Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 27


This is a dedication episode to Lakshmi sis (you asked me long time back….Why are u every time using either telugu or hindi song in ff…So I thought of using a tamil song today!) Hope u like it! Thanks for the lovely support! Hope everyone likes it too!

Abhi, I know that u are not even going to your hometown! You don’t have anyone except me then how can u go somewhere from me? I know this is your first step to leave me. How many lies will lie in your heart? And I know all this is for me to be away from u! But now I can’t Pragya…..I used to say I can’t and won’t love u! But now I can’t and won’t be without u! That much u have made me yours…….Or maybe you are that much of mine? I don’t know but don’t leave me……

He was filled with those thoughts while looking Pragya from the balcony.

Abhi, Do u know how much I love u from the moment I know that whatever you’re doing is only for me? How can I express to u? I don’t know what is still restricting me to tell u how much I love u…..I want to tell u everything Pragya……But how do I tell when you’re leaving me like this? How Pragya?

He was still standing at the balcony even when Pragya had left and he was just staring at the streets…..I am lost again…and now it’s without u….I know all this is a misunderstanding and I will clear all this…..So that I can express my love to u in expressive ways……I don’t know whether my expression of love will make an impression in your heart…..but it will surely make u my sense of belonging to love……..
Abhi was still lost in his memories of Pragya. He was reminiscing all his moments with her and still looked at the empty street which looked lifeless without her beside him……

Thali pogathey song plays in background…..

aenoa vaanilai maarudhae…

manithuLi poagudhae…

maarpin vaegam koodudhae…

manamoa aedhoa solla vaarthai thaedudhae…..

kannellaam neeyaedhaan nirkindraay….

vizhiyin mael naan koabam kondaen….

imai moodidu endraen….

For some reason, I have an illusion that the weather is changing.

The time ticks away!

My heart beats faster!

My mind searches for a word to say something!

You are everything that stays in my eyes! (My eyes can only picture you)

I got angry over my eyes.

and asked my eyelids to close.

nagarum nodigal…..

kasaiyadi poalae mudhugin maelae vizhuvadhinaalae…

vari varikkavidhai ezhudhum valigaL ezhudhaa mozhigal enadhu

kadal poala peridhaaga nee nindraay

siRuvan naan. siru alai mattumdhaan paarkkiRaen paarkkiraen

eriyum theeyil ennai nee ootru

naan vandhdhu neeraadum neerootru

The seconds that pass since

are like whiplashes on my back,

the pain while writing poetic lines (that are like the marks from the whiplash) is my language that goes unwritten.

You stood like an ocean.

I am a kid. I just see the waves.

Pour me into the burning fire,

I will be like a waterfall where you could shower.
oa oa oa

oorellaam kaNmoodi thoonggum

oasaigaL illaadha iravae oa oa oa

naan mattum thoonggaamal aenggi unpoala kaaykindraen nilavae

Oh! The whole city sleeps closing their eyes

The soundless night! Oh!

It is only me who do not sleep yearning (for her) and withering like you Oh moon!

kalaabam poalaadum kanavil vaazhkindraenae

kai neetti unnai theendavae paarthaen

aen adhil thoatraen

aen mudhal mutham thara thaamadham aagudhu

thaamarai vaegudhu

thaamarai vaegudhu

I live in a dream that dances like the peacock’s colorful tail feathers!

I stretched my hands to caress you.

and why did I fail doing it?

Why does it take forever to give my first kiss?

The lotus is about to bloom (yearns and burns within)

The lotus is about to bloom (yearns and burns within)

thallip poagaadhae….

enaiyum thallip poaga chollaadhae….

iruvar idhazhum

malar enum muldhaanae……..

Do not go far from me…

and do not ask me to go far from you…

Both our lips are

thorn misrepresented as flower isn’t it?

(if they do not meet)

thaegam thadaiyillai ena naanum oru vaarthai solkindraen….

aanaal adhu poydhaan ena neeyum arivaay engindraen….

aruginil vaa…..

I slip a word that our body is not a hinderance.

