

  12. ??unexpected twist! And yeah abhi made Pragya fool ??

    1. Maya

      Haha ya he made her fool but not completely Nini!

  13. B_Ani

    ha ha ha…i am smiling like an idiot di. that was an unexpected twist…sorry, sorry prank.
    it made me smile and laugh so much. i love abhi’s charac. when he was smiling, i thought there wud be sth funny but not this funny…ha ha ha …trying hard to control myself.
    eagerly waiting to read the next one…yeah, i am going to read it now only. bye bye tc.

    1. Maya

      Glad that i made u smile but don’t say idiot as smiling makes u to move miles away from stress and worries! Happy reading! Bye and tc!

  14. Saranya24

    ???lol awesome akka loved it waiting fr pragz part?love u akka??????

  15. Monesha

    Wow awesome…….. My dear Rocking…….. Akka. I really loved it to the core. Love you a lottttttt…….. Loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you ummmaaaaaaaa……… ????

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