Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 26

After his kiss to her, after her teases to him, after their light moments to each other, there is still some unfinished matters after their lives…..

Abhigya enjoyed each other’s presence like never before but Pragya still felt bad about not telling the truth to Shanti ma. Abhi’s insistence to hide it made her convince and she too tried not tell anything to Shanti ma.

Abhi “ LF! I Why are u always with Ma ah?” Pragya “What is this question? I like aunty a lot and she is like my mother!” Abhi “Really? I thought u like a lot for giving birth to a handsome hunk like me!” Pragya smiled broadly and said “Maybe it could be one of the reasons….but it is not the only reason!” Abhi gave a pout and looked like a child which made Pragya to laugh out loud. Abhi “Stop laughing like this if not I will….” Pragya trying to control her laughter “If not u will?” Abhi held her waist closely to him. Pragya by now was not feeling shy but was always looking around to see whether Abhi’s parents are around. Abhi “They are not here!” Pragya “I know but Robin is around….” Abhi “Like seriously….You are checking whether is he seeing us?” Pragya “Arrey he is also a man! He too have feelings and what if he think of having a girlfriend like me?” Abhi held her even more closer to him and sternly said “Like u? Never ever in his dreams he want someone like u!” Pragya “Why not? You like me and you want me right?” Abhi “Yes! But I am special and only special people have special editions like u!” Pragya “Very funny!” Abhi “Not funny and for your information Robin is also not around….I know u are trying to make me feel jealous by talking about him!” Pragya could only gave a heart filled smile realizing how well he understood her in a short period of time. Abhi “Stop smiling!” Pragya “Arrey! First u said stop laughing now stop smiling! Why should I stop everything?” Abhi with a wide smile said “ So that I can stop my uncontrollable feelings towards you….” Pragya “Acha…..Now I get it! How long are we going to be like this?” Abhi “Until I am tired!” Pragya “When will u be tired?” Abhi “When u are beside me I won’t be tired at all! My energy level is always high!” That’s when Abhigya heard the car sound outside the house and realized that Abhi’s parents are back from temple.

Pragya “Now leave me! Aunty and Uncle are back!” Abhi “So what? Let them see….” Pragya was looking everywhere in nervousness. Abhi “Stop looking everywhere! Just look at me!” Pragya “I can’t now as I am nervous!” Abhi let her go and she looked at him. Abhi “I will train u how to look at me when u are very close to me! Be ready for that!” Pragya was surprised by how much Abhi was being romantic towards her…..Abhi left the place by whistling to some random tune.

Pragya, I don’t know how far this can go but I want to go as far you are willing to be with me always in all ways……

A while later, Pragya entered Shanti ma’s room and was talking to her. After she came out of the room she quickly went to her room to pack her stuff. Abhi who was around saw her packing some stuffs hurriedly. Abhi “Packing ah?” Pragya hiding her tears said “Yes! I want to leave for a while….” Abhi “To where?” Pragya “Hometown….” Abhi “Are u sure?” Pragya “Yes….” Abhi “Look at me and tell!” Pragya, I know he would know how sad I am if I look at him. Now what do I do?

Abhi “Don’t lie to me again! I can see your hands are shaking and that too in worry!” Pragya while looking at her luggage said “Nothing like that it’s just that the A/C is too cold….it’s shivering…” Abhi went closer to her and hugged her from back. She still tried to control her tears and said “Leave me!” Abhi “I love u and u should stay here!” Pragya “I know….but let me leave for a while….please….” Abhi “I know u are planning to go from here and it’s not for a while too!” Pragya faced him and asked “How did u know that?” Abhi “Dad told me everything….”
Pragya slowly removed herself from his hug and took the packed luggage in her hand. Abhi held Pragya’s hand pleaded “ Don’t leave…..I will solve everything but have faith in me…..” Pragya slowly removed his hand and faced him. Pragya “I have faith in you from the day I know u….My faith is asking me to faithfully leave u now….So don’t force me not to leave….”

