Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 16

I have replied everyone in the last 3 updates. I felt I should do that as some of u all had some doubts and some expressed your excitement and enjoyment of this ff. Thank u so much for the overwhelming support. Keep reading and I hope to meet all your expectations. Thank u again!

Now back to the story……
Abhi after a few hours returned home while his parents and Pragya were having their dinner in the dining area. Ram patting Shanti ma’s shoulder asked “Who is that entering our house?” Shanthi ma “Can’t u see? He is your son!” Ram “But why is he wearing helmet in house?” Shanthi ma “ It seems that he don’t want to see us and that’s why he is doing this!” Abhi was still in the living area and was talking to Robin something. Pragya, What is this instead of talking to us he is talking to Robin! And what is he trying to do by wearing helmet? Aunty and Uncle are just making fun of him instead of calming him down from his anger!

Shanthi ma sensed that Pragya was feeling tensed. Shanti ma “Pragya! Just don’t get tensed for this and we will talk to him slowly about everything! U know right slow and steady wins the race!”
Abhi walked up the steps and headed to his room as for Robin, he came to the dining area. Robin “Abhi sir said that he is wearing helmet not because he don’t want to see anyone here!” Shanti ma “Then why is wearing that?” Robin “As he don’t want anyone here to see him!” Ram “Oh so it’s the other way ah?” Both chuckled hearing that and Pragya was still worried. She did smiled with them but her smile was filled with worries….The worries of him…..Robin then went to the kitchen to carry on with his work.

Shanti ma “Pragya! You are just getting worried too much and just remember that whatever he is doing is out of anger and some frustration. Once he knows everything he would be your everything and I am very sure about that!” Pragya hearing that was emotional and she hugged Shanti ma with the hopes that he would be her everything…..
Ram interrupted “Can we continue our dinner now?” Shanti ma with a frown said “What are you saying when bahu is feeling sad? U are always like this….” Pragya then giggled hearing to their argument that further continued. Ram “Look now she is back to normal so now we can stop our argument! And start our dinner!” Shanti ma too giggled at her husband’s antics to make Pragya cheerful…..
Pragya, I still haven’t asked Aunty for help. Should I ask her help or try myself to tell him everything? Let me try again…Hopefully he listens to me.
In Abhi’s room:

Abhi, What the hell?? Why am I hearing so many laughter sounds? That too so loud! They don’t even have the concern for me for what I ask Robin to tell them! And my parents are they also crazy because of Pragya? Damn this helmet let me take off this first! It’s so irritating too!

Abhi didn’t locked his door and after a while someone knocked the door and in anger he just said “It’s not locked! Just come in!” Pragya entered the room and Abhi was just fuming with anger looking at her. Abhi remained silent and looked away from her. Pragya “Don’t do like this….I mean if u are angry just shout at me or even slap me but don’t kill me with your silence….It’s very painful…..” Abhi turned to look at her and found her eyes welled up in tears. Abhi “Stop your drama! I need to sleep now as I am super tired and I don’t have the time to listen to your speech!” Pragya “I know u are angry on all of us but did u think why all of us are doing this? I am trying to tell u that I know u and why can’t u understand that?” Abhi “Yes all of u are doing this to make me married to u! And u know me as u followed me! U don’t have to talk as if there is something else for all this drama!” Pragya “No! I know you from the time u know Tanya!” Abhi was shocked hearing that and he walked closer to Pragya. Abhi “What are u blabbering?” Pragya “Like how much she is close to your heart….That much she is close to my heart from the moment I know her…..” Abhi with a lot of questions running in his mind asked, “What are u telling?” Pragya “I am telling the truth! I am going to tell everything now so please listen…..” Abhi looked at her intently and made her sit on the couch and he too sat beside her to listen to the truth of their lives.

Flashback mode begins…..
A couple of years back when Abhi’s mother was facing some illness he made her to get home rest by arranging for a doctor to regularly check on her. That doctor is Tanya. She was a loving person who cared for Shanti ma more like her own mother rather than like a patient. Abhi really liked her care towards his mother. He used to secretly look at her taking care of his mother from outside the room or he used to talk to Shanti ma in the presence of Tanya just to look at her and admire her secretly. Tanya too realized his secret admiration. She was loving it and she could feel he was genuine in his admiration….She could feel love in his eyes….That made her felt that she should talk to him. Shanti ma realized Abhi’s change in attitude whenever Tanya is around and she also decided to talk to Abhi about this.

