Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 19


Situations happen to situate thoughts, feelings and many unexplainable things in your heart and that’s how a situation happened in her life which made thoughts of you to be situated in her heart. She met you at the same hotel that we met earlier. You always checked in to the same hotel, Bliss hotel, and when she checked in it was her first time.
Abhi was now even more confused on why he didn’t even realize that Tanya had met him before.
You could be wondering why u never realize her presence. But it doesn’t matter. She was silently realizing your presence in her life and that’s what it matters. She told me that her first encounter with you was in the restaurant near the hotel where you used to be with Purab. But what made her realize her feelings for you was in the elevator.
Abhi “In elevator? How could I never even realize her when she was there?”
Sometimes in our busy lives we fail to notice a lot of things and that’s how u never realize her! She heard you talking about her. You were talking in phone to your personal assistant who was arranging the doctor for Aunty.

Abhi “Haan I did but I can’t remember what I told about her!”
Let me tell you then…she didn’t really have a family background in her profile details and your PA was pointing out that. What you replied to her made di impressed and admire you. You said it doesn’t matter and what matters most is the character of a person and u heard about di having a very good character. You also said that even if u get married to a person like di then her family background doesn’t matter and what matters to u is her character to support the family that she would live in after marriage.
Abhi “Just by hearing that she fell in love with me?”
I won’t say like that but she really admired those words from you…..Admiration of you started from that day onwards and she told me all this in her last days. She was all alone in her life as she don’t feel like living in a family that was not united.
Abhi “What else she told you?”
Even though she knew she would be leaving you but she said she is leaving behind her heart with you……
Abhi “Which is why you are after me….”
Pragya nodded her head in response and Abhi walked closer to her and said “I still can’t love you as much as I loved her…..”
She even told that you would tell like this. And she told something else too.
Abhi impatiently asked “What did she told?”

She said he would love you more than me as I am within you…..I will take care of him always in all ways……
Abhi unable to control his emotions hugged Pragya. Pragya “Just believe that she is within me and she will never let you down!” Pragya caressed his face and he looked at her with tears of hope….in the hope that Pragya will change his life……
Abhi “I still need some time to live love in my life…..I am very scared of losing someone I love again! She was my first love and…….” Pragya “I can understand and I will be waiting for you….” Abhi cupped her face in a position that he felt like bringing her lips closer to his and said “Thank you!” He left immediately after that and Pragya smiled by wiping her tears…..
Pragya, Always like this….He wants to kiss me but again he is confused!
Abhi, Yes I want to kiss her but not in this way! If Tanya’s wish was I should be with her then I will do that but… can I kiss Pragya when I am in tears! It’s so unromantic man!
The next day:

Abhi woke up very early and knocked Pragya’s door. Pragya sleepily opened the door. Abhi laughed looking at her. Pragya “Why are u laughing like this?” Abhi “You hair looks like as if u had electric shock!!!” Pragya “Stop laughing! Wait for two minutes and I will be back!” With that she closed the door. Abhi continued to laugh until she opened the door and Abhi said “ Where is the original Pragya?” Pragya “What original?” Abhi “Just now the one with messed up hair! She is original and you are duplicate!” Pragya “Can u just tell me why are u here? Instead of talking about original and duplicate! I am so sleepy….and why do u have to wake me up so early???” Abhi “Look Pragya! If I am waking u up means there is a reason!” Pragya looked at him intently. Abhi “Don’t get lost in thoughts of me….You come with me and I have to tell u something!” He held her hands and brought her to his parent’s room. Abhi knocked their door and Pragya “They would sleeping na…why are u disturbing them?” Abhi signaled her to be quiet. Shanti ma opened the door and Abhigya went inside the room. Abhi “Ma! I want to tell u something important!” Shanti ma “Ok what is the matter?” Abhi “ I know Daddy is also awake and ask him not to pretend as if he is sleeping!” Ram heard that and woke up to sit on the bed. Abhi “ What I want to tell u all is I will try to love….” All of them at the same moment “Love?” Abhi “Haan I will try to love again!” Shanti ma “You are already loving her and now only u are telling that to us! Thank god! Now u realized it!” Abhi “Be serious Ma! I am saying I will try to love not her but my life!” Pragya “Huh?” Abhi “No huh and all! It’s haan I wanted to inform u all that I will try to love my life again!” Ram “Abhi! I thought all the while only you were confused but I think after a few days all of us will be confused too….” Abhi “I am telling such an important issue and all of u are not supporting me!” Pragya “Aunty! Uncle! Please support him as he is going to try something!” Shanti ma “Ok fine you are going to try something! But why don’t u try it on Pragya!” Abhi gave a smirk and said “Why not? But I have my terms and conditions!” Pragya looking puzzled asked “Terms and conditions?” Abhi “Yes! I am a business man and I always like to apply them!” Ram “Shanti! You check him whether is he sick or what? He is blabbering too much early in the morning!” Shanti ma “Pragya! You go and sleep in your room….I think he is out of his mind!” Pragya looked at Abhi who was smiling and then winked at her. Pragya was taken aback and walked quickly back to her room.