Abhi “If this is your decision then I am fine but remember u are just leaving from this house and not my life….” Pragya couldn’t control her tears now and she just hugged Abhi before leaving the house.


Pragya “Who ask u to come here?” Abhi “I don’t need anyone’s permission! And u are coming with me now!” Pragya “I will come but I need permission! I am not like u!” Abhi was not in the mood to listen to her and he just carried her forcefully in his arms…..

Ok guys I am so stressed up both in studies and personally….So something crazy popped out in my mind to relieve my stress! Ya it could be senseless too…What is it? I want to play a game with u all! Guess and check game! I am sorry if u all don’t like this game! It’s very simple though…Ok u all see I am like not even introducing the game first but I am blabbering a lot….That’s my stress level now….I blabber a lot nowadays….Coming to the point: Just drop the first letter of the city or town u all live in! I will try to guess the names and check with u all either through comments or in the next update! Sorry if this is a useless game! Basically I can know where my friends live but not that easily as I have to guess and this game can help me to relieve me in some way! One more thing I do know some of u all and where u all live….in that case u all can drop in your native places….as I don’t think I really remember them!

Rules of the game:

1.State the first letter of the city or town u all live in

2.Country to be stated in order for me to make a proper guess

3.If u all think I know the place u all live in, then state your native place’s first letter.

4.Not compulsory to take part in this game!

Basically, I think by end of this semester I would be completely crazy and that’s for sure. That’s what I can predict for now.

Once again thank u for the wonderful comments friends and sisters! All your comments gave me immense support! Actually I would like to reply u all for all your understanding words but I would like to that when my mind is completely free… So sorry for that! Will inform u all when I am done with replying! I think it will be late! By the way Ashika sis! I had a schoolmate also called Ashika in secondary school. So when u first commented it only reminded of her! Now I don’t know where is she though!

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  1. FFFFFFFAAAAAAANNNNTTTTTAAAAASSSSTTTTTTIIIIIIICCCC…… IN JUHI STYLE ?????? well I live in India and the letter where I live is D??? I guess u know it

    1. Maya

      I guess u want me to think easily and it’s Delhi! But ya thanks for playing with me this silly game???

  2. Hi sis , my home town name starts with T. All the best for your semester n let Ur mind get crazy thoughts my crazy sis, bye take care.

    1. Maya

      Now it’s difficult Anu sis! There are so many names with T in andhra! Give me some time to guess sis!?? Thanks for the wishes too??

  3. Nice epi dear all the best for ur semester

    1. Maya

      Thanks lucky! I consider myself lucky to see a lucky comment from u…Although my life is very unlucky nowadays….

  4. Kalaiesai

    hi dr frnd it is really super and i am loving it ok now my turn to give clues for your games and my city starts with letter C and country India only guess and keep rocking like this take care of you see you soon and best of luck for yours exams and whishes too tata…

    1. Maya

      Thanks for the wishes and playing the game with me! I guess it’s chennai!

  5. Aditiroy

    Super di. ..actually it’s my first time I am commenting….ur all ff are really going well..I used to read but could not comment…today I commented and best of luck for your exams…

    1. Maya

      That’s great sis and thanks for your wishes! Keep reading whenever u are free! ???

  6. Princesskrisha

    Maya di my hometown letter starts with t in south di all the best for your semester di

    1. Maya

      Oh sis it’s getting difficult, i have so many guesses sis! South as in which state??? Thanks for the wishes!

  7. Awesome episode yaar just loved it eagerly waiting for the next update and all the best for your semesters

    1. Maya

      Thank u Minu! Keep reading and hopefully the nxt update will be nice???

  8. Hai Maya….i am from India and my home town is T…by the way today epi was nice…..

    1. Maya

      Hi Varsha! I know u are tamil…athukaga tamilnadu solla mudiyathu as it is a state…hmm Tirunelveli ya? I don’t know maybe my guess is very bad???

