Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 21


Pragya, Yes because of my carelessness she was gone completely from his life…..I don’t know in what way I belong to everyone here….Whatever I am telling is all to convince them but deep inside my heart I know what is the truth…..I know what is the truth that makes me belong to him. It is the truth that is difficult to accept but I have no choice…..I still have to accept it…….
Wiping her tears and with her faced washed, she came out of the bathroom and was surprised to see Abhi in her room!
Pragya “How come u are here?” Abhi “Just like that. Your door was not locked! So it’s an easy route to enter! Why I can’t be here is it?” Pragya wiping her face with a towel told him “ Nothing like that but didn’t expect u just to enter my room without my permission!” Abhi “ Acha….” Pragya “ Why are u looking at the mirror like that?” Abhi “ Like what?” Pragya “ I don’t know but u are looking strangely at it!” Abhi walked in front to the mirror and stared at it. Pragya, now what is he up to?

Abhi “You are lost right?” Pragya in a confused tone “ Haan…” Abhi “Come here and I will show u something….” Pragya hesitantly walked towards him and he made her stand in front of him facing the mirror. Pragya was still clueless on what to do….and his close proximity was affecting her like never before…..Abhi holding onto her shoulder said “ You see….look at your eyes…it’s showing me that u are completely lost in me! It makes me to be lost in you….and also try to love u….” Pragya was lost for words in response. She was completely lost by both his words and closeness towards her…..He slowly turned her and made her face him. Both had an eyelock and were lost in each other’s closeness….That’s when his phone rang making them coming back to senses.

Abhi answered the call and when she was about to leave, he grabbed her hand brought her closer to him. Pragya stared at him and struggled to leave from his grip but it was of no use. Abhi sternly said “Just stay here with me!”

Pragya, What is this?? Already I am so confused on how I ended up here and now he is not leaving me at all…..

Abhi after ending his call, looked at confused Pragya. Abhi with a smirk “ You don’t have to be this much confused….But sorry to say that u will be even more confused after today….” Pragya “ Can u leave me now?”

Abhi seductively said “Leave u? Or love u?” Pragya with a frustrated look “Just let me go!” Abhi hugged her tightly now and said “This is my way of letting you go inside my heart!” Pragya was just helpless, and she could only be lost in his embrace. Pragya said in a soft tone “ All this is nice but for now please let me go….please…” Abhi “ Ok it’s enough for today letting u go inside my heart….more is yet to come….” He broke the hug and gave a wink at her before leaving the room.

Pragya, How can I tell him that my love for him is a way to rectify my mistake…..Why is it so difficult for me to tell him everything? Why it makes me so much worried that he will get hurt because of me? Why do I feel his hurt is mine too? I know why…it’s because it’s love but….do I deserve this? I don’t know….But the way he is towards me today makes me love him like never before.

Abhi, She is not the same…. Why is she so worried? Worried of my closeness? I don’t think so…. may be she is confused with my crazy acts….No! It’s not crazy! It’s crazily lovely! Ya that’s the way I would describe it!

Pragya, I know what to do for all my confusions. I will tell him everything soon. But I need the strength to tell him everything and that strength is only from him.

Abhi went to his room and thought, What else to continue this crazy love? I need help now! Ok let me ask Purab since he is married now!

Pragya heard someone knocking her door and she went to check who it was. Abhi was outside and said “LF! I mean lovely fiancé now….do u think we should get engaged and I can try to love u even more!” Pragya was shocked by his sudden question. Pragya with stammer asked “Are….u….sure?” Abhi “I am not sure yaar that’s why I am asking u!” Abhi who was leaning against the door asked “I need a support in life just like how I am leaning against the door now. I need a live wire to support me to make me lively! So I guess you are the one!” Pragya “I don’t mind but this live wire is dangerous too!” Abhi “I know! I am ready for it too!” Pragya gave a light smile and said “Ok let’s see how much u can handle this danger in your life?” Abhi “Are u challenging me or what?” Pragya “If u say so then it’s a challenge!” Abhi “Done! I will show u how easily I will handle you!” Pragya “Ok bye! I need to get changed!” Abhi “Ok but don’t think about me too much and get confused!” Pragya blushed and Abhi moved away from there with a wide smile. Pragya before closing the door looked towards the direction where he was leaving and thought, His words of saying….. try to love me is more than enough to me. I know he is serious about this and making me feel light with his funny terms and conditions, then with his trial to love. He is the same as before and this is what he was before and that’s what I want…. That’s what she wanted too. But all I can say to him from my heart is I am sorry and I love you crazily just like her……

Abhi, That’s so fast that she agreed to be engaged with me! So she is now back to crazy mode! But still something is missing! Hmm….Let me find that soon!

Pragya, I had thousand dreams that I dreamt of u after seeing you, just to be in your life and live your life with u. Every dream of mine was and will be only about you. Do you know why? As I felt that I can only reach you in your dreams but now it’s coming into reality……

Abhi dragged Pragya to a room and yelled at her “Who are u?” Pragya in a shivering tone “I am Pragya!” Abhi “Who are u to Tanya?” Pragya “Her…sister….” Abhi slapped her hardly hearing that.

So the precap is a leading to the revelation too. Just have to wait and hope that my work load gets lesser. I couldn’t update yesterday as I was outside for the whole day, college, hospital and then temple…..Totally exhausted! Sorry guys for the late update! I think I can update tomorrow night!

Ok guys thank u so much for the lovely comments, I know last update was a twist and gradually the twist will be revealed. Thank u Myna for the wishes, hmm are u someone I know before? All your comments remind me of someone again. Not sure or maybe it’s my imagination. Thank u Ani sis, Mokshi sissy, Lokha sis, Somiya, Durga, Mukundraj, Lakshmi, Ashika sis, Iswarya-your doubt will be cleared soon and maybe the precap could have given u some hint to the twist. Thank u Varsha, Nisha sis (U asked me whether I love writing so much that I even write in busy schedule, right? I don’t know whether I love or not but it makes me happy and I just feel like doing it! haha I am always confused in what I like…..), Lucky, Prathi sis, Maahi, Rithu, Saranya sis, Minu, Aliza (no more Abhigya ah?) ,Reshu, Haritha sis. Sorry if I missed anyone as I am typing this thank u note in sleepy mode….I am just craving for sleep nowadays…..I forgot something! Thank u silent readers! Bye!

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