Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 15

Let me first clarify Nirvana’s doubt, Abhi do have parents in this story and I have mentioned that in the first chapter of this story where Abhi will be asking himself why was he feeling very lost nowadays…Is it because my parents are living abroad? Hope it clarifies your doubt.

Now back to the story…..
Abhi, It means is she following me from the time when I checked in the hotel? Let me call and check the hotel when she checked in! Yes that would be better!
He called and got to know that she checked in the same day as him. Abhi, Damn it! She checked as the same day as me and that too half an hour before me! I won’t leave her now for messing up with my feelings! What is she thinking? She is not even my friend and she wants to get married to me!
Abhi went out of his room with full of anger and knocked vigorously on the door of Pragya’s room. Abhi “Open the door now Pragya! Come out!” Pragya “I am down here!” Abhi looked around and realised her voice is coming from the living area. He quickly walked down the steps and Pragya was trying to hide her fear. Abhi “Stand up! This is my house and how dare are u sitting on my sofa?” Pragya “What’s your problem?” Abhi “You! You are my problem!” Pragya with a smile said “Like Problem and Solution ah?” Abhi “No! And u don’t smile like that!” Pragya “Speak softer! Your parents are sleeping after the tiring trip….I hope you don’t want to disturb them!” Abhi “I am shouting like this so that they also can hear!” Pragya shook her head in disbelief and now was silent. Abhi “So you were following me the day I reached Mumbai right?” Pragya “Why do u think so?” Abhi “You checked in to the hotel as the same date as me. And that too half an hour before me!” Pragya “Does it mean I followed u?” Abhi “Yes! Then what? And u purposely took my luggage and bags with u! And then the rest u know!” Pragya “That was a mistake by the staff working there who placed your bags and luggage in my room….” Abhi “Then following me was not a mistake?” Pragya “I never followed you!” Abhi grabbed her shoulder firmly and asked “ You are sure that u didn’t followed me?” Pragya “I am damn sure that I never followed u but……” Abhi loosed his grip sensing that his grip was painful to her. Pragya “But….I know you…..” Abhi “I don’t want to listen anything else! I know u will try to convince me to marry you! Listen carefully! I will not be a friend, lover or husband to you! I am very sure about that and I will see how long my parents and you will try to play this drama of making me married to you!” Pragya “It’s not a drama….getting married can never be a drama…” Abhi “Yes it can never be but with u it can be!” Abhi turned away from her and was heading to leave the house. Pragya with tears “No! Just listen to me once before you leave…..” Abhi just ignored her and walked out of the house…..

Pragya, why is he not understanding me? I am trying to tell him everything but he is not even listening to me…..I know he would do like this but why now? He have to listen what I have to say! How can I tell him everything? Shall I ask Aunty for help? Maybe she can help me….Ya I would ask her once they are in the dining area for dinner…….
Abhi driving his car in a rashing speed was thinking, All are making me fools! Firstly it was that Pragya and then it was Purab! I will never leave this 2 Ps for making me fools! How can Purab do like this to me! He knows right that how much I loved Tanya and a second love is possible but I can’t and won’t…..That too I told him before and still he also joined hands with my parents to make Pragya follow me! And this Pragya was still telling straight at my face that she was not following me! What a liar! (Horn sound!) Damn these cars in front of me is so irritating! How long am I pressing the horn and they are still moving like a snail……All are irritating!
Pragya looking at his photo, I know you are angry at me but please understand that you are my everything and I will help you to clear all your worries, frustration and everything that affects you….Even if u never love me it’s ok but at least let me live with u……
Abhi in frustration with his eyes closed, shouted “Pragya!!!” He opened his eyes and was surprised to see the road was clear without any cars that was previously blocking his way……Abhi, Now I know hearing her name even the cars had vanished! Even they can’t stand her!
He then continued to drove the car even more in a fast speed.
Pragya, I am not saying you belong to me but what can I do when my heart have the courage to say u can belong to me…..I am not saying that my love will reach you but why do I feel that u also love me? Why do I feel that something is stopping you from accepting your love towards me? I felt your every touch on me…..your sudden hug or when you were placing hands around my shoulder…..all expressed love….Love that made me lost in you again…….