Shanti ma “Abhi! Come and sit beside me…” Abhi “Why ma? Do u want anything?” Shanti ma “Haan! I want a bahu for this house!” Abhi blushed hearing that and Shanti ma “ No need to be so shy Abhi! I know u like Dr. Tanya and I also like her! But why are u not talking to her?” Abhi “ Ma! You know I like her?” Shanti ma “Haan it’s so obvious when u are making excuses to talk to me when she is around and then always looking at her as if u are lost in her!” Abhi “Ma I will talk to her but I felt like I should know more about her as in all her likes and dislikes….and then I would propose her one day by impressing her with what she likes!” Shanti ma “ Wow! I didn’t know that my son has so much of thoughts for proposal itself!” Abhi again blushed badly and hugged Shanti ma for her supportive words for his first love……’

As days passed, Abhi gradually talked to Tanya. Tanya too liked talking to him. But she felt all his talks were only with How are you and how was the day…..She was getting impatient at Abhi’s pace of talking to her…..

Then one day:
Tanya “Abhi! I need to talk to u!” Abhi “Regarding Ma?” Tanya “Not really it’s about us….” Abhi with a smirk “About us?” Tanya “Yes! It’s getting late and I have to talk about this….Tonight 7 pm? At my house?” Abhi “At your house? Are u sure?” Tanya “Then where else do u want to meet?” Abhi “I message u the place and we shall meet there! Is it ok? Don’t worry it won’t be that dark!” Tanya was surprised hearing that “How does it matter if it’s dark or not?” Abhi “I thought u don’t like darkness!” Tanya gave a puzzled looked making Abhi smiled broadly….Abhi “See u later!” Tanya nodded her head in response and he walked passed her…..
Tanya, How did he know that I don’t like darkness….That’s something that I never expected. He smiled too much today as if he is planning something strange. His smile is very suspicious today…..But I have to talk to him about us.
Tanya reached the place that he had mentioned to meet her. Abhi was also there. Tanya “ It’s a nice place though….with bright lights and lots of flowers decorated around the entrance….Do u thought that I am asking u for a date or what?” Abhi with a smile said “Not really….but I thought u liked bright lights and flowers… ya that’s why I made this preparations….” Tanya with a puzzled look, Why does he always have thoughts about my likes and dislikes….Abhi “So u are here right?” Tanya “Huh?” Abhi “Come back here! You said u want to talk something about us!” Tanya “I am here only and ya what I want to tell is….I think u like me?” Abhi “Yes of course who would not like a great doctor like u who cares her patients like her own family members!” Tanya “Not in that sense…I mean….” Abhi with a smirk “Then in what sense u want to know that how I like u?” Tanya, why is he making it difficult for me? Why can’t he say that he just like me!

Abhi “Tanya! Can I tell u something else? I like u and I also have thoughts about u at all times…..” Tanya “Thoughts about me at all times?” Abhi moved closer to her and held her hands making her slightly nervous. Abhi “Whenever I have thoughts of you, then I will ask my heart…. are u the one giving me this thoughts or is it my mind? Then my heart replies I am only giving you the feeling to remind you the thoughts again and again but your mind is already fully filled with those thoughts”. Tanya was speechless and she didn’t know how to respond to it…..
Abhi “Respond Tanya! You shouldn’t be shocked at this moment!” Tanya “I….it means u like me!” Abhi “Yes that’s why my mind is always filled with your thoughts!” She hugged him hearing that as it was this moment that she was waiting all the while from the moment she met Abhi.

That’s how Abhi and Tanya like each other and loved each other. Their love was full of craziness with teasing each other and always caring for each other more like friends. Very soon Abhi’s parents knew about this and they were in the plans of arranging their marriage as soon as possible. And that’s when the tragedy happened…….
Abhi “I will miss u Tanya! I don’t want to go but u are just insisting me to go for the business trip!” Tanya “You are business man and not only my lover! Did u get that?” Abhi with a pout “Yes I know but I just like no….love to be your lover!” Tanya hugged him and said “Abhi! You are still like a kid! And wait I have brought for you something….” Tanya opened her handbag and passed a gift box to him. Abhi “What’s in this?” Tanya “Open it when u reach there…just a small gift and hope u like it!” Abhi “Of course I would love it!” Tanya “Even if u don’t like it then u have to tell me! Don’t just keep on say u love anything that I give for my sake!” Abhi “I love u and whatever u give me will only make me love it!” Tanya “Oh god! Ok enough of this and get going now…..”

Abhi went to London for his business trip and once he reached there, he got the shock of his life when he heard that Tanya had passed away from a car accident. He was shattered to the core….He rushed back to India but before that all her final rituals were done and that made him even more shattered.