But I too say that it is a lie and you knew it…

Come close to me.

kanavilae therindhdhaay

vizhithadhum oLindhdhaay

kanavinil thinam thinam mazhaidhuliyaay pozhindhdhaay

kankaLil aekkam

kaadhalin mayakkam

aanaal paartha nimidam oruvidhamaana thayakkam

nodi nodiyaay naeram kuraiya

en kaadhal aayul karaiya

aenoa aenoa maarpil vaegam kooda

vidhiyin sadhi vilaiyaadudhae

enai vittu piriyaadhanpae…. enai vittu piriyaadhanpae

aenoa aenoa

aenoa aenoa

aenoa aenoa


You showed up in my dreams.

You hid yourself when I woke up.

In my dreams you pour like rain drops.

My eyes yearns for you.

It is love’s intoxication.

But a weird hesitation, the minute I see you.

The time shrinks second by second!

My love’s life span melts little by little!

Why does my heart beats faster?

Fates plays its mischief.

Please do not part away from me, my love.




My love.

He wiped the tears from his eyes and said “You shouldn’t have left me like this… I am not coming for u….but I am leaving from here for u…..”

Abhi drove off to the place she went and looked at it with a smirk. Abhi, So my LF is here!

He went to the reception area and asked for Pragya’s room number. Receptionist “How are u related to Ms Pragya?” Abhi “She is Mrs Pragya Abhishek Mehra and I am her husband!” Receptionist “Really? But she never state like that in the logbook!” Abhi “She is angry with me and that’s why she don’t even consider herself as a married woman now! U know she is like a volcano and this is how she erupts in anger….This is worst than Volcanic eruption!” Receptionist smiled at his way of describing Pragya and showed him the way to Pragya’s room.

He reached her room and knocked it. Pragya “Haan I am coming! Don’t knock like this as if u want to break it!” By saying that she opened the door and was shocked to see him. Pragya was widely opening her mouth and Abhi “Shall I kiss you to shut your mouth?” Pragya turned back and said “Who ask u to come here?” Abhi “I don’t need anyone’s permission! And u are coming with me now!” Pragya “What are u thinking of yourself? I said right that I want to be alone for a while….and then why do u have to be after me and that too within a day?” Abhi “ I don’t know but my day can’t pass without u…The time itself is like moving slowly without u….” Pragya still not facing him said “It’s all your illusion and come back to reality….I hope you are clear of what Uncle said to u!” Abhi “They all don’t know the truth completely! I know who u are and what u are to me! Just come with me Pragya! You are mine and I am yours! That’s enough for us!” Pragya smiled widely hearing that but slowly her smile turned into tears realizing the reality of their lives……

Pragya “I will come but I need permission! I am not like u!” Abhi was not in the mood to listen to her and he just carried her forcefully in his arms…..Abhi “Stop thinking of shouting for help as I have told the hostel receptionist that u are my wife!” Pragya asked “What???When we got married?” Abhi “In my dreams and I guess in yours too!” Pragya found him completely ridiculous and she could only wait for him to place her in the car. Pragya, I hope I can talk to him more in the car….I need to explain to him that he is not wrong but at the same time I am right!


Abhi “Ok u can leave but….” Pragya “But?” Abhi “You have to…..” Pragya “I have to….?” Abhi “Choose…..” Pragya was getting impatient now and shouted “Can u just complete your sentence and tell me what I have to do?” Abhi “It’s not what u have to do but what u have to do for me!” Pragya placing her hands on head gave a very big sigh. Pragya “Ok tell me…” Abhi “I will come to your hostel every day! You have to somehow make that happen!” Pragya “What??? It’s a ladies hostel! Not hotel! How can I make that happen?” Abhi “I don’t know but if u agree to this then I will let u leave! If not u have to come with me to my house!”

Let’s see what happens next!


Hope u had liked it Lakshmi sis and always be positive and happy! Another caring sis that I have here so I will always cherish that forever…..

To the rest, Thanks for reading and playing game with me haha (Lol now I sound like some small kid!) I still have some places to guess (actually it’s google! I will try to finish that by tomorrow or thurs! But I never expect many places starting with letter T! It’s so many places in India starting with T, give me some clues please!) Ok that’s all for my baks baks which is at times bigger than Buckingham palace (That’s what I think!) Bye and take care!

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