Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 23


Restlessness is resting in my heart but what if this restlessness is testing my residence in your heart?
With that thoughts Pragya now never went to see Abhi but she went to Shanti ma’s room to talk to her.

She was about to step inside her room and that’s when Abhi pulled her by force and brought her to his room. Pragya “How can u just pull me like this?” Abhi “I can’t push u inside Ma’s room and that’s why I had to pull u out!” Pragya “Why?” Abhi “I know u are going to tell her everything but I can’t allow that to happen at anytime!”
Pragya “Why? If i never tell her it makes me guilty….why can’t u understand that?” Abhi “Guilty? For what? For telling her lies or hiding that you are not even related to Tanya!” Pragya “All this can be forgotten but I am being responsible for Tanya’s death is the most worst thing! How can I hide that from her?” Abhi “It doesn’t matter now….I told u earlier that u are not responsible for her death….even if u are then no body would have done what u are doing to make us happy always in all ways…..” Pragya “You see u even relate to her words to make me feel better…that itself shows how much she is part of your life!” Abhi “She was part of my life not now…..and now it’s u! Why can’t u understand that?” Pragya “ I know but still…..” Abhi “ Ok fine think in this way….if u go and tell Ma now then do u think she would be happy? No right? She would be shattered Pragya….I don’t want her to be shattered because of u…..If u blame yourself for Tanya’s death then I am also responsible in a way…..u don’t know what really happened and u no need to know too!”

Pragya “What do u mean? Why are u telling like this?” Abhi “What I can say is she left us leaving good memories and I wish to cherish that with u….That’s it Pragya! One more time if u are going to tell Ma then u will never see me again…….”

With that Abhi left the room leaving Pragya stunned. She convinced herself by saying if this is what he wants then I will also do this…..But what if someone else tell to Uncle and Aunty about all this?

Abhi, Why is she so stubborn? She is just hurting herself with guilty thoughts! When the right time comes I will explain to her everything that shows she is not responsible to Tanya’s death in any way….Until then she just have to wait!

Abhi returned to his room and found Pragya still standing in lost thoughts. Abhi “You still haven’t leave from here?” Pragya was still thinking and looking at his photo frame on the table. Abhi “Hello! I am calling u Pragya!” Hearing his loud voice she came back to senses and asked “You called me?” Abhi “No….I caught you!” Pragya “Huh? What are u saying?” Abhi “I caught u admiring my photo! That too in front of me!” Pragya “Arrey! No I was not admiring u….” Abhi “Then what makes u lost in my photo?” Pragya “Your smile…..” Abhi “Then?” Pragya blushed and said “Your eyes……” Abhi “Then?” Pragya “I am shy na so I will tell u later…..” Abhi “Very funny! You are purposely doing like this to avoid getting close to me!” Pragya was now really feeling shy thinking of the thoughts of being close to him. Abhi romantically said “Your shyness is shining in love….let it shine like this as you are my sunshine!” Pragya looked into his eyes and said “Your eyes are also always shining and that makes you as my sunshine!” Abhi “Enough of this shining thing….You better leave my room now!” Pragya “Arrey! You are saying as if I started telling about shyness and shining stuff!” Abhi “You made me tell! Then you have to leave now if not I will lose my control!” Pragya understood by what he meant and asked “But I want to ask u something!” Abhi “No!” Pragya pleaded to him and he can’t deny it. Pragya “Why did u tell just now like that?” Abhi “Again! I told u to forget about all that and try to focus on the present and future!” Pragya “I want to know how u know all this and why is it so easy for u to forgive me?” Abhi “Oh Really? Then find it yourself! I bet you can’t find it!” Pragya “Are u betting me? What if I find everything how u found about me?” Abhi “Like seriously u are accepting my bet? That’s so funny!” Pragya “Not funny and this is a serious issue but u are making it funny….I want to know how u know about me!” Abhi “Find that yourself! And please be reminded that u are going to stay here forever and in that case please don’t do anything funny just to find how I know about u!” Pragya gave a stern face and said “I will prove u that u are wrong!” Abhi “Funny girl! Let me see u again but now I have to leave for office!”

After Abhi left the room, Pragya took the photo frame on the table and kissed on it. Abhi who was seeing that secretly said in a loud voice “You can try what u are doing on me! For your kind information, I am the one who is in the photo!” Pragya heard that and smiled widely as for Abhi he walked down the stairs with the same wide smile…..Deep inside his heart he knew how much Pragya loves him. He too loves her so now changing her thoughts of blaming herself was his next action.

Abhi impatiently asked “Pragya! what are u up to now??” Pragya “I am up to your thoughts right? That’s why I am up here!”

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