      1. Maya

        There is so many starting with Ts

  9. Lovely update sissy❤?? precap???lovely abhigya ❤?keep rocking??? eagerly waiting for ur nxt update sissy??? I live in India and the place of letter i live s C ??

    1. Maya

      Chennai! I have seen ur reply in one of the previous update! ???Thank u Mokshi sis for reading and enjoying it????????

  10. Rithu

    Hai chlm as usual u rocked da. I’m from tamilnadu and u knw tat my home town is p
    in order to make u guess easily I will giv a hint my hometown is near erode

    1. Maya

      Still difficult dear…??hmm…Pe….is it something like that or Pa….? Thanks for reading dear????

      1. Rithu

        Half done dr it starts with pa I will give another hint it is in namakkal district this time u can find easily

      2. Maya

        Pallipalayam? ??Theriyala rithu??

  11. Wow ?????????????????? The update was always like Differently different… and yup coming to your game ?????? hehe i guess I should try ??? Pakistan and the letter is L ??? one more hint I do not live in Lahore ??? guess it

    1. Maya

      Larkana or Lasbela? ??? this is what i can google for places starting with letter L! Glad that u enjoyed the update????

      1. Not lasbela ??? but yeah you are right! Right guess so Q mobile aap ka hua ??? lol

  12. Suga will u pls stop talking like this unlucky unlucky. U r the best person I met in my life. u don’t know wen u talk like this i want to slap u that much u make angry. hereafter don’t ever dare to talk like this. I know u suffering a lot but still u have to strong and I know this too that u r very strong.

    1. Maya

      Okok Lakshmi cool down and I won’t tell like this hereafter! Ok va? ???. Thanks for the concern….it really means a lot to me???

  13. SavitaVidya

    awesome episode choti….Abhigya just keep blowing mi mind.
    now to game, iam from Uganda…town E…


    1. Maya

      Thank u Savita di?? Hmm…is it Entebbe?

      1. SavitaVidya

        hehehe Yes…google is good!!

  14. Reshma_Pradeep

    It’s AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & coming to the game,You know that I live in India………May be you knows State too…….So I would like to say my Home town……….The letter is T????

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it awesome Reshu! Again Ts…Thrissur or Trivandrum! Actually i guess is the second one for some strange reason????

  15. So awesome eagerly waiting for next episode and for me the country is India and the city starts with c I know u would find this??

    1. Maya

      Thank u Nini for the eagerness??! It’s easy Chennai thanks for making it easy???

  16. Hi di …it was a wonderful epi…I really loved it till the core…I am in secondary school too…abhigya scenes were very good too…which std r u studying di.?u too r my friend di…my sis too..I am actually a choti to u…maybe the smallest here…now to the game..I am from India..u have to guess.. my state first…it is from k …I wish u all the best fr exams di..don’t take stress…and one thing u r really the best writer…take care…love u loads and keep writing… 😀 😉 😀 😉 ….

    1. Maya

      I am not in secondary school…-

      1. Maya

        I am studying college year 2 sis! Thanks for loving it???Thanks for the lovely comment and my guess is Kerala??Ok friend bye and take care??

  17. Prabhi

    i live in UK the country letter is E

    1. Maya

      I guess it’s Edinburgh if not Exeter? Not sure???

  18. Prabhi

    oh and i just love this ff it makes me lose my senses

    1. Maya

      Thanks for loving it but don’t lose your senses, it’s needed to continue reading this ff??????

  19. CuteVanshu

    Awesome epi di… I am from India n place where i live starts from D

    1. Maya

      I have replied u at the bottom CuteVanshu!

  20. Maya

    Clue needed sis! Which state are u from?Thanks for the awesome comment???

    1. CuteVanshu

      It’s the capital of India

      1. Maya

        Delhi! Thanks for playing the game?

  21. Saranya24

    Awesome epi akka cant wait to knw the nxt part abd as u knw i live in tamilnadu my place srarts wit C ok love u dii?????

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