Whenever I have thoughts of you, then I will ask my heart…. are u the one giving me this thoughts or is it my mind? Then my heart replies I am only giving you the feeling to remind you the thoughts again and again but your mind is already fully filled with those thoughts.

Thank u all for the great and amazing comments! Some comments made me smiled widely and some made me think of something in depth….Ya maybe it will make me have something else in this ff….let’s see! It’s nice that u all find the previous update as a twist when I myself never thought that as a twist…Once again my heartfelt Thanks for the support and understanding guys! Thanks to all silent and non-silent readers too! Advance Diwali wishes again to all friends and their families!  Wishing a rocking weekend to all my rocking friends here! I can’t rock haha as I still have anaconda assignments!
See u all on Sunday or Monday if I am done with my assignments! No guarantee guys! But I will try to give a short update if possible as I somehow sense all your interest in this ff which makes my senses to be lost……

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  1. U be The BEST Maya Di ??! I enjoyed it so much reading throughout ?! And thanks a lot ! ?This was unexpected becoz i thought u would take some more time to update next as u r busy with your AA ! (Anaconda Assignments) LOL !????? Awesomeness OVERLOADED??? Abhi’s part in this update was My Fav .. He shouting pragya and the road being cleared ???? … Precap just made me lost????? and i am wishing some magic happens and you escape from being in animal planet dealing with anaconda assignments ?????????! I told this to make you smile even brighter ??. Don’t take me wrong ! Just told it for fun .. becoz i know studies comes first ?! Take Care ?Love u di !?

    1. Maya

      Haha ya hope to escape from animal planet but I don’t think it can happen that soon! Thank u Myna for the exciting comment filled with emojis! Keep reading and supporting!

  2. And Congrats for your 15 Fantastically Fab Updates ????? which gave us this Sense of Loving U and your writings So Much ! U Rock and U will Rock always like a Fab Rockstar !?

    1. Maya

      Thank u for the wonderful wishes!

  3. Interesting episode and Advance happy Diwali

    1. Maya

      Thank u Minu for the compliment and wishes!

  4. Nice I love it

    1. Maya

      Thank u Lucky for loving it!

  5. I have been a silent reader for a long time , but seeing your ff I had to comment. It is downright amazing. I love every tiny bit of it. I just love the plot and the way you write it. I really hope you continue to write this ff till the end( but i secretly hope there is no end to your ff , it is amazing=)=)=)). Are you tamilian? And if you are older than me can i call you akka()if tamilian/didi(if your from north)? Once again i loveeeeedd your ff,and i am eagerly waiting for your next episode=)

    1. Maya

      Your comment makes me feel overwhelmed and thanks for that! I am Telugu cum Tamilian and my age is 22 so if u are younger than me u can call me akka if not just Suga or Maya would be fine Nisha! Thank u for loving my ff and your eagerness for nxt update too!

  6. LakshmiSiva

    Sema epic suga.

    1. Maya

      Thank u for your sema comment Lakshmi! Love u and Take care!

  7. Is tis something related organ transplantation???

  8. Is tis something related to organ transplantation??

    1. Maya

      It could be and I can’t reveal that as u will find that out as the story progresses…Hope it clarifies your doubt Mathi! Thank u!

  9. Sorry di for not commenting in previous ones.I read all the episodes but didn’t comment.Awesome di??anaconda assignment ??Advance Diwali wishes di?Have fun and be careful???love you❤️️❤️️❤️️

    1. Maya

      Arrey no need sorry for this as long u are reading it then its more than enough for me! Please no more apologising for this! Thank u sis for enjoying this and wishes too! Love u! Ya Anaconda assignments that are killing me haha

  10. Awesome episode it’s interesting wat vl abhi do wat help vl pragya get 4m abhi’s mom to say the truth… I’m too excited n more happy tat u vl give short episode without making us to wait till u completes ur assignment I’m soooooo happy thank u thank u soooooooooooooooooo much

    1. Maya

      Thank u to u for making me feel that this interesting and also giving me the ideas to give short updates! All your doubts will be slowly answered in the upcoming updates!