Abhi, It’s so fun to make others confused and I am not out of mind! I am very clear in what I want but the rest are not looking at it through my mind!
Pragya, I think he is trying to love me but not in a straight way! If I am not wrong, he wants to do something to impress me! But what is the something?
A few hours later:
Abhi called Pragya through phone. Pragya “You are at work right?” Abhi “Ya but I want to tell you something so come to my office!” Pragya, His office? That’s strange…..Abhi “Hey Pragya! I know you are going to meet him but before that come and see me!” Pragya “How did u know?” Abhi “I am spying on your activities and that’s how I know!” Pragya “Very funny! Why can’t u tell things directly instead of making others confused with your confusing behavior!” Abhi “Hello Miss Pragya! I am not having any confusing behavior!” Pragya “You are confusing!” Abhi “I am not!” Pragya “Fine! Where is your office?” Abhi “Huh? You don’t know where is my office? What kind of a person u are to love someone without knowing where the person works!!!” Pragya “For your kind information, I love the person and not his work!” Abhi “You should love not only him but everything he does too….You know like love everything about him….” Pragya “I am surprised that u are telling all this to me!” Abhi “I am not surprised in that way…. By the way I will text u the address and reach here safely! Bye LF!” Before Pragya could respond he ended the call.
Pragya, LF? What was that? When did he started using short forms like me? So confusing! I don’t think he is trying to impress me and how can he say I should love everything about the person I love! Wait Pragya! Why am I angry about this? I should be happy na…He is telling what he wants from me! Omg! I am so excited to meet him now!
With a lot of excitement she stepped inside his office and asked a staff there where is cabin was and she walked towards the direction. She knocked the door and asked “May I come in?” Abhi “Haan come in!” Pragya looked around but was puzzled to found him nowhere.

Abhi was hiding somewhere and Pragya “Where are u?” Abhi “Find that yourself!” Pragya “I am running late and I have to meet him!” Abhi “That is not my problem!” Pragya, What is he trying to do? She looked around the room everywhere and even under the table but he was nowhere to be found!
Pragya” Listen! If u are hiding like this then I will have to see him!” Abhi from the place he was hiding shouted “First you see yourself then go and see him!” Pragya “What’s wrong with me that I have to see myself?” Abhi “Find that yourself!” Pragya “Stop this nonsense! I am going to see him!” Abhi “Go and see him but before that pass me that cream!” Pragya “What cream?” Abhi “Ice cream in the fridge!” Pragya “This is so ridiculous! If I bring that will u come out?” Abhi “Ok!” Pragya shook her head in disbelief and took the ice cream from fridge. Pragya “But where are u? I am with the ice cream!” Abhi “Find that yourself too!” Pragya, What’s wrong with him? Why is he keep on asking me to find???
Pragya “This is the limit and I am leaving!” She placed the ice cream in anger and Abhi from her back placed one of his hands around her hand and another hand on her mouth to stop her from shouting in shock!

Abhi “Ouch! U bite me!” Pragya removed his hands from her waist and turned around to see him. Pragya “Where were u all this while? And what is this? Placing your hands on my waist!” Abhi with a witty smirk “Why LF? U don’t like it?” Pragya was lost for words…..Pragya “I…like…I mean no! It’s so sudden!” Abhi “Feed me ice cream!” Pragya “Feed u? U are not a kid!” Abhi with a fake frustration, “Then how can I try to love u if u can’t even do a simple thing that I asked for u?” Pragya “I am not a sample to try!” Abhi “Did I say that u are a sample?” Pragya “No! Ok I will feed u but….” Abhi “But what?” Pragya “You must close your eyes!” Abhi “It’s dangerous!” Pragya “Why?” Abhi winked and told “You will do anything to me when I close my eyes!” Pragya “I will not do anything like u are thinking! It’s just feeding you!” Abhi “Really?” Pragya “Yes really it’s only feeding!” Abhi “Ok then I will close my eyes!” By saying that he closed his eyes and Pragya took the ice- cream to feed him. He was smiling with his eyes closed. Pragya “Open your mouth!” Abhi “You should not command like this! But still I will follow your command….” Pragya slowly fed him and smiled looking at his never ending smile all the while she was feeding him. Abhi “It’s over right?” Pragya was astonished as he knew that with his eyes closed. Abhi “No need to be surprised and wipe my mouth now!” Pragya had a crazy idea at that moment and she went closer to him. Abhi opened his eyes and was shocked to see how close her lips was to his! Abhi “Move back!” Pragya “Let me wipe na…” Abhi “This is what I was thinking as dangerous!” He pushed her. Pragya “I wanted to be environmentally friendly! That’s why I thought of this idea!” Abhi “You are dangerous! U could use your duppata to wipe instead of tissue! Not like this idea of wiping with your lips!” Pragya in annoyed tone “Fine! I am sorry!” Abhi “You hold on to your idea as it’s…..wait I just remembered something and u can leave! I need to leave to see someone!”

Precap: Pragya “What is this?” Abhi “This is what u wanted!” Pragya “I never wanted this!” Abhi patted her head and said with a smile “Always like this….That’s why u are my LF!”

The other ff that was slipped into coma is slowly recovering but I am unsure of how well it would be accepted by u all….That’s why there is delay in updating….And this ff I hope it’s nice to read and it’s just an exploration of the emotions of two people who are one in their life! Thank u for the awesome comments and I am cherishing that!

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