Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 2

Continuation of reading his diary……

In the diary:
Life is to be lived as a life for others that is what I learnt from her. She lived her life for others and that was what made me liked her. You know something life? You know when I first saw her she was not even in her senses. Yes u heard it right! She was unconscious and I carried her in my arms to her house. She was gentle as the breeze and very slowly I was losing myself in that breeze………
Pragya, Hmm…He is really feeling for her so much and does he love her? Ok let me continue to read to find that out!

In the diary:
I looked around her house it was a simple house and she was still unconscious in my arms. Then an elderly lady came to ask what happened and I explained that I found her unconscious lying in the park. It is the same park that I always go for jogging. The elderly lady then directed me to a particular room to lie her down on the bed. I did as she told but I felt something weird when I was making the girl lie on the bed. I felt there was no concern towards her from the way the elderly woman behaved. I felt that I should stay beside her until she regains consciousness but how can I do that when she does not belong to me?
With that thoughts I left from the house and was hoping that I could meet her again. When? Where and How? All that I am not sure but something in me told that I will surely meet her again.

Pragya, I find it weird when he is saying that he felt there was no concern for that girl. Why do I feel weird? The way he tells how he feels is making me disturbed for some reasons….Stop it Pragya! I think you are getting involved in his words. Just read it like a story and not as his life!

By convincing herself like that, she continued to read what was written in the diary…….
I looked at her very closely when I was carrying her. At that moment, I felt how peaceful she looked even when she was unconscious. I felt like losing myself in her and finding myself again. Weird right? I know all this too but I seriously don’t have any idea why I felt all that! Is it because she was the first girl that I carried in my arms? Maybe that could be the reason.

Then days passed, I was also expecting to see her in the same park that I saw her before. I was not sure whether I will meet her again but I was waiting for her every morning. That day came when I felt my wait was worth enough. She came with the same elderly lady that I met in her house. She was in a white salwar kameez and I was in white jogging suit. It was perfectly matching, I wished to talk to her but both of them just walked passed me without even paying attention to me! Then I felt disappointed that even the elderly lady or her grandmother didn’t acknowledge me for the help I did. Maybe she had forgotten me as she could have been absent minded. I can’t go and tell to her that I helped u that day too. Despite all this, I was feeling peaceful after meeting her and that too after a long time. Now u can think what’s next? I was also thinking like that and what happened next was the most senseless thing that I have ever experienced in my life!

Pragya, Senseless thing? What’s that? Okok Just read and don’t keep on think Pragya!
In diary:
Senseless thing that made me sense that how sensible she is……
I followed her as in not literally followed her but I tried to find out what she is doing and who she is. That is when I realised that there is the senseless thing in her life. Do you know what is that? I will tell u now….It is her life!! Yes I realised that her life is the senseless thing. She always lived her life for others and I am ok with it but why she never realised that she also have an life! That made me to make her do something sensible in her life without making her know that I am behind her….How is this? I don’t want to make her feel that someone is doing a favour for her. Instead I want her to feel that someone is feeling for her. That’s why I did that!
Pragya, He is really feeling for her but why? Is he doing this out of love? If that is so then why until now he is expressing that he is loving her? Wait why am I getting impatient that he is not expressing his love? Oh god! What am I doing now? Just to find his name I end up involving too much in his life! And one more thing that I want to know why he never mention any dates like when he met her! At least it would make me guess na by when he would propose her!

She flipped to the next page and saw the first line which made her smile widely…….
Sensing my love with love and also for her love………
Pragya, So now I can see his love for her! Hopefully I can see that! See? Yes I am kind of imagining without even knowing how he looks or she looks….
Will she be able to sense his love through his writings? Let’s see and pls wait for the next update.

Thank you everyone for spending all your valuable time to read this!

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