Abhi, I shouldn’t left India in the first place….If not she would not have faced that accident just right after my departure….Why Tanya u left me like this without even giving the chance to fulfill your likes….Your likes to be part of my family and me…..Your likes to be a mother to our child! Why? What’s the hurry for u to leave me like this? U never even told me about your family properly in all these days that u were with me! Why? Now how would I even know who was your family when u are not around?
He was crying until his eyes were dried of emotions and feelings….With that years passed and he slowly made himself distanced from emotions and most importantly love……He didn’t want his parents to worry about him so he asked them to leave India for few years and asked his dad to take care of the business there. After Tanya left, he didn’t want to leave India anymore……
Abhi knew Tanya had a family which had a lot of complications….and she never talked about them. She always wanted to be part of Abhi’s happy family. And Abhi was determined to give that wish of hers and made her filled with happiness but unfortunately fate didn’t help him.
Pragya was actually Tanya’s step sister and that’s how they are related. As Pragya was a heart patient, Tanya’s heart was transplanted to Pragya to make her alive….
Abhi was motionless hearing that Pragya was Tanya’s sister….Pragya “I know it’s hard to believe but I am telling the truth….even Aunty and Uncle know about this….” Abhi looked at Pragya and asked “You are carrying her heart?” Pragya nodded her head in response while crying….Abhi “Thank u for making her heart alive in you!” Pragya “I should always thank her for giving me a life like this…” Abhi “I am sorry for misunderstanding you but still I can’t and won’t be able to love u….I am really sorry about that!” Abhi wiped his tears and Pragya was looking lost in a heartbreak from his words….Pragya “But why? She even told me during her last days that it would be better if I was part of your life….What I feel for u is actually not me….it’s her heart that is beating for your love….” Abhi “I know and I can understand everything now….but still….” Pragya “What is bothering u?” Abhi “Leave me alone for a while Pragya….Please….” Pragya “why?” Abhi emotionally looking into her eyes pleaded “Please Pragya…Leave me alone…” Pragya couldn’t stand the pain in his eyes and words and left from the room….

Pragya, What is bothering him to accept me? I even told him that it was also Tanya’s wish of him to be part of my life but still he is like this….Why is this so?
Abhi, I know that it will hurt u knowing that I am still not accepting u after knowing the truth but nobody can understand my pain…..The pain only I know and the others can’t understand……Pragya! U are carrying not her heart….you are actually carrying her heart that belongs to me…..Belongs only to me….My sense of belonging to her is now only defined by the heart u are carrying…..
So why is he still not accepting Pragya? Is there anything else that he is hiding from Pragya? Is it related to Tanya or something else? Let’s see that in the upcoming updates!

Pragya “What are u doing?” Abhi “I also don’t know..I am trying to see what I am doing! U can help me if u want but no touching!” Pragya, huh? How to help him in this without touching him? I feel like….ok now I don’t know what to do with him!!!

I am uploading this on Saturday evening as I have a lot of work and assignments to do on Sunday! So hope it comes tonight or tomorrow morning…Hope this update had clarified some of your doubts……

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    waiting for the next.

    1. Maya

      Thanks for your wait Ani sis! Ya let’s see what he does and Sorry for making u sad sis!

  2. Heartbreaking !?? U had written it soo soo well Maya Di ! I got so lost and even lost my senses while reading it ! ??? I felt really so bad reading the last part !

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      1. Maya

        Thank u Myna for reading and sorry for making u feel bad. Yes I have read your comment in chapter 12! So what is SCS? And your comment there was with full of emoji excitement!

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    Really Suga i love this epic to the core. it’s awesome. lot of suspenses. waiting for upcoming updates to reveal the suspenses. wonderful epic. love u so much for giving a lovely ff dr.

    1. Maya

      Thank u for reading Lakshmi and there is no suspense…it’s just emotions that have to be revealed….Thanks for the love and support!

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  7. Maya akkaaa:) i am 16 and 1/2 years ,so il’l call you akka only:):):) also, i am tamilian too.sema episode:) kalakitinga:) aanna last part semma sad, suspense thangala, when will you put next episode ?? Waiting for it.:):) i hope you complted anaconda assignments succesfully:)

    1. Maya

      Oic then I have another younger sister now! Eppa upload pannuvenu seriya theriyala as tmrw I will end clg late. I hope i can upload tmrw night if possible. Sorry for making it sad but it is this way in this part of the update. Haha anaconda assignments is always there every week…a never ending process

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      Ya I know and sorry for that but he would be cheerful soon and thanks for your eagerness Durga!

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      Ya I also thought that could be the reason for u to hate him. Don’t worry he will be back in an unexpected cheerful mode! Keep reading Prathi sis!

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      Love u too Saranya sis! Ya it’s a emotional epi but it’s needed at this stage of the story!

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      Thank u Ashika sis for the lovely comment and it will happen at the right time and I will try to update nxt part but not sure how soon will it be. Maybe tmrw night…I am not sure too…Sorry for that and Keep reading! Take care and love u too!

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