  11. Superb??? Abhi shouted pragya and the road got cleared????. Loved it❤️❤️

    1. Maya

      Thank u Aliza haha ya it got cleared by shouting her name!

  12. Omg maya sissy awsm lovely update????❤❤?? abhi’s genuine anger pragya’s reaction???? its funny when abhi shouts pragya & traffic got cleared LOL????i think pragya and tanya some how related ?waiting 4 ur answers sissy?? keep rocking ??eagerly waiting for ur nxt epi sissy?? once again Advance happieee diwali to all??????❤❤??

    1. Maya

      Yes u are right! They are related in some way and u will know that in the upcoming updates! Thank u for the wishes and sweet comments so far!

  13. B_Ani

    great episode. i dont know why abhi is this much angry. he could have let her talk at least. i can understand he misses tanya…but not even giving space for others is too bad. i thought u will tell sth about that metal rod. but its fine that u gave an awesome epi di.
    love u di. and happy diwali dear. have a fun filled and safe diwali. have a blast dear.
    bye bye. take care

    1. Maya

      Ya right? He is rude here but not always u will know the reason soon! Metal rod story will be on its way soon as there is more important things to be revealed! Thank u for the wishes and same to u! Bye bye and tc

  14. Asmithaa

    superb episode di!!! and anaconda assignment!! i too have!!! i wish these assignments vanish within a second!!

    1. Maya

      Thank u Asmithaa sis! Ya its like anaconda haha hope it vanishes like u said! But it won’t haha

  15. Im his chasmish

    didi as usual ausum epi but y abhi is dis much anger on my pragya too bad….. And happi diwali my lovely akka

    1. Maya

      Thank u for the wishes and comment! U will know the reason soon!

  16. Saranya24

    Loved it my darlu akka muuaahh love u????

    1. Maya

      Thank u sis! Love u too!

  17. Monesha

    Woooooooooooooow………… What an episode……. I loved it but pragya was so paavam. Why abhi is getting this much angry on her? For this i know your answer my dear Rocking……. di. Confirm i will wait for the next episode to know the truth. I am sorry for my late comment bcoz i couldn’t even come to this paga. I read all the episode now only all are awesome. Keep rocking my dear Rocking…….. Di. Love you a lottttttt………. Loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you ummmmmmaaaaaaaa…….. ???????????????

    1. Maya

      No need to be sorry for this as I know u are busy! Take care and love u too! Keep reading whenever u are free and all your doubts will be cleared in the upcoming updates!

  18. Reshma_Pradeep

    It’s AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE Yaarrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!Really Interestingggg!!!!!!!!

    1. Maya

      Thank u Reshu for finding it really interesting!

  19. Awesome day by day ur ff is going so interesting!!

    1. Maya

      Thank u Nini for finding it interesting!

  20. SavitaVidya

    can’t wait for Abhigya union here. very nice. and Part of cars was superb!!

    1. Maya

      Thank u for finding it nice! They already united by hearts….

  21. SavitaVidya

    sorry but wat is anaconda assignment…it sound funny. makes me think of big terrible snake

    1. Maya

      It’s my assignment that looks like anaconda to me….like attacking or going to kill me haha

  22. AWESOME episode maya dhi..Awesome to a core.Sorry for my late comment.Wish u a HAPPY& SAFE DIWALI my dear dhi

    1. Maya

      No need sorry for this Lokha sis! Thank u for reading and the wishes!

  23. Prathi

    Anaconda assignment!?? ha ha ha ha!! Anyway Happy Diwali take care be safe! And I hate Abhi!

    1. Maya

      Haha ya it is! Thank u for the wishes and haha u hate him ah? Why?

  24. Wonderful epi di…just superrrb..l love ur ffs …u r an awesome writer…waiting for abhigya union…take care…love u and keep writing…

    Wish u a very happy diwali… 😀 😀 😀 :-* :-* …..

    1. Maya

      Thank u for ur wishes and love towards my ffs! Take care and keep reading!

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